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  1. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Suggestion: Servers and bonuses per growth level- Olvia channels   

    Ty, but the issue is not about people being higher leveled, or geared. As I stated on my post, theres times that I kick ass and times I get my ass kicked. Its NOT about having ppl higher geared or higher leveled. Thats a normal thing in EVERY SIGNLE MMO, and to be honest it wouldnt be fair for people who invest more time, to get their ass kicked by someone who dosent spend as much time. I get that, devs get that, everyone gets that.
    Whoever its about having a better gameplay experience, and a better catch up mechanic. Everysingle mmo needs these type of mechanics to ensure people dont get behind, or have a healthy server progression. Right now the catch up mechanic they implemented with Olivia its fun, because it allows for some COMPETITIVE PVP, and it allows you to meet people around your same level.  All im asking or suggestign is to further those mechanics, and take out the time limit, so we can do other stuff besides grinding.
    Also as I stated, there would be free channels, like it is right now... Im not suggesting something new actually, the mechanics are already here, im just asking for a tweak and some adjustments.   You can play node wars, grind, do everysingle activity with your guild or with new people, but you also get a channel in which open world pvp is competitive, and are able to grind with peeps that have a similar growth experience as you do. While I value your feedback, please read the whole thing the next time >_<, its not about separating nor being a special snowflake on a noob channel. Its enhancing a current mechanic that righ now is working, and it can work better. Its about competitive open world pvp, and bringing ppl with similar growth together, while keeping other activities or groups together as well.
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  2. Arlekiel added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion: Servers and bonuses per growth level- Olvia channels
    I left the game for over a month, I was getting frustrated at BDO, mainly due to the fact that I work, I cant spend all day, and I literally was failing behind. The game is a grindfest, and it sucks when a guy with more time than you, gets to crush you at grinding zones, open world, red battlefield, etc etc... I literally felt that I was just there to be the fooder for other ppl, and that I needed to invest everysingle amount of free time to grind, without the joy of doing other activities like horses, exploring, etc.
    When I came back for awakenings, my first two weeks, sucked horrible, it was all over that horrible experience again. The awakenings made stuff better, but the main issue was there, until I realized and someoen told me that I could log into olvia channels, I read about them, I logged into those channels, and OMG! Its like I literally started to enjoy BDO like in the good times!!.
    I go to pirates, and yes I get my ass kicked, and sometimes I get to kick some ass, I go to pvp arenas, and the game its fun, im playing with ppl my own level, and the game its fun.

    Point is, the game is clearly dividen by growth level, we in game, have already a ranking for this.
    Im guessing there should be also a general growth level meter , that functions accross all channels.
    Why take the olvia channels idea forward, and we make it that some channels are restricted according to your growth, and they have a exp bonus accordingly (the lower growth channels, would have more of an exp boost than those on a A growth channel).  We put in place the similar rules as in Olivia channels (if you are the required growth level, you can enter). Also there would be free channels, for ppl to play together. Exactly as the olvia system right now. I am able to do node wars with my guild, grind with guild groups on other channels, but when im solo I can hope into olvia channel and then get to play and meet ppl my growth level.
    Im not gonna lie, the system as it is right now, im afraid that as soon as I get kicked from Olivia channels, Im going to quit for a month, only to be able to get back at Olivia again.  
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  3. Arlekiel added a topic in General   

    Pm Belazar
    PD: Who would know that having a the leader of the team working and living overseas, wouldnt be such a great idea.
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  4. Arlekiel added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

    Read the OP post, then read the answer from Fire Of, which I quoted.. then read my post...
    Im NOT talking about a general consensus, about the game, nor if its fun. Im talking about a INDIVIDUAL experience, which is a fact, because the person who is empirically living it, has stated so....

    So please if you are going to white knight your way into the thread, at least be smart honey and read before posting.. at this point, even I feel bad for you... pity.
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  5. Arlekiel added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

    The fact that you need to "do other stuff" just to be able to tolerate the burden of the "game"... its bad enough.
    Games should be fun, not something you need to listen to a podcast to tolerate them.
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  6. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Thanks Kakao, and my apologies   

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is a business... They are not running a charity or something similar.
    All the changes.. are made in order to make profit not to benefit us all.
    I'm not arguing against or in favor.. but just stating a fact.. this is a business, while it might be convenient for them to keep up a "decent" game to make more revenue.. their main goal its not us.. its to put some food on their table or some AUDI on their garage...
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  7. Arlekiel added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Thats why I had my hopes up with Daum, and thats why I decided to invest as a customer with them. I hope they backpedal, and make a lenghty statement promising the community to not go p2w. Unfortunatly I think it wont happend.
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  8. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Event: Warfare Trailer event ... Winners !   

    The issue is not about YouTube voting.. but more of a deadline. Some people posted placeholders.. and then just modified the link of YouTube videos.
    By not checking at 10:00 utc exactly, some people were able to post before the deadline.
    Also..originally we got 2 weeks to get our footage.. the second week node wars were disabled whoever:
    We still got one week of node wars. Some people planned accordingly and made their best with the little footage they were able to obtain. There were GVG, duels, and other aspects of the game. Node wars was just ONE game mechanic, from all the ones listed. In fact the video winner (kuddos to him) showed other aspects like the desert , camels, pets and even skills, this shows creativity which was the theme of the event. The whole excuse but "node wars is was not available" for me at least, its another way to say "we didnt got enough participants, so we are just waiting for more". Which its unfair for the ones who made their best to meet the original deadline. You are punishing people who originally got excited about this event.People who planned accordingly and did their best, got two weeks.. others got one month. While yes.. I have seen plenty of events that get their schedule extended or modified.. the judges reach out to the people who meet the original deadline or take in their internal voting and into consideration.. that some people got half the time. You dont judge on the same panel, videos with one week of footage, and others with 1 month... its unfair.  
    Please CM, dont be mad at me nor the post, this is only as a feedback.. and to share my point of view as a participant. While I do hope, this helps the planning of future events,  It would be nice to see some statement for this, or at least acknowledge those who worked hard to meet the original deadline. But then again, I dont hold my hopes high...sigh
    Thank you so much for answering.
    @CM_Tytyes  @CM_Tytyes
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  9. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Event: Warfare Trailer event ... Winners !   

    @CM_Tytyes  @CM_Tytyes
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  10. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

  11. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Event: Warfare Trailer event ... Winners !   

    I'm kinda dissapointed..
    1)The event duration, got extended (granted for some internal problems with sieges-but the rules also allowed you to youse GVG, duels, and red battlefield footage)... but some us tried our hardest to reach the initial time limit, resulting in not so good video quality or footage. Once you set out the rules, as an event organizer, you should be able to stick to them, or at least consider and reach out for the ones who initially did.
    2)Some videos got extra editing like editing the original files that you provided. You need to set better rules or at least enforce them better.. This reflects also in game..
    3)Some video where posted after the 10:00 UTC deadline... Even if they were posted on the 20, just by being released after deadline should be reason enough not to take them in consideration. I remember that exactly at the deadline I looked up for the submissions, and during the same day, after the deadline more submissions were posted and they are winners of the contest.. I wont post who, since Its not my intention... but to ask for a better and more FAIR event next time from the organizers.
    4)We were supposed to first "vote" for the videos, then we werent..... and all the 10 we were supposed to be in the final, by the CM's deciding winning order.. well there's people who posted its video, on the deadline, with all the rules, and its not here... So again, unfair.
    5) meh... who cares LOL!
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  12. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    After AFK fishing all nights for the first week of the event and some active fishing : ZERO golden whatevers... and after grinding my ninja from 1 to 56, ZERO golden daggers... ill assume ill get ZERO backpacks
    I was used on other mmos, to have events that helped the playerbase break the daily routine, by having fun activities.. so I wanted to say:
    Thank you for an event that literally does nothing to my daily game routine... literally having this event on, has done NOTHING to most of the playerbase...
    Im still hoping for an event that requires us to do something cool, and fun.. not just "grind more mobs, for a .0001% of getting little more cash".
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  13. Arlekiel added a post in a topic No Maintenance on the 27th of July   

    Was waiting for the maint to see if u added more costumes for ninja, like the cokro 
    Apparently daum dosent want my money.
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  14. Arlekiel added a post in a topic Heart Aiming Broken? As bad as the DF Bug was on sorcs.   

    I also tested this, and it seems to be something bugged about the skill, it definetly does less damage, and sometimes when ur hidden and try to use it without pressing space, but with the combo (lmb+rmb) it dosent work.
    So its prolly the tooltip thats wrong, or the damage is off.
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  15. Arlekiel added a post in a topic The Orwen Telegraph *Part 2: Inside Veritas, Cold War, Vahlok's Role Uncertain*   

    So I make a valid point, and as a player of orwen express my point of view about the pvp , which tbh I do believe it was good  and im glad our server at least is getting something that it was long overdue.. and in response you decide to post a picture of your character with a crown? I just dont think luci taking over calpheon, as a valid argument.
    But well.. I hope that least behind the curtains, you at least gave the so deserved acknowledge to Black, and Pain Trains.. they deserve that crown as much as you do.

    On the other hand, congrats on the wining, it was a fun PVP!
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