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  1. Kaza added a post in a topic Delete Value pack.   

    Well.. guess it is P2W now
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  2. Kaza added a post in a topic Changing channels take ages!   

    Aight, so now it is back to normal.. I have no idea what or why it happened.
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  3. Kaza added a post in a topic Changing channels take ages!   

    yea I know, but this is not the cooldown. This is just when changing channels.. Everything dissapears, and then I am stuck in the same place unable to move for 10-8 mins until the loading screen comes up in 2-3 secs and I am in a new channel.
    So if I want to join my friends channel I have to wait 8-10 mins everytime.. no thanks bud. I rarely change channels, but when I do it is really annoying. Furthermore it also applies to when I am entering the channel from the main menu
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  4. Kaza added a topic in General   

    Changing channels take ages!
    Every time I log in or change channel it takes 8-10 mins.. it is ridiculous. I have no chance to change channel in hope of reaching another boss. 
    Anyone else who got this problem? It appeared after the latest patch, and I never had any such problems before.
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  5. Kaza added a post in a topic Calpheon Ecology bugged?   

    Hmm okay thanks alot. I will try to look further into this. 
    It wouldn't suprise me if there was some secret knowledge.. I mean this game have 70% hidden stats..
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  6. Kaza added a post in a topic Football Event Problems   

    Seriously though.. I got more than 120 footballs.. considering it have been here for a week it is not that rare
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  7. Kaza added a topic in General   

    Calpheon Ecology bugged?
    Just want to know if others have this problem
    I got to the point in the game where I want all knowledge. So I started with Ecology. When I was done with Calpheon it dosn't say [Obtained], even though I have all knowledge

    Everything is obtained
    Yet it dosn't say [obtained] in the "main menu". This really bugs me, as I already have everything. 

    I just want to know if anyone else have this problem?
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  8. Kaza added a post in a topic Valencia. Black spirit won't give me main story quest   

    Yes, You need to defeat awakened black spirit before you can go to Valencia. It can be confirmed if:
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  9. Kaza added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Sail out of map
    so, I made a mistake and posted my bug in another section.. is it possible to move it here? anyway I will post the link to my repport
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  10. Kaza added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Sail out of current map
    Sail out of Current map
    So with the new Valencia update that came out, it seems that north for Ancado inner harbor you can sail out of the current map. 

    I believe we are not supposed to be in that location yet.. All I did was click my navigation point at the location of my horse, and I could auto sail out of the map (also manually).
    I discovered a new area, the node shown on the map above (Ivero cliff) when I sailed past it. Even though the fog didn't dissapear it still said I discovered the area! 
    I tried sailing back and forth a couple of times, and it seems like there is nothing stopping me. You're definitely not supposed to be in this area, since it is under development(?) 

    Will this effect my gameplay in Valencia part 2?
    I already discovered this node for some reason, so when Valencia part 2 comes out, what will happen to that node? will I be able to discover that area again? Or will I forever have a missing knowledge that will bug the hell out of me? 
    I know we are not supposed to be there yet!
    It would be an idea to add an invisible wall some where before Ivero Cliff.
    I realise this should probably be in bug section, but I can't move it. sorry
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  11. Kaza added a post in a topic Black market vendor for Liverto and boss armor?   

    ah, so you pay like loads more than normally, but it is a way to actually get the item?
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  12. Kaza added a post in a topic Black market vendor for Liverto and boss armor?   

    But is there anyway I can find this guy?! I have never seen him, and I am unable to find him.. Or is this just info from KR?
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  13. Kaza added a post in a topic Black market vendor for Liverto and boss armor?   

    I think thats the exact reason we may be needing prof1 trading. It seems like if you don't have prof1 tradin he won't trust you, and thus you will be unable to trade with him
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  14. Kaza added a post in a topic Black market vendor for Liverto and boss armor?   

    yea, to be able to trade with him you need to be prof 1 or above. If not he will say he dosn't trust you, and you will be unable to trade with him
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  15. Kaza added a post in a topic Black market vendor for Liverto and boss armor?   

    Okay thanks a bunch, guess we just have to wait then
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