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  1. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    it's cool just gets old hearing these kind of comments about a cartoon.
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  2. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    Aaaaand this kind of thought and logic is how we got a child who throws temper tantrums for a prez. Really you know for a fact that they are all pedo's? really? You must have some good insite and info better than the rest of reality.
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  3. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Disconnects and lag need to stop.   

    The network code and server balancing in the NA version is pure crap has been since I started playing. I reduced my play time to a few hours a day a couple days a week it just is not worth the frustration anymore, I play to relax not be frustrated. In 20 years of mmo gaming I have never seen a game that is as bad as this one for disconnects and lag it's pretty pathetic. I want to like this game it's gorgeous but the devs just don't seem to give a damn about connection issues and lag. Two things that make a game completely un playable if broken.
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  4. MotherPeace added a post in a topic One last try to fix this game.   

    Of course it's an opinion and that is all it is. Some things I agree with some I don't as that is my opinion. It is a symptom of what's wrong with society these days everyone thinks only their opinion matters and anyone that doesn't agree is an idiot or just plain wrong. We have to just take it all in with a grain of salt and not be so um... pissy about things, in the end it's not that important.
    Yes the game has issues, the ridiculous prices on the pearl store is one but it's not going to kill the game. I see no fewer players around than I did 6 months ago. The big thing that is going to limit both the games population and existence is the buy in to play. Everyone on the internet darn near thinks everything should be free so this game will never grow large as long as that is in place.
    As far as balance goes in my 20 years of mmo gaming I have never seen one that had good balance across the classes and when you throw in PvP all hope of balance goes out the window. Only one game I have ever played even came close to balance in PvE and PvP was because in PvP damage was reduced drastically. It's the only way to keep PvP fights from only lasting seconds and giving all advantage to the twitch players and hackers.
    Yes there are a lot of mistakes being made in BDO but that can be said about any game that has ever been coded. They also did a lot right and not many people want to acknowledge this. The world and characters are gorgeous the life skills are pretty well designed compared to past games I have played and the combat is not really designed well in my opinion but I have seen worse.
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  5. MotherPeace added a post in a topic The game is dead you say?   

    Actually it's not, a pay to play game has a monthly subscription like wow or FF. They are looking to recover some of the development costs up front. You know like games used to that had subs and you paid 50 to 150 dollars depending on the version you bought. That only gave you access to the log in server and you had to pay monthly to actually play and NO cash shop .
    I don't necessarily agree with it but there it is. Since they do not charge monthly (value pack not withstanding) they need a source of income for continuing costs, servers, people, buildings, network etc.. cash shops can actually be more lucrative than subs so it's no surprise they are going that way.
    I believe they should be vanity items only with a few bonus and utility items like the value packs. My big beef with the cash shop is the extremely high prices they charge. 30 dollars is not reasonable for an outfit 10 dollars is. There is no need to be so greedy if they were more like other cash shops where outfits cost around $10 to $15 and other items were more reasonable they would have a huge increase in spending.
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  6. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Halloween non-event   

    0 candy so far so decided to not even bother with event.
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  7. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I don't worry about it. I play to have fun, this means I don't care when a level happens nor do I dedicate huge amounts of time and coin to maxing out weapons etc... I really don't want my gaming exp to feel like the rat race out in the real world with all it's stresses and other issues so I come here I run around fishing, cooking, doing quests and sometimes fighting mobs. It's a balance I don't try to do anything all at once so I let others fight the RNG monster and just don't let it bother me.
    They do use far to much RNG but the key is to not let it make you tear your hair out you will be bald enough in a few years anyway. The truth is all games use RNG for everything that's how computers make decisions for drops and the like but it does seem like something is very different about it in BDO.
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  8. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Please remove Xigncode3 from the game.   

    You are nit picking, the game was designed so you could minimize it and do other things. That means if you want to run browser, video another game etc... There is no specific usage scenario it's a general ability designed into the client. The problem is it does not treat all programs equally. It chokes on some of them.
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  9. MotherPeace added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Completed* Maintenance October 5th   

    Jiumminy christmas guys enough with the frickin huge 1 to 3 gb updates. For 2 months it's been this way.
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  10. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Performance Problem As Of Recently! - Game needs more optimization!   

    I used to run the game in very high graphics mode but after the last few patches I have had to knock it down a couple notches, that is just bad programing.
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  11. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Please remove Xigncode3 from the game.   

    These anti cheat programs always cause lag/performance issues and connection issues. This is why few games that start out with them ever keep them it is just not worth the headache of all the complaints that can easily be avoided by not using this virus software in their games. Never mind that no one should have the right to tell me what I must run on my computer to use their services. Hackers have never been and never will be slowed down by these programs yet we the legit user have to deal with the poor performance and connection issues they always cause.
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  12. MotherPeace added a post in a topic MAKE SEEDS STACK   

    There are a lot of things that should stack and don't as well as things that stack but each item adds weight. I dunno why BDO re introduced weight to the game there is a reason mmo's dropped that decades ago... weight limits SUCK!
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  13. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Your servers are totally sh... crap   

    BDO is very unreliable when it comes to poor connections and packet loss. The servers just choke and kick you off.
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  14. MotherPeace added a post in a topic connection problem: 1st and last game ill ever play from daum.   

    No it's not solely the update though for some that could be it but the connection problems have been consistent the entire 5 months I have been playing. It's worst if there is even one node wars going. The network code is not designed very well or the t1 pipes are bogged down. Heck maybe each server is connected to a comcast internet cable that would explain a lot.
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  15. MotherPeace added a post in a topic Play2Enjoy?   

    I play until I don't then I move on, all the biatching and complaining constantly accomplishes nothing other to make people look petty small and selfish. There are times when a complaint is necessary to push change but in community's like this selfishness and entitlement rules.
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