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  1. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

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  2. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Alchemy change NEED reverting   

    I was generalizing, knowing that those territory guilds make billions off of a territory, and many them also merc for mid-tier guilds between territory wars for even more payouts.
    Regardless of the fact, the point remains the same.  The alchemy change needs a fix.
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  3. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Alchemy change NEED reverting   

    Lol, works for me.  TL;DR blue party elixirs cost 5x more than they used to
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  4. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Alchemy change NEED reverting   

    Not just, but I finally got around to doing the math on it, and then cried a little bit on the inside.
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  5. Crump3txxix added a topic in General   

    Alchemy change NEED reverting
    Edit: For those who don't want to read this.. TL;DR - blue party elixirs cost roughly 5x more per unit price than they did pre patch, and this needs to be changed.
    As many of you know, in yesterdays patch we lost the ability to convert 3 green elixirs into blue elixirs with simple alchemy, and now need the to buy a Blue Reagent from the material vendor to do so.  However, the Blue Reagent costs 50,000 per and still only converts at a 3:1 ratio with no chance of crit crafts for extra elixirs, unlike converting an elixer to a party elixer with an Aal's Tear which can crit and give you 2 party elixirs.
    This mechanic change is extremely unfair.  In PvP, more specifically in node wars, a player can easily go through 50+ elixirs per war, seeing as most players using elixers will use more than one type, and because the elixir buffs do not persist through death, you have to re use them every time you die, it adds up to a lot of elixirs used per war.  
    Consider the price of making a blue party elixer from greens.  Assuming you gather for and craft the elixirs yourself, just to convert 1 set of elixirs from greens to a blue party elixir, you would need to spend 100,000 for 2 Blue Reagents, and 21,000 on an Aal's Tear.  With an Aal's Tear, converting to the party elixir probably has about an 80% chance of returning 2 party elixirs, but best case scenario you're spending 60,500 just to convert from green elixirs to blue party elixirs, worst case 121,000, and average case (assuming the party elixirs crit 80% of the time for 2 party elixirs on a craft) would be 72,600 per elixir.  Adding in the price of the original 6 green elixirs to the average price, which I will use the current market min price of fury elixirs of 16,532 x 6 = 99,192,  this adds up to a UNIT PRICE of  171,792 silver per blue party elixir of endless fury.  The unit price on party elixirs of endless fury was roughly 33,500 before the patch.  This is an increase of unit price by over 500%.
    Going back to what I said of people using 50+ elixirs in a node war, that is almost 8.6 million silver on the low end.  That price will fluctuate depending on the type of elixir you are using (RIP detection elixirs).
    So essentially it feels like, the stronger territory guilds such as ManUp, Gravity, Barcode, etc., will still be able to afford this, since they get ridiculous pay outs, but for 95% of the population of this game, regularly using blue party elixirs will be too expensive to even consider, even if you're crafting them yourself.
    I've talked about the problem, but there needs to be a solution as well.  I have a few ideas to propose to help this.  The first of which is completely revert this crappy change because it's just bridging the cap between the strong players and weak players even more than it already was.  Second, significantly reduce the price of Blue Reagents.  Third, which can also be used with the second idea, allow the conversion from green to blue elixirs crit up to 3 blues per craft, similar to how Aal's Tears work.  Or fourth, instead of increasing the quantity of greens per craft as your alchemy skill increases, give more blue quality elixirs instead, and possibly after a certain alchemy level, you only get blue elixirs, depending on the level needed to craft the elixir as well.
    This change has completely screwed up alchemy, the market for buying and selling elixirs, and created an even bigger imbalance in PvP.  I hope you guys will show some support for my ideas.
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  6. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    So when did kakao start hating rangers..?
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  7. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    Just tried this, I still can't access any of my characters from the other servers
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  8. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    That's cute.
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  9. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    I don't think you are in a position to call out anyone's maturity if you can't make a post without insulting people and swearing.
    As far as compensation goes, maybe it hasn't been said yet, but we are their clients.  We pay to play this game, the money we pay becomes their paychecks.  In any business when some unforeseen circumstances which negatively effects the customers of their products, it is usual practice to compensate them in some form.  The GM's have always been pretty good about compensating us when stuff like this happens.
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  10. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Ranger   

    Does the quest chain include the free respec quest once you're done to qualify for the title?
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  11. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    Would it be possible to get some sort of confirmation whether the databases are going to be rolled back or just updated?  Would be pretty crappy to have to go do my awakening quest again, especially since I think (hope) I was one of the top 100.
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  12. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    This is what we get for that extra 3 hours of maintenance.. perfection.  Well, at least I finished my awakening quest already, there better not be a rollback..
    Also, after looking on twitter you guys only addressed the marketplace / quest text and life skills issue, pretty sure value packs are broken as well. Missing a few inventory slots.
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  13. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    What exactly was the point of only letting us summon one penguin?  When I received my first one, I exchanged my two dogs when the pet limit cap was only 3, just to have the limit increased a few days later.  I've been waiting patiently to get this one for my 4th and now I can't even use it besides exchanging it for a higher tier.. thanks guys.  This mechanic makes no sense besides forcing players to pay for more pets.
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  14. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Apparently some exploting is fine in game   

    You realize you linked this thread, correct?
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  15. Crump3txxix added a post in a topic Apparently some exploting is fine in game   

    That doesn't mean it's unintended.  It could just as easily mean that they forgot to change the code that putting items on a horse from the storage keeper still has a weight cap when they re implemented this mechanic .  A mere oversight.  Unless you're the developers at PA, you have no idea what is intended without an official statement.
    It seems like you're just arguing for the sake of arguing at this point.
    Edit: Also, reading the posts I missed since then, your argument on "it was removed at one point so it's unintended forever" completely ignores the fact that it was re added in.  Blatantly ignoring the opposing arguments evidence because it's convenient for your arguement always gives me a good laugh.  So yes, maybe at one point it was unintended, but they changed their minds, and then put back in the game.  People do that, remember how we were told BDO wouldn't be p2w and then it was?  Shit happens.
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