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  1. Zavex added a topic in Suggestions   

    SawMill Idea for Timbers
    Hey all so I was talking to my friend about timber and how you can't get a lot of timber from the logs so we smashed our brains together and came up with this idea.
    You are out gathering, you're cutting down trees getting the basic logs and ash timber, a couple of trees later you get a long log or big log (cuz why not name wise) you can stack it up to 10 then go back to a city you're crafting in such as Altinova, Heidel, Calph, you go into your sawmill and you can cut the big logs or long logs into more timber than you would be able to with just regular logs, haven't really fleshed the entire idea out just thought i'd post this on to potentially kick something up is all.
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  2. Zavex added a post in a topic Need for soft hide troubles   

    I got it i just had to go into my black spirits guide quest, i thought that didn't matter what so ever x,D thank you for replying 
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  3. Zavex added a topic in PVE   

    Need for soft hide troubles
    I can't seem to get this quest from Techthon at all been trying to make black knight's yuria sword thing but i need to know how to make Fine Tough HIde.
    anyone know the quest thing it's on?
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  4. Zavex added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    Sold all my weapons on warrior to re-roll to this i will have no regrets either way even if the class doesn't live up to expectations. 
    Looks like a solid class around I'm very excited to test it out despite all the basic beach drama and rumors going around about it 
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  5. Zavex added a topic in Suggestions   

    Marketplace sell alert phone app/ google chrome thing
    Would love to get a thing that alerts you if something sold on marketplace be it a phone app or a google chrome app thing
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  6. Zavex added a post in a topic Fishing Hotspot help? certain level? wut   

    ahh okay makes sense, i'll afk fish some and get my level up then and go from there, thank you all ^^
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  7. Zavex added a post in a topic Fishing Hotspot help? certain level? wut   

    i am beg 7 and  i  believe he is a pro 1 
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  8. Zavex added a topic in General   

    Fishing Hotspot help? certain level? wut
    Hey all,
           So a buddy and i were out looking for hotspots and he found 6 of them but when ever we pulled up to it there would be nothing there for me so do hotspots show up at a specific  fishing level  or is  it just client based?
    • 6 replies
  9. Zavex added a topic in Suggestions   

    Select Dye to buy with an outfit from pearl
             I  think it would be awesome if you guy's allowed us to customize the pearl outfits with diffreant dye in the pearl shop that way we can buy with the outfit so for example, i want archer guard but not in that color so i click the peral dye menu for the outfit and i can change the colors and when i click the check mark signaling that i am done i can buy the outfit with thoese colors but of course at an increased price to the outfit. 
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  10. Zavex added a topic in Suggestions   

    Helmets shows up
    Now before i begin this please forgive my horrible spelling and grammar for i have been up all night till 3 in the after noon
             I would like the helmets to show up for all classes for example you bought an Agerian set but you're gonna 3 piece it so you have the helmet,torso,gauntlents they all show up minus the helmet and i think it's kind of weird that they keep it like this and i would like to actually see our headgear show up i don't know if i should really go into more detail because i feel you should know what i'm saying but i would like helmets to show up for all sets and have them all be unique in their own set way and the image i provided is where i got this idea from btw

    • 2 replies