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  1. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver ?   

    I believe the test just showed that it was a very small amount of accuracy, not that it had none.
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  2. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Reroll to DK ?   

    On twitter they said March. No set dates have been announced yet AFAIK.
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  3. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Alchemy/Cooking Time Reduction   

    I actually reached the +3 alchemy clothes and I am now below 4 seconds usually. I just wanted to make sure I was touching all of the bases that I could. When you start mass producing batches of 900 the small reductions really add up.
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  4. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic How much worse is green ---> Blue awakening weap?   

    That is what I said. If human damage has less of an effect, that means AP is stronger.
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  5. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a topic in General   

    Alchemy/Cooking Time Reduction
    Does anyone know all of the possible ways to reduce alchemy/cooking time? I am at Master 2 alchemy so needless to say I use a lot of my time doing alchemy. I currently use a green Polished Alchemy Stone of Life (9% reduction), a +2 Alchemist clothes (3 second reduction), Spongey Teff Bread (3% reduction), and the Advanced Alchemy Tool (1 second reduction). My current alchemy time with all of these running is down to around 4.5 seconds. I know that getting a higher enchant level alchemist clothes will reduce my time by another second for each enchant, but I figured that there were other options out there that I am unaware of.
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  6. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Please check this dude   

    The only reference I can give you for this is a test done some guildies since I am only at 191 AP, and I sure as hell don't eat through blocks. We had a valk return yesterday after not playing for 3 months and with 250 DP it took me around 8-9 shotguns to break block. Our highest AP ranger has ~215 AP, with TRI Bhegs and TET Kzarka. Our guildmaster is a warrior with ~345 DP in his DP set. Apparently it takes her about 5-6 shotguns from point blank range to break his block. Now this was a test done with two people who are super high when it comes to AP and DP value, but I don't think that the jump to 230 AP would make enough of a difference to one shot his block. The vast majority of players, Rangers included, will never get anywhere near 230 AP and most will probably never break 200 so for now and in the future a block would still be useful and there should be no worry about being one shot. When it comes to the ability to kill a Ranger, the grapple would likely help way more. The key to killing any Ranger is to simply CC us, once we are CCed, we are extremely easy to kill compared to almost any other class since a large majority of us Min/Max AP to the point that our tanky-ness is pretty shit generally speaking when compared to other classes.
    My own opinion overall is that as nice as it would be for you it doesn't really make sense logically to me for a wiz/witch to have a block in the first place considering the awakening weapon appears to be two balls, which logically doesn't seem like something that could block -----all. Just my two cents on that.
    Edit: Also when he is referring to the dead fish reaction times, I feel like that applies to most players in general but it is pretty exaggerated on Rangers thanks to our "I-frame" being complete dogshit that we will get grappled or stunned during anyways.
    Edit Edit: Also while our Q-cancel is fantastic for running away/chasing it absolutely eats through both our mana and stamina. If there is someone fairly mobile following us (musa/maehwa/someone with speed buffs) we can't always completely get away from the fight and if we have to stop because of using all of our resources, we are absolutely -----ed with no mana/stamina.
    Edit Edit Edit: I watched the video linked in that thread, and unless I'm reading it wrong that Ranger had 270AP. It's kinda ridiculous to base how much damage is done on that video, especially considering the highest AP I've ever seen someone post on the Ranger thread dedicated to showing off your gear is 228. That guy only got there with two TRI witch, two TRI crescent, TRI tree belt, DUO ogre, TET Zarka, and a TRI Steel Dagger. People with gear like that are nowhere near the norm.
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  7. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic How much worse is green ---> Blue awakening weap?   

    I believe I saw someone make a post where they tested it, and +1 human damage had less of an effect than +1 AP.
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  8. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    Intimacy is anything but a "pleb tier ranger."
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  9. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Best Add-ons for Ranger PVE ?   

    For PVE the +20 monster AP on EES is very good. For WotW take the accuracy over the pain damage. I don't believe that DOT ticks proc extraction gems, and even if it did ideally no mob should be alive for the 12 seconds you would require to get all 4 of the procs. Everything I have read and seen has lead me to believe that MP recovery add-ons are not really worth using compared to the other available options. An extraction gem and being smart with MP management should be plenty. I personally am stuck using only pots while I farm since I have like 30 mil worth of gems in my mainhand that I don't want to have to remove, but with some smart MP management you can generally do fine. Extraction gems really help a lot but you can manage without them, it just requires you pay a little more attention and have a lot of pots.
    I have my add-ons more geared towards PVE so I am using monster AP and move speed on EES, and attack speed and accuracy on my WotW. I also run +5 pvp AP and 10% down smash on blasting gust but that is just so I have a little more PVP potential when I need it.
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  10. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

    I enjoy the fact that you made an account just to troll  and spout bullshit.
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  11. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

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  12. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Highest amount of XP at any given time?   

    Sealed Book of Combat OR 50% Combat XP scrollElixir of Experience/Elixir of Splendid Experience.Milk TeaGM BlessingsGuild XP buffThose are the main ones that I can remember off  the top of my head, and I believe that they will all stack if you use one from each bulletpoint
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  13. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic dmg reduction on shotgun after 03/08   

    ESPECIALLY for Rangers.
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  14. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    You can definitely beat people 1v1 if you know what you are doing but I feel like we are still at a disadvantage in duels which I am honestly ok with.
    What is your opinion on a hypothetical "equal gear and equal skill" duel for Rangers? Do you think in that situation we still have much of a chance against other classes 1v1, or that in such a situation we would still lose most of the time?
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  15. Sapphiron Bjartskular added a post in a topic Did they nerf the droprates of witchearing ??!!   

    RNG is RNG
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