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  1. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    If you can help me to swap all my exp, life skills levels, pearl items, my tet awakenning weapon and tet main-hand to a new wizard character then maybe I can consider about it?
    And let me tell you that I already have a 58 wiz and 57 witch, but the reason why I chose to play a ranger at the first place was because I love to use a bow and sword, not a staff and two floating-balls.
    If you have nothing else to say beside "if you think xxx class is op, just reroll" then maybe you can just shut the f up.
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  2. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Right I forgot I played ranger for months to get my AP over 220 with tons of acc, and now I can finally doing some damage like my 1 month 200ap witch alt.
    Good idea, and maybe change the whole passive skills in the combat skill tree to a single mana drain skill from witch/wizard.
    And I would like to trade the 10% running speed passive with witch/wizard's 20ap passive.
    Also, the Razor Wind skill I would like to change to some healing skills like witch/wizard, and the raining arrow skill I would like to change to the blue orb from witch/wizard.
    ok so now after the change we will have those,
    Before: 10% running speed, that's it. 90% ranger's pre-awakening skills are garbage. 
    After: 10% running speed, unlimited mana, self-healing, group healing.
    Did I ask for too much? Oh maybe I should change the pin-pon shot or whatever it calls to witch/wizard's PA? 
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  3. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Then maybe they can delete ranger this class cuz all other classes can do what rangers can do, and even better.
    Maybe you should tell me what rangers can do beside dealing damage? Tank like a warrior? iFrame like a sorc? Burst like wizard? rush like musa? assassin like ninja? or range like DK? 
    Ranger still can kill people in 3 hits with awakening, the problem is never the awakening damage, the major problem is the defense ability, mana consumption and dura consumption.
    From what you said I can tell you either don't play ranger, or you suck at being a ranger. Maybe you need to first l2p ranger then come back to tell others to l2p.
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  4. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    While they can 1 shot each other, having some extra 20ap doesn't mean for anything. Whoever get CC first will die.
    And again, the issue is never the awakening damage. read all the above discussions then come back.
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  5. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    So how about players who join after mediah update? Isn't that unfair to them?
    And how about sorc? More OP than ranger pre-awakening and still strong af compare to ranger right now?
    Also, what you are saying just tells everybody that you also think ranger is in a unbalanced situation (in a bad way) now, isn't it?
    melee awakening doesnt have any useful defensive skills nor pre-awakening skills.
    do you even play ranger? or you always got burst by ranger so you think ranger is op?
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  6. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    lol yes they do
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  7. Qmm added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Sounds like wizard have no grab and will just stand there for you to grab them. Again if you are a wiz and got grab by other class easily you need to gitgud
    Wiz saying other class can easily cc them... lmfao
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  8. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    In fact, mage is broken, but that doesn't change the fact that ranger is in a horrible situation in pvp. Using your example, in NW if your "front liner" can tank damage and cc for the team, I would choose sorc or DK to do the dps work. They can do the same damage outpost while having a good survival ability, then why would I choose ranger? And you said stay in SA for a very long time... who?
    Our SA skills:
    Breezy Blade - only work while attacking which only last not over 0.3 sec
    Elven Rage: only work while attacking which only last not over 0.5 sec
    Vine Knot: only work while performing air smash which last not over 0.2 sec
    Rushing Wind: not over 0.3 sec
    Even I save up all my super armor skills (which is impossible in a real fight) and use them all to hold my SA, I can not stand more than 1.3 sec to hold for CC. The only useful skill to avoid CC is Call from sky but you still have a chance to get cc due to dysnic or if you get cc attack between your skill spamming.
    So while ranger need to use so many skills to just try to avoid cc and not get kill and have zero damage outpost, other classes, not just wiz/witch, can easily avoid cc while doing damage on the opponent. Now, why would a team pick ranger as their member? The only reason I can think is the ranger have a much higher GS than others. Isn't this what we call unbalance, and what the OP were asking to fix?
    And the mana consumption and durability issue DOES affect pvp, yes it does. In a fight a ranger need to use more than 150 mana pots and hp pots IN 30 mins. Even you bought all the weight you still can only carry not more than totally 300 pots. After you use all the pots you need to go to a city that have silvers in the storage to buy pots. Yes not just a random place, cuz you have no weight to carry any silvers while having so many pots on you. Sometimes your off-hand broke while you are fighting and you will need to tell your team "hold on I need to fix my off-hand!!" ...... Other classes won't have this kind of issue during fight, why would ranger need to suffer? 
    Does those issues affect pvp? Of course it does, and that shows me you are lack of pvp experience with ranger this class, so you cannot understand what situation we rangers are dealing with.
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  9. Qmm added a post in a topic Is ranger any good after awakening?   

    Dont play ranger, this class is unplayable if you dont invest pearls to buy all the weight and brand stones.
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  10. Qmm added a post in a topic New patch nothing fixed but hey we add more pearl gifting. AKA shakatus seals   

    just look at the ogre ring market after the fine acces daily log in reward, does it crash?
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  11. Qmm added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    Once they drop the nuke they can easily walk out, cuz all of the opponents are dead.
    And stop the "worst 1v1 class" bs already, if you can't win 1v1 easily you're just bad.
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  12. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    You just sounds like you either don't play NW or don't have any experience with ranger before. It's easy to "TALK" about NW, but in the real NW just not that easy.
    If it's so easy to "WORK WITH YOUR TEAMMATE AND RANGER WILL BE FINE" than there will no so many rangers reroll to wiz/witch, just look at the fact how many top skill rangers reroll to another class every day. Also even if not all hits come with cc, even only half hits come with cc ranger still will get KD or cc in one blink. Getting cc in 0.5 sec and 1 sec doesn't make any big difference.
    And you still didn't reply to me about the mana regain issue and dura decrease like crazy issue about ranger yet?
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  13. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    ........Let's not talk about NW, let's just talk about smaller scale pvp like RBF.
    In RBF there is no "who go in first" or "who go in after", whenever you get in, if you don't have proper skill to avoid/block cc you will get cc in 1 sec.
    All skills in this game damage multiple times, and each time they hit will cause cc if the skill has one. Therefore, this game isn't like LOL that has "tank go in first to tank all cc" kind of thing. 
    Now bring this concept into NW, and tell me again, how does a ranger who has no proper defensive ability to be useful in NW?
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  14. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Did you even read my post? Ranger doesn't do damage if they are not at front line, their bow skills does almost zero damage even when they have more than 220ap.
    I said that at my first paragraph, you even quoted it.
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  15. Qmm added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    As a ranger, you can do damage only when you are using your awakening skills, which is melee, and your opponent need to be KD first or you won't have enough damage to finish your opponent and you need to wait for CD (22sec).
    Now, image you are in NW, you dont have superarmor like musa to get into the fight, if you dash in you will lie on the ground in a blink and die in the next sec. You dont have the iFrame/invincibility like sorc/DK to avoid cc and damage to get close to your opponents to deal damage. You don't have superarmor like warrior to tank those cc and damage to get close to your opponents. You can't use a skill that help you to immune cc and teleport to your opponents then cast all your skills to your opponents then get out safely.
    There is no way a ranger can get into a group fight and get out safely, the only thing you can do is to use your bow skills or catch someone who isn't in a group. 
    Now just look at the damage of ranger's bow skills...
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