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  1. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    Thank you very much, that was the issue, I didn't even notice that new feature and I must have missed it in the patch notes
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  2. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Call me crazy but the game is running a lot better after today's patch   

    Its awful for me, I was running game fine on medium yesterday, today I have to put it on optimization mode
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  3. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Here is how the world really works, if your gonna be a jerk and not show others common courtesy and not respect the fact that someone else is playing the game, your not going to get respect or courtesy in return...the fact is proper behavior is not stealing someones rotation and your not going to get rewarded for being a jerk. if you try to steal a rotation that someone has been doing and trying to progress, you are hurting someones game experience for your own selfish reasons, and you have said that doing that is wrong...so from the get go, you are in the wrong and you are promoting the response you get...the thing is neither action is against the terms of service and both are allowed...there is an argument both ways and its not black and white.
    And I have been on both sides of the table and think its fine te way it is...I went red a couple time fighting over my grind spot against weaker opponents...I 1 v 5'd a bunch of Prodigy members at Sausans who though just cause they were 5 and I was 1, they were entitled to the main rotation even though I, by myself, was clearing it faster and killing them at the same time...I didn't get upset about it, I love to PVP and even though I prefer to fight opponents that are better matched, it was satisfying to 1 v 5 a bunch of people having a temper tantrum in general chat and calling me names cause I wouldn't hand them what they wanted and couldn't earn. I knowingly went red cause it was worth it to hurt the ego's of a bunch of guys that thought they were awesome and could only lash out in chat as they were helpless to do anything else.  
    And just the other day, I was farming on an alt at Pirates and there were some BlackRose and LionsGate people in the front rotation, so I went to the back which was open and did that without bothering them, then all of a sudden like an hour into me farming they started taking the middle part of the rotation I was doing along with what they were doing in the front and went on to say they were clearing too fast and so that made them entitled to take the front and the back...which was BS, cause in response I started taking part of their rotation, and in fact the biggest group in their rotation. Now, if they were clearing too fast and need to kill more, I would not have been able to take what they were trying to steal from me and part of their rotation, instead of just doing my rotation and them doing theirs...they were just going out of their way to be jerks and they lost out on what they would have gotten because of it...they attacked me 5 v 1 and killed me a bunch, but I also killed 1 of them and made others run away scared of being killed...had I been on my main at the time, I would have slaughtered them all easy...one of them claimed they were going to report me for not leaving, which is just stupid...they were so spoiled that they thought because I pushed back when they were being jerks, that they could report me for not just backing down.  I mean in the end it workout for me cause I was getting the biggest group of the main rotation and the middle of my rotation and ended up getting past my XP goal for the night, but they though they were just gonna take what they wanted and disrespect anyone else and they would just be entitled to whatever they wanted....it doesn't work that way...if you show disrespect to someone, don't expect to get respect in return...if you try to steal someone's rotation, they are entitled to respond in anyway they see fit as long as it is within the terms of service...you can not make up whatever rules you want that just benefit the people who have more time to play and progress or are an over powered person in a lower level area.
    Oh and I just want to add, if your a 5 person group of level 60's and your having trouble with 1 56 ranger with a duo liverto, a tri sword, a duo steel/bronze dagger and a +14 XP farming helm...and your trying to shit talk when the 56 ranger gets a kill and makes multiple members run away a bunch of times...you definitely don't deserve the mobs you are trying to steal.
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  4. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    It's very simple, there is no mention of "karma bombing" in the terms of service, therefore, it is not a thing...the only rules you must follow are the terms of service and you do not need to pay any attention to the spoiled brats who think only they should be able to play the game.
    You also can not force a person to activate their PVP mode, so if they keep burning their own karma and do not stop...it's really their problem and you just need to ignore them whining about not having everything they want handed to them in the video game.
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  5. SpunkyPunky added a topic in General   

  6. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic 7 days   

    oh the hostility, you must master your rage to prevent your rage from becoming your master!
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  7. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic How much does this guy spend on repairs! - Boss Gear Enchanting   

    I think your looking for help from the wrong mystic entity...I think while upgrading you would be better off listening to some Slayer for a better chance at it going well...may I suggest songs such as Alter of Sacrifice, Divine Intervention, Fictional Reality, I Hate You, or Mandatory Suicide. 
    As always, you should also not expect to leave the upgrading process successful without leaving your soul behind.
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  8. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Grind Spot Etiquette   

    That #1 in the picture is the greediest rotation I have ever seen anyone claim..1st thing is its impossible to kill all of that and arrive back at the first mob you killed as it is spawning...try it...kill the first mob and then don't even kill all the others, just run by all the other mobs, you won't get back to the first one in time, its impossible, your character doesn't move fast enough even without killing all the other mobs.
    As for grind spot etiquette in general, this game is open world PVP and is king of the hill. However, just killing someone does mean you are forcing them out of a grind spot. You have to be able to make it not worth while to be there for them to leave. You can try to make up whatever rules you want and try to force them on other people, but the only rules that matter are the terms of service and no ones cares what rules you want everyone to follow other than that. 
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  9. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Hope you don't park your horse at sausans.   

    Well I didn't say it was accepted, but it's not like something being looked down on is going to stop the people who don't care, or purposely go out of their way to upset people because they find it fun.
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  10. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic From 1 to 60 in 15 Days challenge   

    Now try doing it and have a job at the same time
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  11. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic If your servers are going to lag so badly please get rid of crystal destruction on death..   

    I like this idea and think it would be a fair compromise
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  12. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Wierd bug with guild dec   

    The player with protection would also have to flag to attack someone...so its just as if that particular player is exempt from the war and non war PVP conditions apply
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  13. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Transgender Ranger   

    The ignorance from this person is something that does not belong in life let alone a game, can we please remove this person from the forums, so that no one else has to puke from these ignorant and classless statements. 
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  14. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Pearl Gifting.   

    Yes there is. It falls under the same conditions as the gold seller websites.
    The devs probably don't care that this is going and probably anticipated it, so I doubt they are gonna take action on banning anyone for it...but then if I was going to do this, I wouldn't go around advertising that I did it and be vocal about it just in case it leads to forcing their hand on pushing the ban button.
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  15. SpunkyPunky added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    I see more Kzarka bows on the market than anything and they sell less than kzarka blades it seems, which suggests to me that massive amounts of players are dropping the ranger class...I know of a few very high level rangers that have fallen out of love with the class
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