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  1. .Meryt. added a post in a topic [EDAN North America] Grats 1st Level 60! Derprume of <FML>   


    You prove my point.
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  2. .Meryt. added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild guest passes
    OK we  know  how  fickle  gamers  can be, and  the  cash  shop  items  that  caused  the  P2W debacle have  done  a great deal of  damage  to the games  playerbase  in general, and  many guilds are hurting because  of  it.
    So  how  about  some  free guest passes that will directly  bring new  players  into the game and  auto  join  the  guild that recruited  them?
    You could  even run this  as  an  event with guild rewards.
    Please  anything that  will  bring our servers back to life and  repair  the  damage  done.
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  3. .Meryt. added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Still a number of  passes  for new players  wishing  to join us  on Edan NA.
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  4. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Guild name restricted to 16 characters...?   

    My pet  hate  is  to have  my screen filled  with  <Guildwithanextremelylongandpretentiousname>
    IMO 8 characters is quite enough. anything longer is  a form of visual trolling.
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  5. .Meryt. added a post in a topic State of Black Desert: A Challenge to Kakao   

    And  so the  conspiracy theories  start.........

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  6. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Pearl shop idea - pay to be protected from PVP   

    Can I get an ounce on cash  shop?
    I could invite  OP  to guild and  give  them guild  protection buff, but we  are PvP focused so they  are  no use  to  us.
    This  happens  when people  are too dumb or  selfish to invite to group or  share  a rotation. Mobs  generally  respawn fast  enough to support  2  groups  starting at opposite  ends.
    PS check us  out if  you  are  on Edan.
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  7. .Meryt. added a post in a topic State of Black Desert: A Challenge to Kakao   

    I understand  that  some tough bosses need  OP gear for you to successfully defeat them. There are  2 problems associated  with this:-
    1. People that  have  boss armour  and weapon tend  to get on the loot tables while  others  struggle to get anything; thereby widening the  gap.
    2. It removes  all requirement for  player  skill in PvP situations. This  is  a major  turn off  for  those with lousy RNG and  the reason many rage  quit.
    The P2W debacle was  probably the biggest cause of people  leaving  the  game. Personaly I  find  it  no more  P2W than GW2, Aion and  certainly less than Archeage.
    Has  no one  thought  of  sponsorship for outfits or  costumes from design and  fashion houses? That could  surely help monetization,plus  I'm sure people would pay a premium  for some  classy  looking  designer gear (Frankly  I  find  some  of  the current outfits wierd and/or  tacky).
    I think sponsors  for  monetization could  work well  for  both  parties  and  players, but  would  stop  short of a  MCDonalds  in Calopheon! That  would  be  a real  immersion killer, but  perhaps the  odd  poster for hardware manufacturers could  work.

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  8. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Looking for guild   

    Recruiting  a limited  numbe r  for  progression  on  Edan.
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  9. .Meryt. added a post in a topic TDB recruiting{Edan NA]   

    Trans Dimensional Beings - fighting Rng Since Feb 2016
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  10. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Guest Pass Please!   

    I still have  some
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  11. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Eu vs Na   

    Around 120ms UK  to NA/ desyncs  are  more  an issue  than straight up ping  and  lag.though.
    Playing ranged  class  could  minimize  any  disadvantage.
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  12. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Dead game or all high lvl?   

    We are  accepting  a limited  number  of  new  players on Edan.
    PM  for  details
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  13. .Meryt. added a post in a topic new player   

    We are  accepting  a limited  number  of  new  players on Edan.
    PM  for  details
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  14. .Meryt. added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Guild pay anomaly and other
    Seeing massive increase in min-max guild pay options on renewal.
    Not sure if this is  the result of skipped maintenance
    Also noted that Tungrad Forest is arrowed ,but is a Wednesday node not Monday (today)
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  15. .Meryt. added a post in a topic Fire the person responsible for PvP Balancing   

    What balancing?
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