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  1. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Can you tell me which is the english name of the Elixir please ?

    At least to grind you need to have nodes and to level up them, no ?
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  2. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Thanks for your feedback i will do those quests tomorrow.

    Since tonight i don't see any hotspot except near Velia, is there something buggy ?

    Let me know
    I running the sea for hours and can't get the fish i need for the triple rod quest except the grunt one
    Nodes are needed to see hotspots ?
    Farming witch earrings 3 days got nothing 8-10M on the market. In 3 days i can maybe won 15M. So don't know about grinding.
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  3. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I'm actually pofessionnal 7 just for info.
    Will try to get those triple float with the info of bdo fishing map to catch the right fish.
    Hope i will be llucky. Will return soon to give a feedback with the infos has been posted here.
    In one ACTIVE hour this is what i got, navigating between different seagulls spot.

    What do you think ?

    Argue ?
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  4. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    It makes me laugh when people post whitout reading the entire thing anyway..
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  5. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

     I've re-read the entire thing i think it's really a trad problem from both parts, so sorry if i have engaged my self badly on your first topic.

    So you said there is gold fish, so tuna, black porgy, grunt spots.

    I would like to do more active fishing, what are you recommandations/tips on gear, cash shop items, locations etc ?

    Because if i look at the posts on the forum, people do afk fishing pretty much everywhere in deep sea it seems (even if i don't have the exact locations of theirs spots).

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  6. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Thanks for the explanation.

    I have read all of your post. The first one accusing me at first from trolling.

    Your are agressive in all your posts, doesn't care at all to help or not someone.

    Yeah you give me screen but i can even thank you for anything because you can't communicate without injuring me, from your first post.

    I never said i'm better than anyone there, you just keep creating things that didn't happened, i've just exposed my point of view regarding to my experiences.

    Maybe you should just chill out and take some fresh air and after that trying to change your point of view when someone is telling you something.

    I'm not raging or anything but you are on rage mode on from the start of this.

    So i don't know who is the kid.

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  7. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Best troll ever.

    MOST of the time i've 1 goldfish per spot, sometimes two.

    You just injuring me cause you can't even argue like an adult from your first spot. I've answered each time to you giving more informations on what you asked and you just keep insulting me as your first post. I report you anw.

    I never pretend to be an expert in any of my post you're just a stupid spanish totally lost behind your computer masturbating while trolling over people on the net because you have a shitty life resulting of your frustration showed here.

    Return to your cows and gtfo.

    This post isn't about debate, it's about asking for some tips. Nothing more or less.

    I asked for help here and all what you have done is injuring like a poor fat kid.

    p.s. : DEBATE is not like injuring people from your first post on a thread just for your information.
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  8. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Ofc there is only one goldfish per spot.
    But, those spots have random locations and you can't be sure to witch specie will spawn in the spot. Do you understand what i mean ? 
    If there is a solution to know what it is in a specific random hotspot tell me. Instead or injuring and being agressive from the start.
    I have never pretend to be an expert anyway.
    If you had read the entire thread you will know that i have explain the purpose of that point.
    [Deleted content] Inappropriate language
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  9. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    So much shit happened while i was sleeping. Not surprised when the first name of this is pavo. Anyway..
    1. The species in hotspot are randomized. And to do the quest you have to catch certains type of fish + the hotspot location have been also randomized. Thats why it require chance to get all the good fish quickly. Speaked also of it with a guy in game that have the same feeling about it.
    And as i said the bluehotspot species are also randomized. Logic.
    The randomized location of gold hotspot make ot more difficult cause i have to go really far from each spot when they disapeared to find an other one and then i need more nodes too.
    So yeah i'm serious.
    2. Yeah. 110 ap + 100 dp is atm the top of the game. Nice one charlie.
    3. I have barely collected 45M "madame-je-sais-tout" because i didnt play that much before. What a recap or my life or no is it good to you  ? 
    4. About the 100 places in inventory. You can do mediah or at least buying cash shop extra items. Not me.
    5. Its an income i try to make not anything else
    I don't get how much douchb** have spawn in the night.
    Thanks for the others ones.
    For info, now i will not take the time to answer to trolls retards here..
    Still waiting for some answers.
    And also if there is actual 100 %  active guaranteed species hotstop instead of injuring of troll.
    Give them to me. Or the map where they are located.
    If u speak of the ones from maoprince anymore you said shit. I farm them yesterday.
    I think you will less acting like a douch that way.
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  10. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    bluespot arent even updated on maoprince via bdocoremap, have tried and species aren't the right ones.
    So i dont know about this.
    i didn't have any friends playing this game and do grind. So it will be hard to find a group. And how to be sure that everyone have a chance to loot the drop  ? 
    Do i need to get each nodes of the map before starting to grind in those areas  ? 
    What catfish are giving that is lucrative  ? 
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  11. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Catfish ? Grind Helms ?

    Sorry i'm not familiar with that, what are you speaking about ?

    P.S. : with the drop rates of this game in general and stuff, i prefer to farm solo, even if members can carry my ap/dp score, i don't think it will be worth it.
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  12. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Well, that's one of my goals, for that i need silvers or hours and hours or weeks of farming, that's why i asked here, you're quite helpful on this forum when i have a question, atm i do the hourly quest to have a remplacement of witch earrings and mark of shadows.
    Lel bro'

    The afk isn't the thing, random spots for gold fish and species are the problem.
    So it's a problem to sell fish, having the nodes to, do the 3 days quest for the triple float road (now nearly impossible to do each 3 days except excessive online time, searching for the right fishs), that kind of stuff..

    Don't juge like that, especially when you don't know about how fishing works. No offense.
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  13. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    Sorceress Level 50, near 85 ap and 81 dp, mediah isn't for me yet atm.
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  14. Kylvan added a post in a topic Silvers, more silvers !   

    I mean, while having a life, and in less time then 2 years, no offense.
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  15. Kylvan added a topic in General   

    Silvers, more silvers !

    Since the afk fishing have disappeared and the location of species have been randomized on EU/NA servers and putted up again on KR server...

    I would like to know what can replace my 5M a day.

    Except dupe, bots etc... Seems to be a quite  in the mood atm when i see AH prices compare to low drop rate.

    Any advices ? (i mean real tips)

    Regards buddies
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