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  1. Wynter added a post in a topic Gardaka's Treasure Map   

    How did you obtain the initial quest?
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  2. Wynter added a post in a topic Anyone lagging? some channels only   

    It is happening to everyone across every channel. No devs have even bothered to comment.
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  3. Wynter added a post in a topic laggggggggggggg   

    @CM_Aethon As I stated in another post, the game is completely unplayable at this point. From horse riding to TRYING to grind, to simple processing, everyone is lagging, on every channel. The servers are absolute crap at the moment. People are dying to grinding and especially world bosses because of it. I had five load screens in the middle of nagas alone because of the lag and nothing was registering. I am not crying for compensation but the servers need to come down to be fixed, especially during an xp weekend. This is completely unprofessional.
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  4. Wynter added a post in a topic [Notice] Log in / Connectivity Issues - 1/21   

    @CM_Aethon The lag is worse than ever. We literally could not grind at all today because of lag, screens reloading, and shaky screens. The problem seems to be getting worse. Is this going to be fixed or addressed? It is unplayable. It doesn't matter if we are grinding or simply processing. The lag is ridiculous!
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  5. Wynter added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    I made my first shiny box before the laventia event ended. When it went down for the week and stopped working, it caused the event to be switched from 3 weeks to 2. When the patch came up on the 11th to extend the event to the 25th, that is 2 weeks (not 3). I wont exactly complain about free stuff but in that two week time frame, if you're unlucky like me, and pick up no extra pearls and are only getting the pearls from the daily event, that is enough to make 10 splendid boxes which you then have no pearls leftover to make it into the second shiny box so what is the point of extending the event if we can't do that? Seems really stupid. Either extend it another week so people can make it into a second shiny box or remove it altogether. @GM_Axion
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  6. Wynter added a post in a topic Turning off snow?   

    @GM_Axion @GM_Anon @CM_Aethon 
    Was this actually not installed as the patch mentions? Also going through the forums, it seems the added sharp and hard fragments from gathering are not working. I have a very high energy amount, use lucky and magic tools, and have noticed that the amount I am getting, or lack of getting, is the same as prepatch so I really am wondering if this patch did anything. Completely frustrating.
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  7. Wynter added a topic in General   

    Turning off snow?
    Our recent patch notes stated that "In the display options, a feature has been added to turn on/off snow pile effects in safe zones only. The default setting is set to on." I carefully looked and relooked at every option in the settings menu and can't seem to find how to turn off the damn snow. Anyone else having this problem or have figured out how to turn the snow off?
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  8. Wynter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Fix our awakening! You leave out ultimate teleport, but our BASIC attack skills dont work. Paralysis broken. Toxic flood broken. Lava ability broken. FIX OUR AWAKENING. 
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  9. Wynter added a post in a topic Ultimate: Teleport Skill - Known Issue   

    LAWL @ Panda  
    But srsly....how do you miss an entire skill??? Same reporting as tested against my zerker lord.....toxic flood, lava, and paralysis are currently not working. It's like the witch awakening wasn't even working to begin with. We WAIT FOR FIVE + MONTHS FOR OUR AWAKENING AND IT DOESNT EVEN WORK. GG! @CM_Aethon
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  10. Wynter added a post in a topic Twas the Merge Before Christmas   

    This is all sorts of awesome. THANK YOU for the chuckle. I think you should post this in general for all of Edan to see
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  11. Wynter added a topic in General   

    Post-Merger Awakening Titles
    Please disregard.
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  12. Wynter added a post in a topic Same People Constantly getting rare drops.   

    The sheer amount of errors in this post leaves me more horrified than the damage done by rngjesus on my soul. I would correct it but where do I start? KEK
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  13. Wynter added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot apply the results to memory
    Edan server crashed and no one can loot anything. So what gives? "Cannot apply results to memory" is the technical issue we received.
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  14. Wynter added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    Hebe from this box!!!  
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  15. Wynter added a post in a topic Na cm favoring certain digger guild   

    Almost every single person who was perma banned is now back in the game. Gravity can hide behind the "we kicked people so no one can take advantage of the GM position" all they like but that is bullshit, no matter which way you slice it. The guild funds will be distributed amongst those who were banned and cheated and have new accounts so that they can in fact just buy the gear they lost on their first account. If Kakao really cared, they would IP BAN as almost every other MMO does. But no, they perma ban accounts just to allow other people to buy a second account and BAM they are back in the game. Case in point...character name LSDnutz got banned and now a new account with the same name only with another z in it is already back in and has TRI gear....server messages are a thing of beauty to show who is back and who is not. Also, those who got banned are not hiding the fact at all that they got banned because they are talking about it in channel chat!!! So, instead of -----ing about which person is back and who is not, how about everyone focus on getting Kakao to do their effing jobs and IP BAN CHEATERS before they lose the entire NA player base. The "fix" they provided for perma banning cheaters is like putting a child's Band-Aid on a gun shot wound and we're all surprised the wound is still bleeding? Give me a break.
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