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  1. Floris added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Every time I see a thread with karma bombers( griefers )

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  2. Floris added a post in a topic Lahr Arcien for Dark Knight   

    I think is the 7 days reward box from the new accounts attendance reward.
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  3. Floris added a post in a topic Why are Donkeys still in the game? Why are they wasting space on the Horse Market?   

    If I remember good to tame a horse you need at least beginner 5 , so you see the donkeys are not useless is the baby steps for taming a horse later.
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  4. Floris added a post in a topic YEBIS promotional collaboration with Black Desert Online   

    Hope there will be settings to turn that glare off don't want that bright light all day in my screen ,is like that freaking survival game max glare so you don't see anything else than the sun ....
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  5. Floris added a post in a topic NA vs EU region differences?   

    Non other than ping, i play from eu on na without a problem and is much better because there  are 100% of the time ppl online  everywhere at any time of the day/night .
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  6. Floris added a post in a topic Anyone fluent in Korean? (Kamasylvia Lore)   

    "The biggest question here, however, is why we never get these "Story" sections in NA/EU. "
    Because most ppl are just next,next,next done and next quest.
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  7. Floris added a post in a topic Love Griefers   

    I don't get how someone is a griefer if YOU kill others and call them griefers are you stupid ?
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  8. Floris added a post in a topic What should be the focus of the next Expansion? (After the Dark Elf)   

    But the 80% of the PvE carebears keeps this game spinning not the tiny 20% of pvpers .
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  9. Floris added a post in a topic Black Spirit Skins   

    Finish your story quests that is not a ''skin'' the black spirit will find his true form gl.
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  10. Floris added a post in a topic HELP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME   

    OP you should remove your email from there.
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  11. Floris added a post in a topic How much does this game cost?   

    You can buy the game and play just fine without all the garbage others told you pets can be purchase of market ,weight with loyalty  , value packs are just a fluff and you can do just fine without. 
    PS: You could try the game free for 7 days and see how things are.
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  12. Floris added a post in a topic Gear switch to Alt char   

    Switch gear with alt? put your gear in the bank switch to alt get the gear from bank idk what else you want .
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  13. Floris added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Did you 2 even bother to read all this 7 pages ?
    I think you need few chill pills I'm perfect fine and I can't care less how/when/why horses you got (ask me if I care plsss) and didn't see one ONE person begging for horses in chat channels.
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  14. Floris added a post in a topic Hi whales, me here (✿◡‿◡)   

    Daily pointless thread cmon you can do better that this Valk.
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  15. Floris added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Okay but when I purchase this game wasn't advertised as a horse/racing/breeding simulator ,but I think if you look around there are some if you're in that kind of fetish stuffs.
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