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  1. Havoc added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Bugged Quest: " Lvl 31 Learning about the Bandits"
    Hey Daum,
    Bug report:  Learning about the Bandits is bugged for me.  This quest requires you to kill bandits and gain knowledge of them in order to complete.   I have now killed over 150 bandits without finishing the quest objective.
    My hypothesis is that perhaps I already gained knowledge of the bandits prior to acquiring the quest, and therefore cannot "gain" knowledge I already have and so the quest objective just goes on to infinity.  
    That's just a guess, but either way this quest is broken!   Please fix,  thanks you.
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  2. Havoc added a post in a topic Server Lag is Unbearable   

    No lag.  Any issues I've had so far have been on my end, and was able to resolve.  Even in "overrun" state.
    It's yoooouuuuu
    For me it was a memory leak with network drivers.  Hitting 99% memory usage with 32gb of RAM.  Once fixed, down to 14% with the game running on very high.  
    check that, check your internet speeds, update drivers etc.
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  3. Havoc added a post in a topic give us the DAMN patch notes   

    *At least Trion put out patch notes.  They frequently turned out to be incorrect.  But they still put them out  
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  4. Havoc added a post in a topic give us the DAMN patch notes   

    So...you're saying that Daum doesn't know what's in the patches they put out?   
    Cue ArcheAge flashback.  Oh geez.  
    >Trion: This patch event will reward a weapon skin.  Its a skin only.
    >Patch drops
    >Players:  Uhhhh this is a real weapon.  And it's kind of game breaking.  Economy is shutting down!
    >Trion:  What.  What do you mean it's not a skin?
    When players have to inform dev's about what's in their own game/patches, it is disasterous.  We've seen this before.
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  5. Havoc added a post in a topic give us the DAMN patch notes   

    Wait are people saying this the norm for BDO?  I have never seen played or heard of an MMO that doesn't communicate patch notes to players.  This is unprecedented.  Is...this...how it is for BDO in other regions?  I just got on the train at NA stop, never played the others before this.
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  6. Havoc added a post in a topic 2900 pearls for a costume? Seriously?   

    For the price of one costume, on one character, on one server you can get:
    -a AAA game on sale
    -a full featured DLC or expansion
    -several indie or early access games
    -2 to 3 months premium subscription to another online game
    For one skin.  Yeah the cash shop prices are pretty insane.  
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  7. Havoc added a post in a topic The carebear economy   

    Another reason I think the price controls are a good thing, is like every "player driven economy" there is innssannee inflation.  It happens in most games because of the same reasons. 
    The game needs to get currency into the hands of players, new players, so new currency is created via quests or NPC trades that goes into the player economy, but much less ways to remove silver out of the economy.
    So you get new money by quests, NPCs, mobs, etc.  and then it mostly circulates between players.  With much more new money being pumped into circulation, than being drained out, it builds up constantly and the value goes down.  And prices go up.
    But the way new players make money (mob drops, quests) are fixed, they don't scale up with the increase in prices as you would see in a real world economy, so the majority of players get completely screwed and economy shuts down.  
    So price controls don't stop the uneven balance of new money being created vs. money taken out of circulation, but it does help treat one of the symptoms of it, even if it doesn't address the cause.
    Monye Created              Money Circulated                            Money Removed
    Quests --->
    Mobs --->
    Trade runs --->      Player to player transactions    ->  consumable purchases to NPCs
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  8. Havoc added a post in a topic Absolutely unreal, Refunds for a buy to play?   

    "because they couldn't start 2 days to help report bugs before the official launch"
    The purpose of headstart is not to report bugs to help launch.  That would be CBT1 and CBT2.  
    It's supposed to be a headstart, where you get all the products you paid for as advertised. 
    Now I did end up receiving mine at the 24 mark, so that's fine, but yeah I'm not really going to knock anyone who's upset they with "I know you were supposed to get this now, and you already paid us for it, but instead were going to take care of people who paid less than you, they'll actually get theirs first."  

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  9. Havoc added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    It has nothing to do with vanity items.  It is about a company needing to deliver what they are selling as advertised.  If you charge someone $100, don't deliver, and then instead give them their stuff with the $50 customers.  That's really bad.  You are so desensitized to it because it happens so often with other MMO's ("Buy this, but no guarantees you'll actually get what is stated as stated!")  that you actually defend it as completely normal.  What do you think happens the next time they want those people to "Buy this!"
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  10. Havoc added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    If they weren't going to deliver the Conquerors pack as advertised, then they shouldn't have sold it. 
    Now they're going to take care of delivering the lesser packs before or at the same time as people who shelled out $100.
    F. This.
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  11. Havoc added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    Yeah this is kind of ridiculous. 
    > "Buy this, and you'll get this at head start!"
    > "Okay not at headstart but within 24 hours"
    > "Did we say 24 hours?  We meant 5 days later.  People who paid less are actually going to get the things they paid for before you"
    What the literal f.  
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  12. Havoc added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Is there a member cap in game?  
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  13. Havoc added a post in a topic Preorder? Never again. Cash shop? Not a dime.   

    I'm guessing you're not really aware of how refunds are supposed to work.
    I can tell you how they are NOT supposed to work.  "Oh there's closed beta access for pre-orders?  I'll buy it, play the closed beta, and then decide if I really want to buy it.  If not I can refund it even though I've already used it up."  You realize that would completely defeat the entire 'closed' part of the beta right?  If everyone who wanted to could just buy the game, play all beta and then refund.
    Why stop there?  You should just be able to play the game for a few weeks or a month and then get a refund when you get tired of playing right?  So dumb.  You bought an apple, then ate it, then tried to return it. 
    Don't buy something you have no knowledge of.  And if you are still going to do that, at least don't open it up and start using it, and then expect a a refund.  Figure out how to use google, watch a youtube video or something.
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  14. Havoc added a post in a topic Preorder? Never again. Cash shop? Not a dime.   

    Cash shop prices are 3x too high, that's a legitimate complaint.  But what else are you so pissed at?  Everything else is great.  Stop being so over dramatic. 
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  15. Havoc added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Every costume is priced as a full DLC.  Get anything more than a costume and you're quickly at a full-priced AAA game.  All of course after already supposedly paying full price for the full game.
    I'm so excited for the game but you're out of your mind if you think $30+ for a single skin is going to fly.  
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