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  1. sani added a topic in General   

    'one for all, and all for one' event reward
    as of 3/24/2016, this is how the event page looks like here

    as you can see in the reward section, the only reward is 10k guild skill experience for all participating guilds. however when you look in game:

    what the hell is this 'one for all, and all for one' title? why was an event title given out as part of the rewards when it was never listed as a reward to begin with? this extremely pisses me off because i intentionally did not participate in the event thinking that the guild experience was the only thing to be handed out. now plenty of others and i are going to have a blank space in the event title section forever because the CM failed to mention all of the rewards.
    here's a solution: just remove the title. it was never listed as a reward to begin with, i don't think anyone is going to be missing it when no one expected it in the first place.
    and yes this is extremely petty but this is an error nonetheless and it bugs the hell out of me.
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  2. sani added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  3. sani added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    [Edan;Suguri] (may be Kitsani after name change maint)

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  4. sani added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on your mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on your boat

    3. A screenshot of yourself on your wagon

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  5. sani added a post in a topic why are black and white dyes so exclusive?   

    i wouldn't even mind a dye subscription if it let me dye outfits with any color i wanted temporarily. in the end, i would probably save more money than trying to obtain those dyes myself with pearls.
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  6. sani added a post in a topic why are black and white dyes so exclusive?   

    while this is surely an option, it's not realistic at all given the odds. not to mention you're giving up every other loyalty reward by doing this + loyalty is already so slow to obtain right now.
    frig off nini i want my real black!!
    sure, but other games generally don't have such a horrendous way of obtaining such dyes in the first place. black desert's dye system is by far the worst i have ever seen in any MMO. i don't think saying "that's just the way it is" and accepting such a bad system is the right approach at all.
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  7. sani added a topic in General   

    why are black and white dyes so exclusive?
    the 'dark black' and 'snow white' dyes, the two dyes that are the closest shades to a pure black and white, can only be obtained through the unknown dye boxes which currently cost 40 pearls each if you buy the 3 pack.
    there are 188 different dyes in this game including the two above, and this is just for the basic palette. how is this fair at all? it's an awful joke that the advanced customization is supposed to be one of black desert's greatest selling points yet the dye process is put behind such an extreme paywall.
    why are we being forced to play against 1% or less odds for single use dyes when we've already paid for the damn game and then some?
    edit: found that each other palette does have a pure black so i guess the odds are /slightly/ higher
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  8. sani added a post in a topic Maintenance on the 29th of February   

    G I V E M E M Y P R E O R D E R I T E M S
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  9. sani added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    what an absolute joke that we cannot even use the names we rightfully reserved because of this 24h cooldown. now i'm being forced to waste an entire chunk of my head start if i want to use it on my proper server? what in the world was even the -----ing point of giving you guys $100?
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  10. sani added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    absolutely the biggest joke of a head start.
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  11. sani added a post in a topic Refund (How to guide)   

    hey insightful post thx man
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  12. sani added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    greatest $100 spent tbh
    B L U N D E R O F T H E C E N T U R Y
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  13. sani added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    so when's this game going to be good??
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  14. sani added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character name: Kitsani
    Family name: Sani
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/qLOaJgi.jpg

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