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  1. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    How are there ppl saying they want "a fair game for everyone" but want a "free market"?
    Do you actually not realise that a "free market" is doing nothing good? it just opens the doors for gold sellers and rich ppl to dominate the market thus ruining the whole "fair and equal economy" you are so desperete - and yet blind for. Belive it or not, having played MMO's for all those years, controled markets and not allowing "p2p trade" is the only way to go if you want to keep your game "fair" and keep a shitload of gold sellers away (ofc this system we have is not "fair" - talking pre-order - but its still the best you will ever get)
    If they regulate the pre-order prices its a perfect system in my eyes. And even if they dont (which they wont :'D) i dont care. Cause i know theres nothing thats actually better.
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  2. wiwiRené added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

    Since i failed my first/only PEN attempt on my dim @ 143 Stacks so i dont really know what to tell you. Its all about luck in the end anyway.
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  3. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Changes at the daily login rewards   

    No one requires you to "play" log in and take a walk at the park. lelel.
    Srsly tho how can you complain about such a little time requirement for >free< "rewards"
    Just take it.
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  4. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Minus a billion   

    110 and 153 stacks on my TET Kzarka (also failed PEN hebe on the 153)
    i also still have a 64 and 51 stack char from TRI atm and reached 71 w/ TRI Kzarka after annother TET fail.
    i have spend between 5 and 6 billion over 2,5~ months.
    Still TRI Kzarka, -5-6billion and -10AP atm. Sold my second Kzarka and my DUO Ogre trying to TET Kzarka.
    See, there are ppl who fail the same 20-25%~ chances 25+ times.
    This game is cruel.
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  5. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    Someone on Reddit postet a Screen of the support telling him the Boxes will be removed to.
    Someone else then also asked the support - this time they said they wont be removed.
    At this point i would like someone from the team to update this thread and tell us how its going to go down now.
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  6. wiwiRené added a post in a topic About all this free stuff events   

    You dont seem to understand how much silver you need to get TET boss gear.
    As soon as you do, you wont care about someone getting 100m lol.
    Even if someone is lucky enough to get boss gear from every second box they open, he wont be able to catch up, at least not w/ me and a lot of other ppl at this point.
    So, who cares? Let em buy their +15/PRI gear on day one, srsly it does not matter.
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  7. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Exploiting   

    How can you even try to tell anyone a 50 silver shovel which = 2-4m silver is the same as selling all of your trading items at once?
    Do you realise thats not even close to beeing the same? 50 silver + exploit = 40.000x or 80.000x profit vs. selling the trade items you made yourself or grinded (to make thise "exploit" even worth you need to make a lot of trade-items or grind a lot of them and i mean A LOT) 
    You also need to realise that most ppl wont care at all, they run 10 times the same way back and forth, cause you know what? Those ppl allready own the silver, they just need to get it into their inventory.
    This is so ridiculous.
    You are acting as if you magicly "exploit" those trade items out of the air -
    Like srsly you didnt seem to consider the time it takes to get enough trade-items to even consider the use of this "craaazy exploit".
    Just wow. 
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  8. wiwiRené added a post in a topic [Event] Lauren Family Gift Box Has Advice of Valks   

    No need to read more than that.
    Put your tinfoil-hat down and then answer again.
    I told you guys how it is.
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  9. wiwiRené added a post in a topic [Event] Lauren Family Gift Box Has Advice of Valks   

    I rlly dont get how ppl have had such problems w/ those - 20min at Manshas and you are done for 3 days lol.
    Now dont tell me "ahh my RNG you are so lucky!!" no, not at all. Almost everyone i know got his candys there. Sure, sometimes it took 60min to get 9 candy, the point is - do you dont have 60min to go to Manshas every 3 days? Ah man. So sad, ppl allways complaining w/o any real reason other than maybe beeing to lazy, or beeing like "no i want my candy from those monsters!! RIGHT HERE!" like, wtf - just go Manshas its only once every 3 days.
    But now its to late anyway.
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  10. wiwiRené added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    Yea its smtg im thinking for a long time now, every other event they could let us get them - as long as they are not in the cash shop.
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  11. wiwiRené added a post in a topic enhancement RNG rates.   

    Yea, feelsbadman just failed 2 times again - got it on TRI again .. now i dont want to try anymore -.-" keeps on failing its crazy.
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  12. wiwiRené added a post in a topic enhancement RNG rates.   

    I saw a video of someone getting kzarka on 25~ stacks to TET - i will never forget the day .. i cryed myself to sleep that night - seeing my self failing from 105-110 stacks AGAIN (ಥ﹏ಥ)
    losing 1.2billion on just one day - building up several 60 stack chars and one w/ 110.
    ----- man, now im sad again.
    This game broke me - it took my soul and ripped her appart :'c
    edit : someone just now postet a (i think) korean streamer on reddit saying hes going to PEN some stuff, i go on his stream - hes TETing Kzarka first try 70 stacks.
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  13. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    Yea you are totaly right. You would actually need to pick monster by monster. You would not be able to grind as usual which is why i would never test stuff like this - But it would be what you have to do for an accurate sample.
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  14. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    See, again, i didnt ment 5k is a to low amount. I even said 1,2k would be good enaugh.
    135k cool. Same amount of the same monsters every time? I dont think so.
    edit : at this point idc anymore, as the OP said gl, hf.
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  15. wiwiRené added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    You dont seem to understand
    Its cool that he killed 5k monsters - but, did look which monsters drop more trash/silver every single time and then killed the same amount of every single monster?
    Meaning if there are 3 different loot-tables on 3 different monsters he needs to kill the same amount of everyone of them - everytime. If he does not do that its - again - not accurate. And im sure this guy did not (he would have told us the exact amounts if he did)
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