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  1. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    here is another thread where I showcased not only the neck issues but the ear issues as well http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/131091-young-wizard-neck-resetting-to-default/#comment-1844972
    As a software engineer who has worked with graphics and CC type things this is really lazy work....
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  2. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Wizard Appearance Glitch   

    here is what happened in the other thread where I showed all the issues I found with wizard....http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/131091-young-wizard-neck-resetting-to-default/#comment-1844972
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  3. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Young Wizard Neck Resetting to Default   

    So yea whenever they feel like it ...not holding my breath though....find it funny they fixed Maehwa blinking during battle though....snorts with disbelief....like who looks at that during battle????
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  4. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

  5. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Young Wizard Neck Resetting to Default   

    I've been seeing this issue with both the old and young mages. Seems like the mage mesh and sliders are messed up.
    Pic 1. For instance look what happened when I made my old wiz smile.
    Pic 2. neck stretching young wizard
    Pic 3. also have issue with controllers on the ears you pull on side out the other goes in instead of it being symmetrical...the last two sliders don't even work on the right side

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  6. Deyaneria added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

    @Renzaengeki welcome to the  club .... i'm sorry you're here.
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  7. Deyaneria added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

     @Velondil Seems they refer any problems like this back to paymentwall which is a catch 22. I can have my husband gift me what I need but I know others aren't so lucky so that is why I stayed the course for everyone who is being subjected to this particular brand of scrutiny.
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  8. Deyaneria added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

     @Velondil  PaymentWall is the third party payment provider that is used for purchasing daum cash or the game. Black Desert switched it's payment provider in December. Some people including myself have been flagged for extra scrutiny for no obvious reason. Some can't even purchase the game without handing over their drivers license/passport and a bank statement. This happened to me personally after buying pearls every month with my entertainment allowance. I felt uncomfortable giving paymentwall my information and honestly thought it was a scam so I exited the page. As I had never been asked for my information previous to Feb 2. Here is what paymentwall did:
    1.they took the money from my visa debit card which is attached to my bank account before asking for the information.
    2. when I closed out the page thinking it was a scam they refunded me immediately but I know some others have to wait for their refunds.
    3. I decided to pay through paypal which my bank account is also attached to ...to find that my account was blocked from making purchases.
    Then to unblock my account they asked for the same information I was uncomfortable giving in the first place. I did some research on the company they have a 100% negative rating with the Better Business Bureau. That sent up a red flag for me. I went back and forth with them for a few days via email about their procedure of asking for information after they take the cash. Then I contacted Black Desert. I was told that they will not go against paymentwall's policies but will look into the links I sent them about other customers being unable to purchase anything. I also sent them the link to the BBB. My block has not been removed but I do hope at the very least they are now listening. As there are quite a few people on the forums who had the same experience as me.        
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  9. Deyaneria added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

    @Regular I feel your pain my account will be forever locked due to this BS. I refuse to send this shady company my driver's license and bank statement(this was the info they asked for from me). Considering I have been able to purchase every month before they implemented this company. I guess I no longer need to spend my money here. I even did get ahold of a GM but is seems their hands are tied by this company as well. At least that is feeling I got from the exchange as they can't seem to go against "paymentwall policies."
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  10. Deyaneria added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    It probably won't as I did the same thing. Thinking the same as you to take of the block they will ask you again for "identity verification." However I did get a response from Black
     GM Haliaeetus (Black Desert Online)
    Feb 8, 16:57 CET
    Greetings adventurer, Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm Game Master Haliaeetus and I'll be assisting you with your ticket today.
    I am really sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied about our partnership with Paymentwall. We partnered with them to improve our services in order to help our players faster and more efficiently and avoid some issues like the ones we had during the Black Friday Sales, for example.

    I have looked through the conversation that you have sent me and the documents they are requesting (the ID for example) are the documents that we ask as well in our procedures (such as email changes), so it is not really different. About the other information required, it is just a difference in our old procedures, which is something we would have done anyway even without this partnership.

    Unfortunately, since you did not wish to give them the information requested, they could not proceed further with your request and unblock your account. If I could, I would have contacted them to try to speed up the process a bit, but if you do not wish to send the information they requested, unfortunately, nothing I could say would help since that would go against their policies.

    Although I can understand your frustration, I am really sorry to hear that you are having such a bad experience. In this case, I would recommend sending them over the documentation in question and I'm sure that they will get your issue resolved in no time.

    I am going to close this ticket as solved since there is unfortunately nothing I can do in this case but please do not hesitate to reply to this email to re-open your ticket if I can help you with anything else.

    I wish you a very nice day.

    Kind regards,GM Haliaeetus
    English Game Master
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  11. Deyaneria added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    @cann0nf0dder this isn't an error this a blatant attempt at taking sensitive information. I think you may have misunderstood the situation. We have attempted to purchase. Had our money taken and then told we need to give them sensitive information. If we refuse to give the info our accounts are blocked from buying after they have taken our money. They tell us it will take 7-10 days to reimburse us and if we want a "quicker resolution" we need to give them the documentation we were uncomfortable with anyway. If we wish to unblock the account we have send the same documentation. In the meantime they are making interest on our funds. If you go through PayPal (which has it's own verification) there is no issue though. My account will probably be forever locked from purchases because I don't want to give this company my driver's license and bank statement.
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  12. Deyaneria added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    I feel your pain @paymentwallsux. I got lucky in the fact that my money was returned immediately. But they do hold people's money for the 7 to 10 days and that means they are making interest off it. Also they try to get you to make an account giving them the information you felt uncomfortable with anyway.  To get your account unblocked they require the same information. I went to the Facebook and asked for help I got a reply last night. We'll see if it makes any difference. I'll keep everyone updated. 
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  13. Deyaneria added a post in a topic [Petition]Remove Paymentwall   

    Agreed although I didn't even feel comfortable giving them the information in the first place. Just seems like an unnecessary information dig. I bought my mum an account before the trials were offered even...I've instructed her to not every use a credit card if she wants pearl items to only use PayPal and never give out her info.
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  14. Deyaneria added a post in a topic Trying to pay with visa gift card through paypal...   

    I’ve tried this as well to no avail there is no way to pay with gift card at this time. I even spoke the “almighty paymentwall” previously about this (I had a visa gift card).  At first they tried to tell me that I was placing my information in the wrong place. But then I asked them where the gift card payment was and they had to backtrack with this.
    For now, you can only use payment options available on our payment page.
    Thank you for using our services.
    Paymentwall Team
    I also tried through paypal but was unsuccessful as well.
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  15. Deyaneria added a post in a topic More Paymentwall Problems   

    Here is a thread where someone started a petition to get rid of paymentwall

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