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  1. Xeneize added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    Am I the only one that thinks they are running out of ideas? Everything I see are copies of old outfits with slight modifications.
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  2. Xeneize added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    We are number 1 class when it comes to mobility bro.
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  3. Xeneize added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    The fact he says only for Musa and not also for Maehwas makes me think this is a troll bait.
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  4. Xeneize added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Those of us whose password hasn't been reset should be okay?
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  5. Xeneize added a post in a topic My advice   

    Play what you enjoy playing. I stick to Musa because it simply offers me a game experience that is unlike any other class.
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  6. Xeneize added a post in a topic Kakao you ever gonna fix my Valkyrie?   

    They've been disregarding the issues with Musa as well. A rather unfortunate state.
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  7. Xeneize added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    And crystal loss please; that needs to go too.
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  8. Xeneize added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    edit: nvm.
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  9. Xeneize added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    I am interested in news, if any, about this. I've been wondering when those of us will get the new reward in our mails.
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  10. Xeneize added a post in a topic High CPU Utilization Fix   

    nvm, fixed.
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  11. Xeneize added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    The fact there has been no development-team/publisher-team response in this thread yet is speaking tons about how much of a priority helping Musa/Maehwa is to them.... if ever at all. 3 pages, no dev reply yet...
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  12. Xeneize added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    At this point I really hope for quality of life fixes rather than more content. I want to be able to play without server lag, desyncs or crashes. Node Wars have been a Nightmare for a long time; and I feel 'new content' will not be making my game experience any better right now.
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  13. Xeneize added a post in a topic What are your plans?   

    1.  56.
    2. PVP Guild.
    3. Blue.
    4. Pirates.
    5. No, DK will only be a rarely played alt.
    6. 400 GS
    7. Huh?

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  14. Xeneize added a post in a topic Disable crystal breakage   

    Agreed with the OP.
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  15. Xeneize added a post in a topic Thew new "GPU Low Power Mode" acts very strangely and defies logic   

    Disabling that thing improved my performance a lot, actually.
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