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  1. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Chat messages not appearing   

    I have sometimes this bug, even with whispers. It's not 100% accurate but somehow messages with more than 1 line of text seems to trigger this bug more times than shorter messages. I got it with messages consisting only of 3 or 4 words too
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  2. Realitypixels added a post in a topic We can't have Nouver but newbies can?   

    Nouver hardest boss in mmorpg history confirmed: butthurting players before he is even in game!
    On a serious note: i'm really worried about the op. Christmas is here already and Nouver not, I hope he's having a happy christmas with what really matters
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  3. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Autolooping Stops   

    Bugs in the middle of the road... No seriously. In the Olvia-Heidel route there is usually one causing that.
    And sometimes the game just reload for no reason at all, that's the other kind of bug.
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  4. Realitypixels added a post in a topic We can't have Nouver but newbies can?   

    See kids? That's the clever way of doing things. Either if this person is joking or not.
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  5. Realitypixels added a post in a topic We can't have Nouver but newbies can?   

    Oh they forget to remove here the nouver aura from the returning players event currently running in KR due to Dark Elf release.. How bad they didn't forget to remove the +15 kzarka.
    Ladies and gentlemen, put your tin foil hats on!
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  6. Realitypixels added a topic in General   

    Today I learned what RNG means....
    ... it means Release Nouver Goddammit!!
    Look in the Christmas tree tonight, if you have been good maybe Santa has gifted you with a Nouver you can take care of: Feeding it, taking it out to pee, the usual stuff with pets.
    Happy Christmas!
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  7. Realitypixels added a post in a topic All awakenings released we need....   

    And with the whole RNG nature it could take only hours to get it. And about grinding sp: be a man and kill stuff your level instead of grey monsters. You'll get more than enough SP in a "relatively short" time.
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  8. Realitypixels added a post in a topic GM refuses to help me   

    Oh, at least you've got an according answer. I've myself have experienced some nasty bug that, if exploited, can break the game and not only they don't give a shit about it also I need to open three tickets just so the GM finally understand what I was talking about and having him repeat my words.. Words that were clearly stated on the first ticket.
    The lack of knowledge and the non existent quality of the costumer service is awful. I'm done with this game thanks to that.
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  9. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Repair cost doubles after converting to ultimate   

    Why didn't you read the tooltip of the memory fragments beforehand?
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  10. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Yet another Kakao lie :D   

  11. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Confirmed, There is no such thing as a male elf PERIOD!   

    They are hermaphrodites just like snails or starfishes.
    Reproduction by spores could be another option.
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  12. Realitypixels added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    loot speed < respawn speed. That argument is a logical fallacy: you have the same killing speed looting manually or by pet.
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  13. Realitypixels added a post in a topic I really want to buy this game, but....   

    Disable swap disks in windows. Freezes on this game are memory leaks (as 99% of the freezes, the 1% are disk related), and this game has memory leaks, not many of them but when they occur they can be quite hard. With 16 gb you can live without swap disks even if you do video/photo editing with your PC.
    If the problem persists, or you already don't use swap disks, then something may be faulty with your SSD. Try to use another hard disk if you can to see if you still have freezes.
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  14. Realitypixels added a post in a topic Kunoichi offhand, Talk me out of it!!!   

    I use PRI krea main and off and PRI ancients core and seal. With only 118 ap pre awakening i was doing perfectly fine in Valencia, PvEwise the trading of AP for accuracy compensates enough: in the end you get the same damage.
    I only think a Quitar is worth it if you have main weapon boss at least: one less socket and a lot of DP less just for getting 2 AP is too much of a tradeoff. Same with Red coral earrings: 3 AP less each piece just for getting +1 accuracy each piece. Not worthy, imho.
    Kutum offhand seems a nice option to upgrade my krea, more AP (awakening AP scales better with AP offhand than main), not much DP loss and still two sockets. While Nouver is (or will ) the pure AP offhand i don't think its special effect is noticeable in PVE. Mobs doesn't seem to give a shit about resistances
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  15. Realitypixels added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    I didn't played Vindictus but I've played a lot of games that worked this way: almost every southasian mmorpg before WOW even existed worked that way. That's the point of p2w, when you can do certain things ONLY with items not found in game or bought EXCLUSIVELY wit real money items. That situation is not given in this game; but people like to manipulate definitions just to suit their arguments: I even got insulted in this forums by someone because according to him "GW2 is not F2P because F2P games can't have a cash shop", go figure.
    In this game, the only thing that can be considered P2W, are Valks Cry.. and they aren't, because they are sold by loyalties and every player in this game has the same rate of earning them. OP stated the same for artisans memory, but they are also sold by loyalties, so they aren't P2W by definition.
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