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  1. LordBrasca added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    Yeah i noticed almost immediately that transition murderous engage is bad against them... 
    Gonna try the katana shower bait and see what happens next time
    Never took seriously Boss slaughter tbh, mostly because it seems slower than block jump, I'm going to giveit  a try anyways  
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  2. LordBrasca added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    Unfortunately i'm from EU  . Btw with spam frontal block do you mean the transitioning stance spam or the consecutive use of skills that have frontal block? Because when i'm against DK what i usually do is try to block jump on them whenever i see that i am in range and they are targetable and then full combo. Thing is that whenever i block jump on them correctly (meaning that the reticle is red and i get correctly teleported being them) they instantly disappear without giving me time to grab or even spin... I think that it's probably due to desync or my ping not being enough low (50 usually).
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  3. LordBrasca added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    I tried both the tactic of charging in and the waiting game. The charge in tactic almost never worked out because everytime i threw my full combo either she was in super armor or she was untargetable, also since she was attacking while moving i costantly found myself knocked down during mid combo... 
    At the moment the only thing i noticed is that there is 0,5 sec window where she has to stand still to throw a certain damaging spell (dunno the name) in that exact moment if she can't knock me down i can block jump into her or dash in and hope that the stun chain starts. 
    But this i think is just due to the fact that she just -----ed up the timings of her spells... 
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  4. LordBrasca added a topic in Ninja   

    How do you deal with a dark knight?
    I learned to fight all the classes more or less but i don't really understand how to fight her tbh.
    Atm she feels like a character with the mobility and i-frames of the sorcs (but better) and the damage+range of a wizard/witch. Honestly i can't really seem to find a window where i can confidently say "ok that's an opening, i can go in" every time i think i've hit her with whatever spell (even a correctly aimed block jump) she disappears in front of me and she keeps i-framing while attacking me at the same time... i even saw her dancing around me in i-frames and attacking and she didn't take a single hit of a full casted katana shower while in the middle of my spell hitbox. 
    I mean, short i-frames are ok but wtf dodging an entire spell that has a pretty long duration while in i-frame on top of being able to move around freely and damage your opponent? Not even a sorc can do something like that... (sorry end of the rant).
    That being said is there anything i should know that could help when i fight her? That thing that makes you say "oh she used/wasted that spell! Now it's my time to shine."?
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  5. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    not that much but enough to make me happy because:
    1) FINALLY we have shakatu seals 
    2) FINALLY they released the blue tiger costume
    Thank you very much. 
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  6. LordBrasca added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 3rd   

    About time we get Shakatu seals instead of that x1 memory fragment.
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  7. LordBrasca added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    Holy shit no, just no! I Choosed BDO for it's action combat system, if you want a tab targeting mmo play something else for the love of god... like literally 99% of mmosRPG are all tab targeting go play them instead of suggesting to completely destroy the only truly enjoyable mechanic left in BDO.  
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  8. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Any GM online????   

    I guess that the cash shop hotfix was more important. Kappa. 
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  9. LordBrasca added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    1 minute already and the 2 guys he fought were just trying to run away and not even replying to the PK... wow so broken! .
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  10. LordBrasca added a post in a topic [Rumor] Sicil Necklace Evasion Debate   

    Unless they give an official stance on the matter you will never be 100% sure unfortunately. I'm a ninja too so i'm your same boat regarding the build path xD, for now i am playing hybrid since i find it to be the most comfortable build.
    If you have a lot of money to spend then you can try it out, otherwise i wouldn't go with a defense focused only build based on some hidden stats that may be there or not. 
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  11. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    Thing is that i don't have to convince anyone here. Back in the days i just asked, i took my conclusions by discussing with people who had the same feeling and end of the story. At the end of the day in this game 90% of all the stats are hidden (like in this system) and honestly the only way to proceed is just to pick whatever you feel is more right or more comfortable since you can't see shit. 
    Back on the matter, problem is that the ones who decided to reset (like me) had a noticeable increase in drop compared to level 10, not after a day, not after a week but IMMEDIATELY. Also it has already been showed by others (and i thank them for using a lot of their time for this) that level 10 node doesn't really change anything even with high numbers... (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/118513-node-level-and-knowledge-rank-test/ it's just an example, we also had a guy that made a post long time ago showing is data for each node level regarding Crescent guardian loot,,, the result was nothing changed or even worse)
    People can believe whatever they want and dismiss whatever they want, saying that i have no phisical proof (while neither they do have showing a noticeable increase in drops) but after seeing that a lot of people are in the same exact situation i have no doubts about it. 
    Working as intended or not, IT'S NOT WORTH IT to spend such an huge amount of energy to see an extra drop maybe after a month... if you are lucky enough? Also i am not referring to items like ogre ring or basilisk belt, i am referring to green drops which drop rate is waaaay higher. 
    Honestly speaking, investing energy in basicly everything else (even just gathering) is 1000x times better.
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  12. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Gavi regan and blue tiger costume for ninja when? It's been a long time (5 months?) how much do we have to wait for those costumes to be live in our version? Come on... 
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  13. LordBrasca added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    It's the one where you get another failstack system on top of the current one that just works with cron stones.
    Every time you fail an upgrade with cron stones (it works just if the armor/weapon is at TRI minimum) your weapon/armor will get an additional stat (don't know if it's pure AP or something else) also from what i've heard those stats will only get you closer and closer to a TET weapon and not equal... it will be expensive but hey at least you have a bit of progression even if you fail.
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  14. LordBrasca added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    I play since release and honestly after hitting 60 i started to perma life-skill... there is nothing to do in this game outside of RNG progression, at first i tought "Well it can't be that bad to get at least all the accessories at TRI" but after failing 20 consecutive times a TRI attempt for a Tadd shuriken i realized that if this happened for just a shuriken then it could happen with accessories too... and with far worse consequences.
    Honestly the cron stone update will help things a lot for weapons and armors, i just wish something for accessories too since losing the item is too harsh to deal with. 
    At the moment i feel like i could grind endlessly but if the odds are against me i could end up paying billions for a freaking TRI red coral. 
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  15. LordBrasca added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Gavi regan and blue tiger set for ninja when?
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