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  1. Verna added a post in a topic How many FS for Life Clothes?   

    I do 5, 15, 25-30, 40-45 for the starting stacks, and you can't use Cron stones on life skill clothes unfortunatly. 
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  2. Verna added a post in a topic Any idea when we get this?   

    "Game shop item"
    On the page you linked, I would imagine it's a cash shop version of the normal gold key. 
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  3. Verna added a post in a topic Range of party xp bonus?   

    exp rates: 100, 60, 50, 50, 50. 
    You can duo specifically for special deals if drops are preventing your grinding speed, by filling up your inventory, for some more money but less exp. Aside from that if you are doing a party grind for more mindless exp, doing anything but a 5 man will generally lose exp. And in big groups with just random players, people will typically loot while the pack is still alive, and for some retarded reason will just run and follow A when A has already killed the pack he is on. When in a 5 man, there should never be more than 1 player per 8 mobs in a pack. Each player should continually find the next pack not engaged in the rotation kill it, and repeat, when doing this properly with equally geared players you start to get upto double the exp of a solo grind. 
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  4. Verna added a post in a topic risks of enchanting life clothes   

    If only you could use cron stones on life clothes
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  5. Verna added a post in a topic Auto Frame Optimizer Question for Players and Your Thoughts About It   

    The first thing it disables is other players effects usually, thus is an absolute no go in pvp. You need to see where stuff is coming from, where ground aoe is at etc...
    Your settings should persist through each session, I've never heard of them not doing so in ~10 months, so if they are not there is probably something more wonky going on there. 
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  6. Verna added a post in a topic Datamining   

    Nothing will happen.  
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  7. Verna added a post in a topic Datamining   

    I've yet to be able to find a way to get into the really weird file types in the game files as google doesn't seem to think they exist, I don't think anyone really knows whats in some of those. But ya most of the AP is not listed and accuracy values are all zero in client. 
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  8. Verna added a post in a topic Pet skills   

    The exp required to level a tier 5 pet is in the game files so... Pearl Abyss has definitely thought about it lol.
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  9. Verna added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

     This thread is about the flickering effect when all of the options are turned off. 
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  10. Verna added a post in a topic I dont uderstand why ...   

    Oh i agree, I'm at 59 on my wizard and doing party is practically a waste of time because currently lacking skill points and money being such a large part of progression. If you're saying you only get 50% exp in a party then your party members are not farming effectively. For example on pirate main with 5x59 two people should never run to the same pack, each person runs to a separate group of 8 mobs > one-shot > never follow another party member, and stopping for loot destroys exp in party. 
    For party play, there's some weird things you can do to get utterly absurd amounts of exp utilizing 2 or 3 good tier 8 horses and another 2 wiz/witch in bashims or certain pirate "rotations" (though it starts taking up like a third of the island). 
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  11. Verna added a post in a topic I dont uderstand why ...   

    1) Pearl Abyss is stupid
    2) Pearl Abyss agress with you and is making 2 grinding spots in the new zone getting released in KR approximately the same difficulty as rogues and sausans
    3) It's... not, you trade off getting less loot and skill exp in order to get slightly increased exp (yes this depends on your group, largely increased exp if you do stuff like akman) in addition to being able to turn your brain off entirely (this is huge for me, i mindlessly 5 man grind while immersing myself in an audio book)
    4) the autopathing system is just a giant list of xyz coordinates, and each one in the ocean generally has 6 others connected to in a hexagonal pattern, at each point it tries to point you in the direction closest to your final destination, thus random zig-zaging around islands
    5) Because Pearl Abyss is to stupid to implement pre-orders increasing the max price of items. 
    6) Because they want you to buy artisan memories
    7) Guild quests give guild skill points which are very important for guild wars and guild pvp, along with some other nice perks
    8) Hunting monsters gives massive amount of money into the guild's coffers, if you are actively hunting sea monsters you should be negotiating your daily salary with your guild master to match most of what you are contributing
    9) Just go to other cities, I do some of my turn-ins in varying other cities (alts with same packages spread out in different locations), of course the central most city is always sold out
    10) Intended trading methods are inherently afk, pick up items > auto path to next manager > sell items > repeat until desired level, there are ways to active trade but I never really participated in them, when I want to watch movies etc, I just hop on my trading alt and do semi-afk trading on the second monitor while watching a movie
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  12. Verna added a post in a topic BDO Night time to real time   

    somethinglovely.net has the day/night timer on the bottom-left corner
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  13. Verna added a post in a topic Huge Post-Patch Issues   

    Will confirm that Valkyrie block in awakening form basically got halfed or more, one spell from wizard will break the block now. 
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  14. Verna added a post in a topic Valks degraded to life skill class for real this time.   

    They vacuum up the enemy in nodewars so giants can cc them all so the wizards can double teleport in as a group and just destroy the entire front line.
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  15. Verna added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    BDO likes to not use your available ram, that said there have been multiple reports, (through forums and guild friends) that when giving your system more RAM BDO will decide to use more ram before using the pagefile. 
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