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  1. Vorka added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Dont like it? Dont play. It takes all of a day to get to 56. It has to slow down eventually.
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  2. Vorka added a topic in Classes   

    Returning player advice
    I am returning after a long break and was wondering what patches have changed since the last time I played. I last played before the DK was released and back then wizards/zerker/warrior were on top form and ninja werent worth looking at. Has anything changed as such? I want to start a new character and I already have a wizard and a musa, how are the others classes preforming? Specifically is ninja worth leveling at all? My intentions would be small scale pvp(1v1,open world 1v1) and general pve?
    If possible and if someone has time would they be kind enough to tier the classes for me?
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  3. Vorka added a post in a topic Will there be any dark male classes???   

    They are good to be fair with male variants, unlike TERA.
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  4. Vorka added a post in a topic PvP and penalties   

    Thanks for the information.
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  5. Vorka added a post in a topic PvP and penalties   

    Thanks for the reply!
    If the person is flagged and positive karma what do they loose on death?
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  6. Vorka added a topic in PVP   

    PvP and penalties
    Could someone please help me in outlining what actually happens when you die to pvp? I have read a couple of guides but havent really found the answers inside.
    If you are flagged for pvp with positive karma and die what is the penalty? If you are flagged for pvp with negative karma what is the penalty for that? I havent quite decided what class to play yet and am currently leveling most of them to awaken, is there a place to find pvp at 56?
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  7. Vorka added a topic in Classes   

    Ninja, Musa or Warrior
    I am torn between the above classes and was wondering if people with more experience could help me choose. I'm looking mainly for casual open world pvp and casual grinding/boss. Which is the strongest of the three/least gear dependant/ best skills etc?
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  8. Vorka added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    I went for a wraith type look or as similar as I could get one inspired after watching the Lord of the rings films.

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  9. Vorka added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Help with low budget gearing.
    Hello Im a recently awakened wizard and im looking to get the most out of the little money I have laying around.
    I am currently in full +15 Grunil using 6pc Jarette jewels for the ap and attack boosts.
    I am torn between the following set ups and was looking for advice. As it stands focusing on weapons I can afford either;
    Duo Liverto Staff(98AP) with Ultimate Bronze Dagger+15(11AP) and Pri Tati Sphera(80AP) or
    Ultimate Yuria Staff + 15(77AP) with Ultimate Bronze Dagger+15(11AP) and Duo Ultimate Lord Godr Sphera(95AP) or
    Tri Rosar Staff(106AP) with Bronze Dagger +15(11AP) and Duo Tati Sphera(88AP) or finally
    Ultimate Yuria Staff+15(77AP) with Tri Ultimate Steel Dagger(34AP) and Duo Tati Sphera(88AP).
    Any Advice is appreiciated!
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  10. Vorka added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Confusion on new wiz
    Its my first character on BDO and have rolled a wizard and im currently sitting at level 35 but noticed that the weapons and stuff dont have level requirements and watched a few videos but got mixed information.
    I currently have 10 black stones for a weapon and around 3mil to spend, one of the videos i watched said it was best to buy a green weapon then get it to 15 then upgrade it to blue? Is that true?
    Which weapon would be the best to buy? Is it worth buying one or saving like 10x more than i have now and buying a fully upgraded one?
    In terms of armor also which armor is worth using for a wizard? Is it best to buy that or upgrade it myself same as before?
    Sorry for stupid questions, i found videos to have conflicting information and slightly confusing.
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