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  1. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    I don't know Ellie.I agree with the silver/pearl conversion. That's why you see people selling only the things that are most cost effective at the time. Of which pets are rarely cost effective.
    I somewhat agree with more Peal items marketable.
    But the item limit. You had to have been there. Do you really want to see the PTW uproar again? I don't. Right now it can loosely be considered PTW only if you plan on spending months to even years doing it. I think they got that right.
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  2. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Please fix Stealth   

    For those of you that like to say, 'Shut up you old f**k we don't want to hear about the past', skip the first paragraph.
    This concept and argument is not new. In DAoC, a 'Rogue' as they were called there, could constantly stealth. As a Wizard there, you had to constantly AoE around you. It was annoying as hell but I did it. Later on they added a pet that did have detection. Good Rogues could still do it, but at least good Wizards had a reaction time. So it ended up 50/50 without the Wiz having to constantly AoE like before. The Necro, had a non detecting pet but, if the Rogue didn't kill the Necro, then he was dead, cause the pet now detected and chased him relentlessly after that no matter what he did as long as the Necro kept up. I had all three chars there. My Rogue was 99% kill rate ( I'm not kidding, the one time I died was 2 on 1 Rogues just as good as me. With one dying.)  because I understood the concept.
    How does that apply here?
    I have both Witch and Ninja ( and Tamer, ect, ect.) here. As Ninja I was disappointed that stealth was only seconds. Had it been constant, ( Although you would have to take away the invincibility, which isn't here but should be, but I would live with it and have lived with it and thrived.), then this argument wouldn't even be here.
    Yes, invincibility while stealthed should be fixed.
    Speed while stealthed? Stealth is used to set up, not for convenience. A good Node Wars or other ( Dare I say it? Oops, gonna get flamed for this. ) honorable Stealther deals with it.
    As for the Witch/Wiz pet. Whatever the case... it puts the Stealther on even ground with any other type class attacking them. Of which there are many if not all, including Witch/Wiz's.
    Surprise attacking soft targets that cannot react all the time doesn't mean you're good. It just means, you're mean.
    P.S. Yes, a Wiz/Witch that cannot react is a soft target. Don't go there, I don't want to even hear it.
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  3. Fifty Val Tom added a topic in PVE   

    Server Channel PvP/PvE tendencies
    I have seen chat along the lines of ' ... is the best PvP channel or ... is the best PvE/Lifeskills channel'. I would like all your opinions on which channels are the best for PvP and which are the best for PvE / Lifeskills. I would presume that most are half and half but if there is one that seems to you tilted one way or the other I would like you to mention it. I am not starting this thread to have a big discussion about PvP vs PvE, merits, gear or other off topics. Just reply if you have a server channel in mind.
    Example: Velia X seems to have more PvP Guilds and PvP players. Or Media X has more lifeskills guilds imo.
    Don't forget to give the channel # as well as the server. After a certain amount of time I will add it all up and give the results if there are enough replies.Thank you for your answers ahead of time.
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  4. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I have a saying I of mine. 'I could give you the 5 minute lecture and you won't listen to most of what I say and will still disagree and feel bad about it. Or I could give you the hour lecture, you will understand, believe me and feel good about it.' So now I will try to give that hour lecture in 10 mins of reading ( Ooh boy thats two hours.So I'm going for making you feel twice as good!).
    The Developers have said what they are going to do. That's it. You can say how unfair it is  but it's done. This is not an exploit and no amount of outraged opinion is going to make them all of a sudden declare it is one and put it in the license agreement. It would be wrong, likely illegal and make matters worse.
    Now as to your outraged opinion. Your main premise seems to be it's not fair that all these other people ( Premeditated or not. It doesn't matter.) get up to ( A lot won't but in fairness to you I will take the worse example.) 3 times much loyalty login and event stuff as you. Just for the time it takes to log into two other servers.
    So that covers everyone that has chars on three servers whether they split up the their play time evenly ( Probably the smallest group.). Did 1/4 time on two and 1/2 the time on one, barely any on one but mostly half and half on two , or any % of the multitude of variations of time spent in this example ( A goodly amount of people in this group.Probably the majority.). And lastly, the ones that have played a lot of MMO's and are familiar with server merges so logged into two servers but spent 99% of the time on a main server ( Another good sized group. I wouldn't say 95% like most complainers would like to think though. As presumed above, I don't even think this is the majority.).
    So no matter how you cut it all those people which ( As I said, I will take the worst example in fairness to you.) amounts to 75% of the players in the game will have 3 times more stuff than you!
    Or does it?
    For sure some will have 4 more Penguins than you. As it stands now they will always have that 4 Penguins advantage over you no matter what kind of player you are. But were talking pets here. You can get pets whether from pearls or market place ( Yes getting from market is tough but now you have to give me one and let me assume your good enough to get enough pets as you want over time from it.). Personally I don't like the Penguin sliding sound so it's not exactly the first pet I grab to take out. You'll live.
    Then the 2 tier 3 horses and 2 tier 5 horses. Idk about you but on my main server, I've already trained, bred and burned those off. If you've horse trained at all, no big deal, you'll live.
    I don't think I have missed anything else that would truly be one of a kind.That you wouldn't be able to get but if there is something ... you'll live.
    The grand majority of other stuff. Memory frags for instance, that's certainly a big deal. But, if you are 50's, in a good guild, and play enough, then you've gotten enough of them from disco balls to make the ones from two other server logins laughable. Same way with Black Stones and all the rest.
    Either by grinding, pearl shop or marketplace you can have all that and MORE than anyone that is getting two servers worth of the rest of the stuff. The people that are level 59 and 60 don't care. All that stuff from two other servers won't get those people ( Or you. ) to high level 50's.
    It's time spent and how wisely it's spent. Period.
    If you don't have enough time, then listen to this and retain it. If you are in Elementary or High School, even in a University. Adjust your time spent so that you excel in school, family time, and whatever other real life things you feel is more worthwhile than a computer game. Then the amount of time left, use for playing computer games. If you are past that, even someone that starts flipping burgers for example, can work up to manager, even eventually corporate with enough desire and once again, spend the time you have left playing computer games and you'll be the better for it.
    If none of that, then you have to get used, in whatever degree, to others having more than you. In real life or a game or whatever. Just remember, your life is not over yet. Do what you can with the time you have left. ( Ok that might be a little Gandalf rip of at the end but it applies.).
    P.S. For those that will have none of this. All this time making 1000 complaining forum posts about this and other perceived unjust things in the past could have been spent playing the game and guess what? You would have more.
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  5. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I determined char names are unique a long time ago. My name the server I started has two ' l 's in it. I went and made a char on another server and tried to do the same name. I could'nt. But what I could do is make one of the ' l 's a capital ' i '. So what looks like a ' l ' is actually a capital ' i '. So I managed to make a simular char on all three servers with a first name that seems the same when actually it's with the ' ll ', ' il ', and ' li ' respectively. On my main server I wanted the name Rapunzel. I couldn't have that. So I settled with Rapunzei, But the ' i ' is capitalized so it looks like Rapunzel. That's what you guys are probably seeing.
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  6. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Yes the Boss gear could rub people the wrong way but as I said in an earlier post. I ended up with five Red Nose and one Giath ( incidentely the |Giath was on my most played server. ). I doubt seriously that a good percentage of players got a Red Nose and then a different Boss armor on each of the three servers. On my main server besides the two event box pieces, in normal play I have Bhegs Gloves, one Dandelion, and two Livertos from slightly above normal casual play.
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  7. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Come on. Some of you act like this is your first MMO. Tons of them have merged servers. This is typical. Whether you anticipated it or not, this is like other games that have merged servers. They might let you have extra char slots or not. But usually they let you keep everything else.
    Most people I know in this game knew I have chars on all the servers. I didn't keep it a secret cause I was doing nothing wrong.
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  8. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    A little bit of foresight goes a long way.
    I didn't anticipate it this soon but yes, I anticipated it and started near the end of Easter. I just logged in to the other two servers to get events and logged out. So the main advantage I have in my mind is the pets. Two more hawks and four more Penguins. Um two tier 3 horses and two tier 5 horses as well.
    While I am sure there's a very, very small percentage that do have 4 pieces of boss armor, most probably have like me. Five Red Nose and one of the other. Yes also the cash, stones, potions, ect, ect, from the Black Spirit board games and other events.
    Certainly lots, but a great advantage? No.
    I think someone who is 59-60 with TRI and above gear and all the money that comes with that, is still far and above me. Yes they worked for it. As I will, but all that stuff from the other two servers, won't really get me there that much quicker.
    Exploit? Nope. From day one you were allowed chars on other servers. Duh.
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  9. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Communicate more   

    I would guess there are very few gaming companies that respond in that way you like to see. BDO probably uses their Korean player base as a baseline public relation impression, then EU/RU and then NA last. So you have a group used to not getting what they want fast, one that tries to circumvent getting what they want, and one that complains and whines and expects instant results. So if BDO did interact more, the public response would be, 'Oh, that's what I expected, thanks for nothing.'. 'Just wait, you'll be sorry.' and 'You guys are idiots.I'm quitting.'
    So they already know that. Thus picking and choosing their course of action and ignoring the rest is the safest bet. Is this the best way? No.
    They have to choose if it's cost effective to be an innovator. So, if the public continually and respectfully points this out we might see one day. Let's hope so.
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  10. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic The Lag will not stop   

    Yes the all three of those videos show whats happening to me. for weeks.
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  11. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic What NPCs have the new crafted costume designs?   

    Merv in Calpheon. On the street below the Armorsmith and Weaponsmith. You have to play the game and gain 400 amity.
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  12. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Garner Traveling Players Costume for Witch/Wizard   

    You have to gain 400 amity with Merv.
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  13. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Didn't like my original content. Decided to form no opinion about this thread.
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  14. Fifty Val Tom added a post in a topic Fix the Autopathing AFK Training   

    I went from perfect playing conditions, afk day and night anything I want to this super lag spike go to map and come back dying crap and not being able to afk anything for more  than 20 minutes.
    I don't want to hear from the people thousands of miles away in Bora Bora who can play and afk all day no problems. Just be glad you can. You're not helping. I am not going to consider the problem is my computer.
    If you notice, there isn't really any feedback or acknowledgement from the game on this problem. So obviously they have a problem and won't talk about it. Seen it before.
    My guesses are something with isps or non-nvidia compatibility. Seems like friends with nvidia cards are not having problems.
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