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  1. Err0xx added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Hey Capt'n Knox- had the pleasure of meeting you the other day in the forums- t'was a pleasure. My RL name is Landon and I'm a ravenous RPG/MMO/Medieval nut. Always play a spellcaster main with the same character name. If anyone has seen "Bermuda" in any past MMO, it was likely me.
    1. Talk about yourself as a gamer, what games you played, what experience you have with PvP, PvE, and RP.
    If I were to list every game I've played or been a part of over the past 25 years this would be a bloody long post. If the game is any of these, odds are I've played it: 1) Medieval/High Fantasy in nature, i.e. swords, shields, armor, spells. 2) Any form of magic is involved. 3) MMO in general. 4) on PC.
    To rattle off a few MMO's off the top of my head: Lineage, Lineage 2, ArcheAge, Elderscrolls Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, TERA, Skyforge, Warhammer Online, Wildstar, EVE, Everquest, Runescape, Age of Conan, Anarchy Online, Rift, Everquest 2, Neverwinter, Drakensang Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call 2, Asheron's Call, the list goes on and on.
    My single player RPG list is extremely long as well, if it's included in the 4 above criteria, I've probably played it.
    Generally I'm a heavy RP player in a PVP setting. I love PVE/raids/world bosses as well, but there's something special about snuffing out another real player- never gets old. I generally play the role of a guard/advisor to someone important (guild leader if in a guild, etc) or bounty hunter for whoever pays the most, if not guilded.

    2. Give an overview of a medieval character you want to play in Black Desert Online.
    My character name is Bermuda Spellbreak, a Wizard that has had his soul eternally bound to his body during the course of a rather violent fight with the demon Abezethibou. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abezethibou). Wizard fits my personality well- always on a quest for knowledge and using that knowledge to have an edge over your fellow peers. 

    3. A short paragraph describing your character story. 
    Bermuda is a time traveler of unknown origins, thought to be a pupil of the great wizard of legend Merlin. Legend has it that Bermuda is a being of immeasurable knowledge from his countless ages of walking various worlds, thought to have found a way to defeat death itself. The story goes that Bermuda's soul is incapable of leaving his physical body as a result of of a 2,000 year battle with the demon Abezethibou. Abezethibou thought that this would be the ultimate punishment for Bermuda- as Bermuda's body decayed, the soul would forever be bound to it's physical remains; however, Bermuda found a way to preserve his body, not aging a day beyond it's state when the preservation was started. Despite being critically wounded in the battle with Abezethibou and being forced to flee, Bermuda knew his target's name and all he had was time.
    Abezethibou  is a demon and fallen angel described in the pseudepigraph Testament of Solomon. He followed Beelzebub upon his fall from heaven, and became an important demon in hell. However, after his treason, he is left with one red wing. He later traveled to Egypt where he hardened the heart of pharaoh and his advisers, and convinced them to pursue the fleeing Israelite slaves. In doing so, he drowns along with the army in the Red Sea, and becomes trapped in a pillar of water. Abezethibou found a way to escape his confinement in the Red Sea; however, he was still trapped to the realm of water, unable to leave it's expansive prison.
    After 4,000 years of learning, wandering, training, Bermuda found Abezethibou's whereabouts and set off to slay his eternal foe- thus defeating the curse that held his soul to his body. The legend goes that Bermuda had a boat built, using technology from an unknown era, and trained a captain to sail the great vessel. Bermuda and the captain set sail to engage Abezethibou in the very prison that contained him- the ocean. After thousands of miles at sea, Bermuda and the Captain found their target and all we have left of the battle is a short excerpt from a terrified Captain's journal that washed up on a beach that is known as "East Florida" in the year 2016:
    Page 1: "We have been sailing for days. Bermuda has not moved from his spot at the front of the ship, in a constant state of meditation- speaking in a language that I do not understand. Occasionally lightning strikes the boat and the water around him but yet he goes on undisturbed. I hope this journey is not the end of us."
    Page 2: "By the Gods I've seen Abezethibou! Bermuda's chanting has been to draw the great demon to our location! Bermuda began crackling with energy and dove into the sea,  his staff at hand, disabling the boat in the process! I fear I may not be able to make it back to shore, as the waves at sea depict the violent battle below. I don't know what I....." the page trails off with red stains at the bottom.
    Modern-day theorists that are familiar with the story of Bermuda believe that the blood on the journal is not that of the captain, but of the demon himself, and that the captain was safely thrown through a timeshift portal summoned by Bermuda, thus explaining how the page excerpt hasn't yet had time to decay. The theorists go on to say that Bermuda and the demon continue to wage war to this day, perhaps in a dimension beyond ours, thus the unexplained occurrences in what became known as the Bermuda Triangle.

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  2. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    Um, I've played MMO's for around 25 years, I've been in software design for about 35 years and I've studied regional software development for 25 years. Please don't assume that because we're on forums we're "inexperienced". Further, don't assume we are non customers. I have a conquerors package preordered and have no issues with cash shops that aren't pay to win. I'm exactly the type of customer Daum should be fighting for in NA.
    Further, take a look at BDO in Korea. Yea, the player base is dropping off like mad, while the Russian base is waaaaay more steady. Regional development 101 would teach you that something is going on. 
    Sounds like something I'd dig. Which server you guys on? Starting guild in conquerors release or primary release? 
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  3. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    If they ever allow cart trading like this, look me up and I'll RP with you on trade runs. I love that kind of crap. I'm an RPer through and through, especially in fantasy RPG's and Space Sims. I haven't gotten a good feel for how viable group questing/grinding is in this game yet seeing as how easy solo play is, but I like grouping with like-minded people. If politics and guild workings are addictive I might be around awhile because I don't think it'll be long before the NA version adopts most of the parts of the Russian free trading implementations. Maybe when that happens the trade-haters will go back to their Korean servers and leave us "whiney Americans" to our fun. 
    I'd go with the option that satisfies the bulk of the region that I'm releasing the game in to drive sales and make my company money. In NA, I'd say screw people that hate free trade because that's like 5% of the gaming demographic here. As an example, in Asian markets, Android skins without app drawers are well recieved. Watch how hard the LG G5 tanks in the US for not having an app drawer, even though a simple launcher swap would fix it. The point is what works in one region won't always work in another. If they want this game to have sustained success in NA they need free trade or be prepared to start shutting down servers in 1-1.5 years. 
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  4. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    Nobody said anything about them recoding anything in 5 days. If they want to release a game in NA and, you know, make money, it needs to have open trading. Whether you like it or not, I don't care. I like the MMO genre and want it to grow out of this stale period that it's currently stuck in. I think BDO does a lot right but what it does "wrong" will kill it in the NA market and it's already started staggering in Korea. They need to expand and innovate the game and if they're unwilling to cater the game to the market that they release it in, then the game is doomed to fail.
    They need to develop and introduce a free trade system quickly in NA, where people are used to and prefer that kind of system. There's a reason WoW has been a juggernaut for so long- it doesn't need another clone but that doesn't mean you can't take what it did right and adapt it in a new way to recapture a demographic. I'm telling you now, a game without trade won't stand long in NA.
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  5. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    In NA, 95% of people will want trading. Daum is a business, they aim to make money. If they want cash from sustained players, as I assume they do, in NORTH AMERICA they'll cater to what the majority of paying players want- not the 10 fringe "purists" that want to keep the original communist version of the game.
    I'd go ahead and stay off of NA servers. Either the game will fold in NA, or trading will be added and it'll prosper- doesn't sound like you'd like either of these so I'd spend my time elsewhere if I were in your shoes.
    "Daum already said this was the MOST trading that would be allowed in the game, so full trading is never going to happen." Then the game is doomed in NA.
    Daum is a business to make money. If they think adding trading would turn a sustained profit in NA, you can bet your ass they'd add trading. I don't care what random statements have been made in the past. No trading won't fly here.
    I also like bounty hunting for gear, like in Lineage 2, but they screwed that up as well. Now no matter the Karma level, items aren't dropped.
    Now we can't bounty hunt those with high karma in hopes of them dropping good gear. That was one of the main reasons to bounty hunt. I can't help but think that this decision stems from the backwards mindset on trading, since it all seems to stem from a deathgrip control over who has what items.
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  6. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    To be successful, a game changes for the demographic. A demographic isn't going to change for a game.
    Thank GOD you're not with Daum's game development team.
    I wish you would have stayed on Korea's servers and butted out of how American's did things on NORTH AMERICA'S version of the game. I'm not on a Korean forum site whining, yet here YOU are.
    Don't like the NA version of the game? Don't play on NA servers. Problem solved.
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  7. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    I'll tell you right now that I preordered this game and I would not have if I would have known trading is the way that it is. In every MMO I've played, I enjoy playing a crafter that does things before anyone else with item creation. I like selling things for a high price because I'm "first" to do something. To me, that's my reward for treading new ground in a given job field and excelling at it. I can't do that here. I like trading in person to add a personal element to an item transaction. I envisioned having a cart in this game, pulled by 8 horses, full of crafted stuff to sell in the hard-to-reach portions of the world. I liked that fast travel and quick travel don't exist in this game- that made it seem perfect for traveling salesmen to sell items in hard-to-reach areas. I can't do any of that. 
    I can't get a refund because I've played the beta's so I'm stuck with it. I'll give it time to see if trading is de-nerfed, but for me and 99% of my *American* MMO friends to stick with this game long term, trading needs to be comprehensively free to do as we please.
    As it is now, in North America, the game will do well for 2-4 months then watch the user base drop faster than a rock in a pond.
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  8. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    I vote they should remove xp from the game, that kills the leveling bots. Give 1 skill point per day for logging in, and let people PVP when they reach 50 skill points. 
    That way, people can't trade, cant level, can't skill grind, and will all be the same. That should fix all the bot issues and make several people on this thread happy people, no? Would be the perfect communist MMO community.
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  9. Err0xx added a post in a topic NO TRADING   

    Um, then don't play with "Whiney Americans" and go back to your Korean version. GTFO our servers. I won't miss you.
    You're obviously accustomed to a communist economy in real life where the government regulates everything. Those in America, under a free Capitalist society, don't jive well with that. Why can't you understand? You're so indoctrinated by being told what to do that you've lost the ability to think for yourself and the concept of freely trading goods is beyond what you can handle in real life- so you don't want to face it in a game world.
    I agree with Konrad, trading is a must. I have absolutely no desire to become a "crafting master" or to farm for that super-hard-to-find sword if my market price is regulated. If I find a sword so rare that 4 other exist on the server or I craft some armor so rare that only 2 exist, I should be able to charge a premium and sell it to the highest bidder, without having to go through a market that limits my hard work to achieve such a rare item. I should be able to work my butt off for mega-rare stuff and sell it for whatever I can get for it- not have my time and effort limited by some artificial market cap where the developer decides my item value.
    Based on half of your posts, I can't even help but wonder why you're even playing an MMO. Want a great open world RPG with nary a gold seller in sight? I got one for you- Witcher 3, it's single player. Don't have to worry with trading, either. NPC's are happy to buy the same item for the same price over and over again. You can even have gmail open in the background and talk to friends without being able to trade with them. Sounds like just what you're looking for.
    Go back to your communist government-regulated crap-fest and work your butt off to be paid the same amount as a garbage truck driver. That's not for me. Different games work for different regions- no trading won't hold up well in NA. Don't like trading, stay on Korean servers- where you obviously belong.
    I've never bought gold, sold gold, or cheated in an MMO- and I am an American that supports free trading. Lemme guess, mind blown?
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