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  1. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    I get your anger, and I livery thepermperma red life because of it, but his quote is about people not efficiently grinding. If you cannot clear the spot you are at to an efficient rotation then you need to move to a lower set of move or a smaller rotation.
    now having said that I wI'll cano the fuc out of karma bombers and do it for hours leaving a grind spot blank just to kill them for hours. I am a PKer and the only reward I need for going red is killing the carebears, it brings me maximum joy.
    Nahta Ayra NA Guild <Cynical>
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  2. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    For those of you that does not know what this image, that our dear Dremmy posted,  represents...... It is a full blown Red player, Negative karma, Evil Player in the eyes of Black Desert. Just find someone, or a guild that will kill these guys for fun and maybe drop them or their guild cash.
    P.s. I am Nahta Eyes from NA guild <Cynical> and I give no -----s
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  3. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Tamer Gear Discussion   

    Tamer needs accuracy.PERIOD. use red coral earings; other acc items optional but I use kutum and tree belt. I am a level 60 tamer with 202/288. As for gear before boss... i would personally use the chest piece you get from the quest and either 3 piece algerian or Heve. Since you have heve i would stay/go with a full set. I would go with that bc when you get boss gear, any piece, and start switching it out you still get a set bonus and Heve is good for any alts
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  4. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    I agree, there is no group content and the ones you will claim, aakman and gatekeepers, have low reward or no reward just grinding with a group. You grind for better gear to do better in pvp imo. As for the lifeskills, the market does not reflect an accurate cost of time to make vs selling.
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  5. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic When 100 people guilds can't be guild wared   

    Life skill guilds grind for mats and if they are starting stuff then they are not lifeskillers they have entered into the PvP realm. As for casual guilds the general unwritten rule should apply, but in this game it does not, the strong takes or keeps the spot after a few battles. 
    If you are at sausans and get wiped by 500+ gs level 60+ blame the developers for the mob/loot ratio. If you are at sausand and get beat by even geared player/s then fight have fun and enjoy a game that offers PvP because we all signed up for this, yes some more than others. 
    and here is the big one IF YOU ARE AT SAUSANS and get blown up by anyone 58 and under with around 420ish gs then you should not be there, but wait you say, the map tells me that level 55-56 is good for sausans-- blame the devs and learn about efficiency in reguards to grinding. Helms is damn good till 57 and elrics is amazing till 58. 
    Now having said all that I do not care if one tries to "grief/karma bomb" I live the perma red life and if someone, who is undecable, does that to me or my guild then i will camp the node for hours if they stay. Karma means nothing to me, but the common courtesy of the rules of the grind spots, and i was here first does not work with limited space, mean everything to me.
    <Cynical> NA guild <Cynical>  Nahta Ayra Tamer/60
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  6. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Immunity from PVP while Fishing.   

    You use to be able to pick up items if they drop them, however, a change a few months ago stopped them from dropping and now just destroys them.
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  7. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    why you are right in that all that is Pv Environment content in the truest definition, bu I was mainly talking about raids, or real reasons to kill those things. There is pve content that you never have to do and can recieve all the benefits that those areas have to offer. And yes the life skills are pretty good in this game, but are -----ed by the devs because of the controlled market. But literally the mobs are just different skins and as fun and interesting it could be... it is negated by the fact that there is little or no eargency to go to this pve content or a high point for doing it. So you can grind aakman, so what, it does not get you any further than grinding sausans. PvE should be true progression to feel accomplished and rewarded for being able to do it.
    you are right though, there is a lot of environmental things to do, however pointless or fruitless in progression (from my pov) they may be.
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  8. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    Hello and thank you for you post, however, I believe it is flawed. 
    What is the point of an MMO and or RPG from the beginning of time; to get better gear, level, magic, strength and improve yourself ect. from the beginning of time. I understand the argument for equalized ap/dp but who am I to take away from the hard work that someone else put in the game. Most good PvP players are pretty well rounded "Life skillers," you have to be in this game, so you can stay on top or close to the top of the PvP chain. 
    I am all for having an equalized gear in a RBF, that would actually be fun, and why we are at it maybe some objective RBF with the equalized gear; but to have it in open world would negate any of the hard work anyone has put in in whatever way they feel they want to play the game. I mainly grind and do a variety of life skills, to no impressive level, but it is enough to get me to the competitive level of full tri with a few tets(accessories aside).
    And as for the PvE side of the game; that does not exist, there is no PvE content in this game. Grinding mobs/cooler mobs who cares if they do not drop anything that is going to make you PvP better. 
    I do not care about ascetics and I am not the only one, most PvPers do not really care about ascetics, we would wear oven mits if it gave us better stats. So to link getting gear to grind better mobs for clothes or house items is ridiculous, This is an RPG, a MMORPG at that, grind>get stronger>beat people up and be the strongest>get beat by someone who put in more time or played smarter> back to the grind and drawing board> back to a respectable strength--- and repeat until you are done with the game.
    If you want better outfits and housing items or things like that go play a pure PvE game with instanced PvP. FFXIV is some of the best PvE ever and apparently (I left the game before this happened) the PvP has gotten better and is pretty much equalized.
    I get the frustration of getting just rekt when you feel it is because they just have better gear, but show me someone who does not know their class and I am close in gear score then they will not usually win or even be close even though they may out gear me. Get to the soft cap and then skill starts to come in to play, use all the supposed PvE mechanics to help you gear to that competitive poiint and then have fun PvPing. 
    You will never beat the no lifers that play 18 hours a day because they have all the lorals and can actually PvP because they know their class. Those are the 1% and they deserve to be there because they put in the time doing what is necessary, whatever that may be including life skills, to stay at the top.
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  9. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    you forgot the traders that say "but you cant even loot trade packs anymore so whats the point."
    like I need any reason to play a game I love the way I want to play it within the design set up by the devs
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  10. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    True, you are right its the upholder and interpreter of the law that determines the outcome. 
    P.S. I did edit my post because it really was an honest mistake. I also submitted a ticket at the very beginning of this whole thing I just wanted to see what the community thought.
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  11. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    LOL there is no grey when it comes to the law. Do you live in america have you seen the things people get away with or the same crime get a variety of different sentences. We have a president that smartly paid no taxes because the was in the rules, the grey rules of the law.
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  12. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    I am that person yes, however I do not cry about the "Karma Bombing," because that is within the rules of the game. What this person did, because they could not handle the rules of the game going against them,  is harassment.
    I get you and you may be right, however, my lines are grey where I never explicitly mentioned a name, and it is an honest mistake, but theirs,  is as clear as can be defamation of character (guild name).
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  13. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    I went red to counter that very game mechanic, and did it willingly and without complaining, in fact, I live that way as a permanent red outlaw. So instead of admitting defeat because their (totally within the rules and game rights) of dying in the hopes of running off a player who is too scared to go negative, they went to the trouble of creating another guild to try and grief others into deccing on us. Now I do not care about decs on us, hell the whole server can dec on me because, news flash, I am permanent red so everyone is an enemy, but the fact that my guild will be associated with something I dont believe in is where I must draw the line.
    The so called "Karma Bombers" cry that it is the PK-ers fault for going red, and they are right (as much as we the pk-ers dont like it), and say that you can share and there is no reason for that level of grief do something far worse because it does affect us and it is out of the other persons control. If someone "Makes" someone else go red that person made the choice to go red, they could have left, changed channels or did something else etc, but they still got to make that choice. What this person did, because they cannot handle the rules that they love to cry that it is within the game, so they set out on a salt the earth harassment campaign because they know what they do is not well liked.
    You are right and I never said grifer or carebear to that affect, what they do is within their rights set up by the game however much I may not like it. I chose to go perma red to counter act this game mechanic, which is within my game rights, and then the person decided to salt the earth because it did not fit their agenda. To do this salt the earth harrassment they will and are "karma Bombing" anyone and everyone in the hopes of angering the entire community against us implying that many believe those actions (karma Bombing), even if not illegal or banned, is a questionable tactic and at the very least not liked.
    My original post is not crying on the "carebears" I am simply pointing out the Hippocratcy in their minds when they cry about the rules of the game and when they cannot handle it go to break the rules to make them in the right.
    Exactly my point, I could not care less about "karma bombing," it is within the game rules(however much I or others dont like it) and to counter that I live Perma Red (willingly), which is also in the game rules and the person could not handle it and took it to a whole new level outside the games rules
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  14. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    You are right in a sense Ronnie, however this person took it to a different level because we choose, or some of us, chose to be pema red to counter act what we view as coward game mechanics. It is in the game and allowed however we view it but to create a guild mirroring our own to do this tactic in the hopes of enraging people to grief us and believe they are justified is defiantly harassment and is not and should not be allowed by the devs.
    I blame no one for my karma loss and live red of my own choosing
    Nahta Ayra  <Cynical>
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  15. Kerry(Ayra) added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Here is mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdYw8Q3dHk0&feature=youtu.be
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