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  1. BruceBeef added a post in a topic How cute are valks   

    You guys are discussing whether or not grown ass women are "Cute"
    Cute is a puppy, a kitten, something that cannot defend itself. Not a grown ass woman with a 10ft dildo as an awakening.
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  2. BruceBeef added a topic in Off-Topic   

    New Class Idea
    An orc that uses Musk's fisting gloves and Bhegs chain for awakening. 10/10 would buy a kibelius outfit for.
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  3. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Whats the point in the block feature?   

    But if you block them, they're out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind, unless you're a control freak that has to make sure others get justice for what you view as a crime.
    The thing that I don't like is that, I don't really do holocaust jokes. Its not because I think its morally wrong to do so, I just think its not funny. So to be reported for a "Holocaust Reference," is baffling to say the least. (Which is why I had an all caps reaction.)  And mind you, I was banned for a "Reference," to the Holocaust, meaning that I may have actually said "The holocaust was the worst thing to ever happen to mankind," and I still would have violated their TOS. So you're the wrong one for assuming it was a negative reference.
    Unless you actually have power, (IE run a country or global business,) who you deem "worth being called human," is irrelevant to me.
    I totally agree, if they take the comments outside the game, it should totally be reported. But inside, block, and forget the guy. If the guy really says distasteful stuff, he'll get enough people to block him, and he'll receive the worst punishment, being locked in an echo chamber.
    Or you could... you know... avoid the thread? Why can't you mind you're own business if its that "distasteful?" I guess you're that self-righteous that you must close all conversations that you deem wrong. That said, I didn't expect much from the thread after my last post. This post will probably die within a week. I'm sure you can handle it.
    Note: I didn't know there was a second page. I am a bad forum user.
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  4. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Killing gatherers for their shards   

    Used to play rust, but my friend got tired of being invaded.
    Also, forgot about this thread. Nice to see its still kinda sorta going.
    As for the people calling me lazy because I don't want to gather, well, thats not very productive is it? You don't know who I am, and assuming my traits does not add to the thread. So whats the point?
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  5. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Whats the point in the block feature?   

    dont even remember what I said.
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  6. BruceBeef added a topic in General   

    Whats the point in the block feature?
    Whats the point in the block feature?
    To prevent the user from seeing the messages from a specific player.
    So you don't like what someone says? Block them. Simple as that. Personally, I don't block anyone regardless of whether or not I want to hear them, the game is empty as is and I don't like living in a bubble.
    So why am I asking?
    Because I was suspended for two full days,on a weekend, for "Harassment."
    The first thought that came to your mind is probably that I deserve it, well, that isn't for you to decide. The real purpose of this post is to show you why its stupid to be reported for "harassment."
    I don't understand why you would report instead of simply blocking.  Do you think you're making the world a better place because you can just pluck the people you don't like out?
    And before you say pking is a form of harassment, this is literally an open world PvP game, so by definition, pking is harassment. But its part of the game. If someone keeps pking you, sorry, that person is more lucky than you, change channels. There are so many ways a player can take responsibility themselves and avoid being harassed. 
    "Why should I go out of my way not to be harassed?"
    Harassment is defined as " aggressive pressure or intimidation." (According to Google, at least) This is a PvP game, the most fun aspect of the game is the constant pressure, and arguably intimidation if you consider trash talk intimidation. Thats why I enjoyed Rust. You, the player, have the power to avoid the verbal pressure of another by simply blocking. Its unbelievably simple. And people who thrive off attention will probably get bored and leave.
    "PvP is not the most fun aspect of the game."
    If you disagree that PvP is the main aspect of the game, and you prefer to spend your time with life skills, then this post is irrelevant to you. However, if you are a Pve person, then you bought the wrong game. Because I shouldn't be punished for PvPing in a game that allows me to do so.
    "PvP is only PvP when its consensual."
    ----- is still sex, just without consent. Pk is still PvP, just without consent. The fact that the game allows me to kill without your consent just shows where the games mechanics lean towards, which is open world pvp. But the game's mechanics and the game's rules are clearly conflicting with one another.
    "Regardless of what the player can do to avoid harassment, you did violate the terms of use, which says you cannot harass a player."
    And that is the issue I am having at the moment. Especially considering that I just made it clear that "harassment" is a core part of the game. Which is why they should spiffy up the terms of use to fit a PvP game, and not Rainbow Dolphin Online.
    "You probably said something Racist/Sexist/Etcist."
    Actually, the only thing I said to the player was that she was rude af for not saying goodbye when we did our relic group earlier. I'm usually melodramatic in game so people won't take me seriously.
     At the very least, send me a warning, I would have definitely stopped if I knew the player had a low tolerance for other people having fun. In fact, someone from her group said he was laughing like hell watching me act stupid. 
    I do not deserve to be suspended for doing what the game allows and encourages me to do.
    The video is my first thought after the image.
    Thank you for your time.

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  7. BruceBeef added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    I never said they wouldnt go up, and people are buying and selling them.
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  8. BruceBeef added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    If the prices were mentioned from the beginning, not as many would have left. Of course some still would have, but still. 
    Communication guys.
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  9. BruceBeef added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    This game was P2ERP anyway,
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  10. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Killing gatherers for their shards   

    If I could change the post name, I'd make it "Players drop one shard on death" So gatherers won't feel like I'm targeting them, even though they will be the main target anyway.
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  11. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Killing gatherers for their shards   

    So because its a bit outrageous, its suddenly a troll topic? I understand completely that gatherers have no defense and will get obliterated, thats why I suggested more speed, cc resist and now even a large dp boost for a few seconds to give them a chance. (Again with an ap penalty, Don't want these suits to be pvp viable.) 
    Alright, it wont affect you, and regardless if you're a minority/majority, it will impact some. Not all rules in the game affect you, so why would this one be any different?
    I suggested upping gatherers defense, if anything, it will increase the incentive to get higher + gatherers uniforms for the extra defense.
    "because you haven't figured out how to dig for your shards." Of course, attacking me rather than the idea. Not surprised. How many shards I get gathering is irrelevant, please stay on topic. 
    "Luckily, your suggestion will never be implemented." You're right for several reasons. 

    Because after the p2w comes, there will be three types of players. 

    The casuals, (Gatherers processors, people who avoid pvp in a pvp game.)
    The people who will spend money to get better gear.
    The people who will grind and spend money to get better gear.

    That leaves people like me, the ones who prefer to actually grind out their cash. (Since you're a casual, let me tell you, grinding with 134 ap as a warrior, is not efficient. In your terms, I'm gathering without +gathering, and low gathering skill so I have to use cheap tools.) I have not grinded since announcement, because I want to see how valuable my time is since they put a number on it. 
    Back to the main topic, I just want a harsher world with risks. No risks, wheres the excitement? I personally only gather pine tree sap and such for elixirs.
    (Here comes the "Well you're not a true gatherer.) 
    Gathering literally constitutes walking up to a tree, and pressing R.
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  12. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Killing gatherers for their shards   

    Was just a joke.
    I don't see this being implemented anyway due to the fact that they took the 1% exp loss to appease the casual players. This was just an idea I had and I wanted to see others reception of it. 
    So far just others sarcastically saying they should drop more and others saying no.
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  13. BruceBeef added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You're right, I didn't check the name. Thats my own mistake. And forums aren't my thing so I wouldn't really do well for my first time quoting.
    I was -----ing with you at the beginning, yes, cause you posted an empty picture saying it was populated and I thought that was funny.
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  14. BruceBeef added a post in a topic Killing gatherers for their shards   

    And their horse, their contribution, and buy a vampire p2w accessory to take their energy

    The possibilities are endless. 
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  15. BruceBeef added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    She said that she left to a more populated game and then provided a pic which contained just her and someone (Probably a NPC) in a wide empty space, and you expect me to believe her?
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