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  1. Gevlon added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    @ZzREDzZ: those are ores, not shards. Of course people sell them if they have no time processing them. I'm talking about people who process them to shards and then sell them instead of moving to ingots.
    @SillySin: that is a screenshot from August. What did you have back then? +14?
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  2. Gevlon added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    You didn't get the point. It's nobody's time. You don't have to be at the computer while it processes. You go to sleep or work and when you're back, you have 10M more.
    Also, I fully understand if someone isn't processing at all. But lot's of people process ore into shards for 0.5M/hour, just to sell them to me who makes 2M/hour. They are dumb.
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  3. Gevlon added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    @Gash: I don't see where you make shards
    @AlnilamE: are you Santa Claus to provide them the shards they need?
    @Coeprandua: Iron ore is 445, 2 needed for a shard which is 1771 minus tax. You can make 750 in an hour, so you make 0.558M per hour. If you make 3000 shards, that takes 4 hours and gets you 2.2M profit. If you'd spend another hour processing them to ingots, you'd make 5.2M all together. How is it not dumb to spend 4 hours and then sell the shards for 2.2 to let me make the same 2.2 instead of making 5.2 yourself (2.2+2.2 =/= 5.2 because of tax)
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  4. Gevlon added a topic in General   

    Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!
    I make about 2 M/hour while asleep with processing. How? Dumb people process ores to shards and sell them. I buy the shards, process them to ingots and sell them. Let's look at iron for example: At this moment I can buy 4 shards for 4*1771 = 7084 silver. Due to tax, the moron who sold them to me got 5986 silver 
    I can sell them for 11800 silvers, minus tax: 9971 silver. My profit is 2900 silver and since I can make 750 ingots per hour, I pull 2.2M/hour. If the moron who spent 4x more time processing the ores into shards than I spend processing the shards into ingots would process himself, he would pull 9971-5986 = 3985 silvers per shard or 3M/hour (during the time he makes ingots, of course less while he makes shards)
    Please stop being morons, there is absolutely no reason to sell shards if ingots are not overcrowded on the market (currently only zinc and some exotics). If you processed ores into shards, make ingots yourself, don't let me be rich on your work. I'm already sitting on 3B on top of full TET gear. And I have enough shards in my bank for weeks of non-stop processing.
    More business tips in my guide.
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  5. Gevlon added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    @Flood do you have criticism on the topic of this post or all you can do is spewing hate because you grind all day and still have empty pockets?
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  6. Gevlon added a post in a topic Alt Characters Process While on Main.   

    I AFK process 22+ hours a day and ended up with 3B despite I played about 6 months (April - August + returned a month ago). Letting people AFK processing on several alts would make those who can keep computers running all day processing stupidly rich.
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  7. Gevlon added a topic in Suggestions   

    (Top) Gear renting
     I fully realize how important it is for BDO to prevent RMT, therefore there are no ways for players to transfer wealth or exchange items between each other outside of the anonymous marketplace using fixed price ranges.

    However there is an obvious wish for rich players to utilize their wealth for group purposes. It's really annoying that you can't give anything of help to a newbie friend or a guildmate who has the skills but lacks the gear. It's equally annoying that you can't do anything with your billions but hoard it (or waste it on PEN attempts, just so you may gain +0.2% more AP). So I formulated a suggestion that allows wealth transfer without being usable for goldselling.

    The feature is gear renting. Someone with more money than he needs can rent out his gear by putting it to a guild interface. From there, the guild leaders can assign that gear to a member in need. However the gear is rent and not given. It has "property of X" on it, the recipient can't enchant, sell or destroy it, he can only
    Use itReturn it to the guildInsert or remove crystals (the owner can only donate without crystals and crystals break upon returning)Paint itRepair durability (not max durability)The gear is returned to the guildbank if the guild leader requests it or if the recipient leaves the guild. The gear is returned to the owner if he requests it or if he leaves the guild.

    The guild-only requirement greatly decreases goldselling abuse: to get gear, the buyer and the seller must be in the same guild, remain in the guild and the transfer must be supported by the guild leadership. Of course the rent gear is returned and further renting is banned for players punished by GMs. Goldbuyers want to own in-game wealth not rent it just to lose it any moment.
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  8. Gevlon added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    I also made a comparison of the wealth and other toplists and found that the rich are most likely also on the growth, gathering and alchemy toplist. So - contrary the popular excuse - we aren't seeing AFK fishers and traders among the rich, but mostly grinders. Unless you think that they grind in +13 Fortuna and hoard money, you have to accept that they also have top gear (since it increases grinding speed).
    While no gear life skill players probably exist, most of the rich players already have their gear. Though I'm not even lvl 56 as I don't kill monsters, still got full TET armor. In August.
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  9. Gevlon added a topic in General   

    The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%
    I was curious how the wealth is distributed among players, so I exchanged my silver into gold bars as the wealth ranking only watches silver. Then I incrementally exchanged it back and watched my wealth rank go up from E grade to #2. You can see on the attached image how unevenly the wealth is distributed. The end result is in the title: the 2% has as much wealth as the bottom 98%. The whole report can be read here. I also have a "how to get rich" guide!

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  10. Gevlon added a topic in General   

    Daum publised exact player count (by accident?)
    Daum released a news item called "our first year"
    In this they publish "average amount of Silvers in Storage" (42.3M EU, 38.5M NA). They also published "Total Silvers Stored" (11.1T EU, 10.4T NA). Average = Total/Population, so Population = Total/Average, providing 261150 EU and 269013 NA accounts (stored silver is shared between characters).
    We can't know if they included inactive accounts or what counts as inactive account, but considering that I was away for 6 months and could log back like nothing happened and that BDO has no subscription to clearly define "active account" while everyone with an account must have purchased the game, it's possible that these numbers are the total players (whoever bought the game) and not those who logged in "recently". 
    That's not very high.
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  11. Gevlon added a post in a topic Making 10M+ per day in less than half an hour clicking with workers   

    The guide is updated, here is the new version!
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  12. Gevlon added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    Here is my new, comprehensive wealth guide!
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  13. Gevlon added a post in a topic Get a million an hour AFK after 20 secs clicking by processing   

    Recently found that melted shards and planks sell pretty well and for reasonable price. Use them. Ignots/Plywoods are overpriced so don't sell.
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  14. Gevlon added a post in a topic The cheapest and fastest way to get TRI gear   

    And I grabbed another TET, an Ultimate Heve armor. Cost 342M, selling the TRI for 146M. Screw the Black Spirit and its stupid face when fails to enchant.
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  15. Gevlon added a post in a topic Making 10M+ per day in less than half an hour clicking with workers   

    Some Valencia nodes pay very well, like Fig and muddy water
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