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  1. MobyX added a topic in General   

    Free Guest Passes
    I have free guest passes if anyone wants to try BDO, please let me know, the more we spread this the more people may join us in game!
    I have 10, 10 day passes and 5, 7 day passes. If anyone is interested let me know, this is great game and it is a shame if I don't share it! 
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  2. MobyX added a topic in General   

    Team Play/Guild "Bonding"
    Hello all, I don't know if this topic has been raised before, but I would like the GMs/CMs to know how some of us feel.
    i would like to start and say that I have been playing since March. This is my favorite game, and possibly the best game I have ever played. Been playing for months, and this game just keeps getting better for me.
    The only thing in my opinion that this game is missing is group or team play. Pretty much solo play is favored in each and every way in everything, you make more money solo, you get more exp solo, you pretty much get better gains playing solo. As a member in a guild, and as a person who loves to get in groups, I feel like this game is just catered to solo play mostly. I just wish there was something exclusively that can be done in a party or something for guild members to do together (I know we have guild bosses, really 5 minutes of your time).
    I know this can't be realized in 1 patch or anytime this year, but maybe it is something to be considered for future content if possible. 
    Thank you
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  3. MobyX added a post in a topic Node Compensation - Game Crash   

    not compensation for our characters, it is for the guild....
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  4. MobyX added a post in a topic Node Compensation - Game Crash   

    No he is right, we are placing the tower, we always do 1 hour before time, that is not our fault, we will lose 70+ mil a week because of this.
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  5. MobyX added a post in a topic EDAN DOWN   

    EDAN DOWN, I am going to lose crystals because of this!!!!!!!!
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  6. MobyX added a topic in General   

    Guilds switching to other guilds
    Hello, I just noticed that 1 whole guild switched guilds to another one that has more points, so essentially went from rank 100+ to <100 in 1 day, is that considered an exploit? So can anyone do that?
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  7. MobyX added a topic in General   

    Nerf RNG
    on my account
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  8. MobyX added a post in a topic Sorceress for PvE/PvP, Help please.   

    she can sustain both if you use add on on dream of doom to get mana, and 2 abilities for hp, you will need to carry pots with you still, unlike witches...
    yes, I played witch, then ranger, too easy and boring imo, my main was sorc and always will be
    before awakening, hell no, ome of the worst classes to grind with, but after awakening wwe are very good
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  9. MobyX added a post in a topic RNG god strike again   

    yeah this isn't rng, I feel that too. Some get loot, others don't, it sucks if you don't, If it makes you feel better I have never gotten boss gear, I bought all of mine cz the game favors other accounts...
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  10. MobyX added a post in a topic RNG is too depressing, 8x TRI Grunil failure, 40+ FS (yes, I know others have spent more)   

    here's a thought, yellow grade is harder to enhance, you will notice enhancing green or blue requires less stacks, so downgrade your grunil to green, then make it yellow after you are done. use an enhancing sheet, for pri lets say, start at 15 for green, 20 to 25 for blue, and then 25 to 30 for boss gear. that will lower the number of attempts to get pri for all the grades. grunil helmet and chest have the highest dp compared to the gloves and the shoes, you have to start going for tri at 41 stacks min. Yes it's still rng, so you can basically have a chance of getting a tri at 0 stacks, but starting at 41, as that logically will make you get a tri in less attempts. Dont give up, I am not a gambler myself, so I don't like this system, just keep trying. That's why to go for high stack numbers, you use tri yellow grade expensive armor or boss gear. GL!
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  11. MobyX added a post in a topic Failstacks for Kzarka?   

    29 for +15, 27 for pri, 41 duo, and built 57 fs on 1 character going for tri, so kept switching, 3rd character gave me a tri kzarka at 51 fs
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  12. MobyX added a post in a topic Node War Times   

    I am on EST time zone, it starts at 9 and ends at 12 worst case. I work, so would rather have it start at 8, 7, or 6 my time...
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  13. MobyX added a post in a topic Desync Problems after Patch   

    Edan and any channel
    pretty much all the time, but it was more noticible after last patch
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  14. MobyX added a post in a topic Please do your homework....   

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