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  1. Northerner added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    April Fools much?
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  2. Northerner added a post in a topic Missing Dim Magical Armor   

    Once you've done the [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest from the Black Spirit, you will be given a next quest called 'While waiting for Mediah' which kind of auto-completes with the Black Spirit. Then you will be given the Dim Magical Armor to turn into Mevo Muranan as a quest reward.
    I think it's a bug to do with one quest being given to turn in the armor being available a lot earlier than the actual quest awarding you this armor.
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  3. Northerner added a post in a topic Dark Knight crafted costumes   

    Thank you for today's patch!
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  4. Northerner added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dark Knight crafted costumes
    @GM_Dew and others of relevance.
    With a limited set of costumes/outfits for the DK right now, I just wanted to check where you are on certain craftable costumes, such as the Delphe Knights or Orwen's Travel Clothes costume for Dark Knight?
    They're in the db but I cannot find them as craftable costumes in the costume mill as I'd expect.
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  5. Northerner added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Serbianca event is bugged - at least cannot turn in items at Serbianca in Trent even though interaction with him suggests it should be possible in a "Item Exchange List" window that is shown.
    edit: ahh, no, event ended today with maintenance. Great...
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  6. Northerner added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    No, don't start introducing game changing channels/factors like this.
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  7. Northerner added a post in a topic ranger crappy back attack mechanics.   

    But this topic was about rangers. Wizards seriously need a nerf too in this game; and as class archetypes go, witches and wizards are hardly any better than rangers.
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  8. Northerner added a topic in Suggestions   

    Silver-embroidered hunter's clothes
    Any info on this life skill clothing, and when it's coming?
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  9. Northerner added a post in a topic ranger crappy back attack mechanics.   

    That, or staying ranged and damaging you all the while out of reach, AND they should have the option to get back attack on top of that?
    Ranger - as in most MMOs - is the class archetype I *never* touch because it strikes me as the most cowardly of all classes. Yea, they are a bit melee too, but I hate classes that can essentially always stay on range, out of reach and on top of that with far too much damage...
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  10. Northerner added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 1st   

    That's the "Alternative Facts" version of 2nd.
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  11. Northerner added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    You what?
    When did PA confirm energy in city nodes helped you get better workers? I thought that was all RNG...
    Not going to pester about it, but you DO realise the Halo games have ESRB rating M?
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  12. Northerner added a post in a topic Exploit to making tri ogre/laytenn   

    Did you *really* need the TRI Laytenn's at _that_ cost?
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  13. Northerner added a post in a topic What's this crap about SECOND awakenings?   

    We didn't awaken properly so they need to try awaken us again
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  14. Northerner added a post in a topic Returning player's questions   

    As a green weapon, you should be able to DUO that Rosar quite easily since it's safe anyway (only loss of dura, not level). I started PRI attempts at 13fs and DUO at 18fs on both my Yuria and Liverto and succeeded, ofc, it's all game of chance though.
    Sword before shield, yes.
    Seeing as you want Bheg's Gloves, I'm hearing many people (was chatting to guildies the other day actually about Grunil over Heve when it comes to getting your boss gear) opting for the Heve armor because with Bheg's you'll be missing out on one of the best set effects of Grunil anyway.
    As for Dandelion or boss armor first, whichever comes first really. If you're going to Karanda; depending on your status with alt characters (I know you've got your warrior, but you may benefit from getting some alts up and running now).
    I would now park my warrior in a grinding area for exp (Sausans/Elrics and once you get past 150 ap and 200 dp, I'd move to Bashims) and make a witch/wizard/sorceress alt and get that to lvl 55/56 fast and park it at Karanda for your attempts to get Dandelion drop. Ofc, with moderate gear, but leveling alts is good way to progress further in many aspects of the game too.
    As a returning player, I'm not sure which attendance reward you have either, but wrt. getting that PRI Necklace of Schultz the Gladiator, consider it will drop you maybe an Ogre Ring (or a Basilisk Belt). Ogre ring matches PRI Schultz Necklace in AP. Similarly, Basilisk Belt will also match PRI Belt of Schultz.
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  15. Northerner added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    My main, Karstark. Wish it could remain winter all year in BDO, I feel at home... 

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