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  1. Always67 added a topic in Dark Knight   

    What green Weapon? Grunil or Heve?
    As the title says.
    What weapon is recommended for the DK?
    Considering only for PvE and potentially only to grind to 55.
    I am currently running an Basteer + Knot of magic Power.
    If I have Bheg´s, Grunil or Heve?
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  2. Always67 added a post in a topic Why remove all our Hot Tea and Warm Milks?   

    Because they are shitfaces, how like to annoy Players and have no idea of consistency.
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  3. Always67 added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Don´t see how DK´s Costumes are more expansive than others.
    Do we get now every day a new Coupon additional? Because the Starterpost shows a few more Coupons than I have (1).
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  4. Always67 added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    Well, I don´t knew about you guys, but I need around eight Wood to process one plywood.
    btw: did there changed anything with the production of Alchemy Stones lately?
    I remember that I wanted to the 150m stone ~1.5 months ago and there were plenty of them( and other stones)[and ofc didn´t bought because  NV needed my money] and now stones are immediately sniped. Was  it made again harder to produce them or are they just more in demand?
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  5. Always67 added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    Lol thanks.
    Always questioned why there is no cooking Costume.
    Anyway. wouldn´t it be better (and cheaper) to use an Costume Exchange on normal cooking Clothes and then use two of them?
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  6. Always67 added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    What Pear Costume are you talking about?
    I am not able to find one which reduces Cooking.
    And 2.5k beer per 15m....wtf?
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  7. Always67 added a post in a topic What the most important items to have for end game?   

    Time to snipe on MP.
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  8. Always67 added a post in a topic What are these from?   

    What do you want to do with this shit anyway?
    Aren´t these just replacing your Armor and not your CS Stuff?
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  9. Always67 added a post in a topic Returning player, did MP just went nuts?   

    Hi, I have around ~40k of that stockpiled.
    If you really need it I could put an Stack for an little Donation on the MP
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  10. Always67 added a post in a topic SSD Suggestions   

    Why not ask Google?
    And 300 bucks for 250GB is ridiculous. For that money you can get 1TB.
    Just buy the well known and very good Samsung 850 EVO/PRO, they cost only 150 for 500GB.
    If you want something newer and have an PCI Slot free you can also try the Samsung 960.
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  11. Always67 added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    What did you guys craft?
    3x Fancy or 10x Splendid?
    Or just Gold/Silver Diamond Boxes?
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  12. Always67 added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Guys, how high do you level your horses depending on the Tier?
    I was first leveling my T3´s to 13/13 then 22/22 and now 26/27 for the higher T5 chance. Though 22/22 seems to be good enough.
    But is it even useful to level T5´s ? They have to seem to have an pretty low chance to get T6 compared with T4´s.
    And yeah.. my only goal is to get several T7´s util T9´s are released.
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  13. Always67 added a post in a topic Black Desert Tools(Failstack Calculator) Has A Webapp Now! Also, Important Notice to Windows Store App Users   

    Instead of showing your Code on YT (that´s so useless) off you should post it on Github/Bitbucket and consider make an Flow Diagram~
    I would like to know:
    How do you decide that it´s enough? When do you say that there are enough FS or that you should switch to DUO Equip? Is it just an hardcoded FS count or is it calculated?
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  14. Always67 added a post in a topic how do you use up your energy?   

    Workers only.
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  15. Always67 added a post in a topic Game-breaking Bug Makes You Gain 66% Less Combat Skill Points   

    No... that´s the point.
    Everything needs to be done on the Server. If an kill is registered (at the server) the Server will calculate the SP/XP and whatever and just send an Update to the Client, the Client is not allowed to do anything than receiving updates and send that the Player want´s to move, etc.
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