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  1. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Ranger realy so weak?   

    Ranger is good at PvE, not top 3 but still up there,  if you mean clear speed. 
    The downside to ranger is:
    1 very mana hungry,  you need pots if you want good clear time. None if you don't mind slow grind speed and want to rely on skills to build mana, or use extraction crystals. 
    2. Your weapons will break very fast compared to most classes. High speed attack classes suffer from this compared to slower harder hitting classes.
    3. Ranger needs better gear to match the dps of  most other classes. The class is still fun, gameplay wise,  If your looking for a main, I wouldn't recommend it,  you get more bang for your buck with one of the top 3 classes,  but that's just my $0.02...on the plus side it's easier to buy ranger gear from MP
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  2. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Right,  because it's perfectly fine to have the 3W classes and DK out DPS all other classes right? 
    And that caster classes built in accuracy that lets them go full evasion/DP and still hit like a truck?
    I'm good with them having monstrous damage,  fine,  but then take away their SA, make them the squishiest class if they gonna have top dps
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  3. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Ranger is garbage tier right now, hell its been that way for a long time, while Witches,  wizards,  warriors,  and now DK are all over powered as ever.
    Many times have I considered rerolling like many already have,  and Daum  probably wants everyone to reroll and buy more pearl items for the new class, but I refuse, I'm not spending another dollar,  if I can snipe something from the MP ill do it. 
    In the mean time,  I'll be life skilling on the Ranger, and casually leveling alts when I'm bored
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  4. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    Ranger right now is not good at any of these unless you have top 1% stats.
    I'd like to see ranger AP damage scale better on the low/mid gear levels.
    Un-nerf our bow skills,  bow right now hits like a wet noodle, unless you have godly gear.
    Give ranger more CC and survivability. 
    You think this is too much to ask for? Rank a ranger, witch,  wizard, warrior,  sorc, zerks, or any other class,  all at 200AP, with equal skill and DP, you know Damn well that ranger would be at the bottom, without even being able to bring any utility,  survivability,  or cc that other classes can bring to a battle
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  5. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Not Doing Damage (gear included)   

    Ranger needs a buff, ridiculous how gear dependent a ranger is compared to other classes, were a squishy class with no utility and less damage than an equally geared witch, wizard, sorc, warrior, giant, hell even a DK without awakening beats out an awakened ranger at equal gear and level.
    Why give witches and wizards, even DK innate accuracy, but not a ranger?
    Or at least offset our lack of accuracy with a boost in crit damage and crit rate
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  6. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic How is ranger PvE/PvP   

    Ranger losses durability fast, brand if you plan to main it.
    If you select the right skill buffs, or use extracting crystals, you will be able to grind without mana pots, but you will grind slow (assuming you have decent gear and are fighting white mobs)...shouldn't be too bad until you get to higher levels and the XP needed to move on shoots up.
    One other thing to keep I mind, ranger aoe skills are divided among mobs hit, more mobs hit= less damage each mob, many other classes don't have this mechanic, like wiz/witch, these have a flat aoe curve. Those classes also have inherent accuracy buffs, more accuracy= more damage. With their accuracy and flat aoe damage, they are beasts at PVP/PVE, they can go full AP,  or can do evasion builds, or DP build, while other classes need to give up AP to get accuracy gear
    also, check out the keystrokes needed for being a "decent" ranger, animation cancels and combos, that alone should give you arthritis when you get old lol
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  7. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic How is ranger PvE/PvP   

    To be honest, ranger is great at PVE, but pretty much every class is great at PVE after awakening. I would rank top fastest PVE as Witch/Wizard, sorc, ranger in that order, but again all classes are great at pve after awakening...
    But at PVP,  people keep hanging on to this notion that rangers are top tier, which they aren't...
    Best PVP class right now are Wizard, warrior, zerker, sorc, witch
    Equally geared, any of these classes would destroy most other classes. Ranger can be pretty deadly at PVP if they have extreme AP, and people use these extreme 240AP+ rangers as excuses that rangers are OP, and I just laugh, any, ANY, class with 240+AP is going to be OP at PVP.
    Take any class, put them in the same gear, with equal skill, ranger is mid/low tier because of survivability, pot usage, compared to other classes.
    Sorry for my rant, been playing ranger since launch, watching nerf, after nerf, after nerf, while other classes receive buffs, even while being broken OP (warrior)...I'm just salty my ranged class is now a melee class without the survivability most melee classes enjoy (ie sorc iframes)
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  8. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    What gear do you guys have to hit 170+ AP?
    I have +15liv bow, +10 steel dag, coral Jewls,  and I'm only sitting at 123AP as a level 53, I know my gear isn't the greatest, but still I have a hard time seeing where I can add an additional 50+AP without investing a large fortune, or sacrificing goats to the RNG gods
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  9. Akuma⁴ added a post in a topic How do I PVE as ranger?   

    There's a few versions on shotgun, which one do you guys use for grinding?
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