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  1. Valthoare added a post in a topic Karma System griefs everyone.   

    so basicly this picture shows what you belieave is right...
    and now let me quote one guy...
    You say I don't own a spot? True but I have an analogy for you. Let's say you sit on a bench in a park. Obviously this bench is owned by the government and everyone can sit there and you don't own it if you currently sit on it. But if someone came along and said "move I want to sit here now" or if they just randomly sit very close to you even though there enough other benches you would be pissed. While technically they are allowed to do that and you have no more right to sit on the bench than they do, you will still say "what's the matter with you, I was here first"  
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  2. Valthoare added a post in a topic Saving 200% xp channels time for later   

    Trying to refresh the idea since there were no responses
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  3. Valthoare added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    THANK YOU! Every idiot who says "its not your spot" should read this! 
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  4. Valthoare added a post in a topic 200% xp channels   

    didnt know but doesnt even matter
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  5. Valthoare added a topic in Suggestions   

    Saving 200% xp channels time for later
    The issue: I would like to return but I know I will not have much time in next 1-2 months. So I wanted to just afk fish/craft/process to make some money until then, BUT also I would like to benefit from 30 days of acces to xp channels and make atleast 59 if not 60 from my 58 witch. 
    Current state: Those 30 days starts running when I first log into game after atleast 30 day break and it doesnt matter on what channel I log into.
    Reason: Now player(me) is not going to return because he knows he wont have time to actually use and benefit from xp channels.
    Suggestion: Make those 30 days to start running form the first time player logs into xp channel, not first time he logs on whatever channel. 
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  6. Valthoare added a post in a topic 200% xp channels   

    not what I hoped for  so it doesnt matter what channel you log into, it just starts running... kinda hoped that if I log into normal once it wont start and keeps it that way until I log into xp channel for the first time
    I have 57, almost 58 witch and wanted to use those 30 days to hit atleast 59 if not 60 but thats not possible when im going to graduate in june

    well thank you for replies, I wont be coming back for now
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  7. Valthoare added a topic in New Adventurers   

    200% xp channels
    Is it possible to "save" those 30 days of being allowed to play on 200% xp channels? I mean I would like to start playing the game again but dont currently and in next 1,5 month have time to grind and level up so I would just afk process/fish/craft to make some money.
    So my question is - is it better to not come back at this point and do it once I have time to grind to actually benefit from those 30 days of 200% xp?
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  8. Valthoare added a post in a topic Karma system needs to be reworked!   

    why do we have karma then and open world PVP?? Im not talking about newbies or veterans, this game progress in gear diferences are for another topic... you are right in "everyone has the same right for spot" but why there is even open world PVP when we cant fight for those grind spots? with this system how it is NOONE! gets the message when you kill them for the first time, after few warnings but quite the opposite they start acting childishly by ruining the game for 5 other players instead of changing channel or going on second or third spot
    do you think its okay and "fun" when you as a player have just an hour to play so you go to use your daily 200% xp buff and grind some xp but guess what, after 5 mins some guy comes, kill half of mobs, when you ask him to go away cuz you already have full party he just says "----- off" so you kill him and then he happily continues to ruin the game for all 5 ppl because you cant resskill him.. well of course you can but do you really want to get facerolled by some negative karma hunter who you cant outrun and cant even hit him while he kills you on 1-3 hits and drop 2%(which as you said are hard to get on 58+)... thats called time efficiency, if you want to spend your time by waiting for groups of mobs to respawn, do you think its efficient? wouldnt you used that time better?

    people are already playing in parties since it actually benefits all of them and noone of those partymembers needs to fight for spot with eachother.. ppl only need to learn some manners and ask for party before start killing packs and be polite... i have never encountered party/guys who killed me when i asked them politely for party without killing any mobs before

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  9. Valthoare added a topic in Suggestions   

    Karma system needs to be reworked!
    Quite a lot of topics were made about karma and I have not seen a single poll, but maybe I missed it

    So short introduction... a lot of people is being mad about karma system - it punishes only winners by losing karma and not those who lose the fight -> that allows losers to take over spot (winner does not want negative karma and then being killed by PEN scrub)

    Easy way to rework it would be:
    -1% of xp like it used to be if player dies BUT only if he respawns on node
    -0% of xp when player respawns in town or uses loyalities or pearl items to respawn instantly
    of course not present in node and siege wars
    I know this would be rly painfull for spots like pirates to respawn in town... atleast it would bring some need of being polite and ask the party for spot before starting to kill mobs
    and honestly I would much rather respawn in town when someone beats my ass than to lose karma and spot on karma griefers

    and please keep reasonable arguments
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  10. Valthoare added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    Sooo any chance or info if they plan to rework this fcked up system?
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  11. Valthoare added a topic in General   

    Karma system is not working properly
    1) http://www.blackdeserttome.com/wiki/Karma - Either it is outdated or karma system is broken... here its stated "Players may also assist in killing a person who has flagged red and not be hit with any penalties either."  everytime there is guy who is trying to take over spot or whatever and flags on my partymembers I am not able to hit him if I dont flag aswell.
    2) when having negative karma and someone tries to kill you... again you have to flag if you want to hit him back (i just experienced it 10 mins ago) otherwise you dont land a single hit 

    3) point 2 results in losing even more karma which is totaly stupid imho... you want to defend yourself and lose karma instead? wtf should i do when you just dont outrun some classes?

    PS.: yes, there may be some other topics about the same problem but i will say it straight away... I'm not in mood and also too lazy to look them up 
    another thing i would like to ask... is there some topic with poll about players requesting some penalization from PVP death, if so send me its link please? like f***ing karmagriefers/karmabombers or however you want to call them - its pure example how this karma system is only to disadvantage when you are trying to defend your spot or even take it over if u have balls(u dont need any with current karma system) and gear
    soo.. i have foound some topics about similar problem http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/41050-going-negative-karma-red-is-like-your-worst-nightmare/

    cant believe its 3/4 year old and its still the same...
    im not saying i dont deserve penalties for killing players (im perfectly fine with it) but what i do deserve is some chance to defend my ass when im attacked without any other penalties
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  12. Valthoare added a post in a topic Login issues Jordine / Edan - November 11th *Updated*   

    Sadly I have to inform you that since you "fixed" login issues today I keep getting disconnected way too often. After first dc I started to ping on google in cmd to see if its problem on my side of internet. My internet is ok - no lost packets and yet i get disconnected again and again...
    I thought it was related to fact that I saw whole altinova under snow once... but it did it even when it was normal after next login
    I had no problems at all before this update.
    Server: Jordine
    Channel: Valencia J2
    Current location: Altinova (around marketplace)

    EDIT: Ticket already sent
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  13. Valthoare added a post in a topic Sorc need nerf for iframe   

    u know what? fck ur "play with brain"... its completely irrelevant if u use brain or not while there is desync... 
    if u play with brain u HAVE TO use about 8 skills as sorc to do some dmg and then u have classes like wiz or ranger who just press 1 damn button(ofc not but its deffinetly not even close to 8) and rekt all, not even talking that as ranged class they have much easier positioning in group PVP
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  14. Valthoare added a post in a topic Sorc need nerf for iframe   

    we are melee assasin type of class... if we had no iframe this "assasin type" would fade away... even if "sorcs being total crap now" was put aside if you nerf another thing like iframe there would be nothing left from what we were choosing from when we were deciding what to play... definition of melee assasin is already pretty broken, well there is chance to use about 8 skills to kill someone but with desync its unrelieable so go ahead breake it even more

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  15. Valthoare added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    Yup thats what many ppl are going to do... p2w? meh, we r out... + "DF working as intended"? say bye to a lot of sorc population
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