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  1. Crux added a post in a topic Updates   

    If they wouldnt delete anything, the folder would be waaaaaay bigger.
    At Launch we were at I think around 30GB, since then we got Mediah, Valencia and the Underwater Content which added a lot of Data, explaining the growth of the folder.
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  2. Crux added a post in a topic Thermian Casual cloth   

    I fished at the Bheg Spawn, with 2 fish speed and pleb rod (never really fished before :D), took me about 45 minutes of active fishing to get 5 Old Casual together (not every Washed-Up Laundry goes to the item you need when drying, some become just another trash item).
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  3. Crux added a post in a topic Thermian Casual cloth   

    Well, finished .
    It even has a good number of Dye Slots so you can customize it quite alot.:
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  4. Crux added a post in a topic Thermian Casual cloth   

    It's craftable, you can buy the Design from Ornella in Heidel and the 5 Old Casual are made by drying Washed-Up Laundry (Trashitem from fishing). The rest is commonly available Stuff (Sunflowers/Iron Ingot/Black Stone Powder).
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  5. Crux added a post in a topic post your desktop   

    One way to do that would be renaming the Icons and typing in 2 5 5 on the Numpad while holding down Alt. This will insert a so called "non-breaking space", an ASCII character which will display a Space but at the same time prevent an line break. Windows doesn't allow you to name a file using only the "normal" space character you can get through pressing spacebar but it will allow this character so you will basically name your file/shortcut " " which will therefore look empty.
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  6. Crux added a post in a topic post your desktop   

    My Notebook for Travelling/Work/Uni/etc... Will post my Desktop in a few days when I'm home .

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  7. Crux added a post in a topic Have rentable item somewhere, cant find it, need the CP - how to find it?   

    Yes, i know that. The thing is that i suddenly have 5 more points into rented items without renting anything whilst 5 are mnissing from buildings. Bugs can happen.
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  8. Crux added a post in a topic Have rentable item somewhere, cant find it, need the CP - how to find it?   

    I actually have the same Problem since the last patch. I have 5CP i can't explain myself where they come from, especially since the only items I ever rented were 6 small fences, 3 CP each, which I all returned shortly after the patch. I checked every single character, warhouse, wagon, horse boat but couldn't find any rental item there. Im not 100% sure but I actually think that since they removed the forges in the Update (I still had the Agerian Forge in Heidel which was worth 5CP) something went wrong and we haven't got the CP back (and I'm pretty sure there wasn't any additional 5 CP after the patch, I had one free CP before and after the patch it was still on, the forge was gone though).
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  9. Crux added a post in a topic Error Cant log in   

    Black Desert EU/NA is only for the following territories:
    If you are in one of them and it still doesn't work you're best off to contact the Support.
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  10. Crux added a post in a topic Norther Wheat Plantation worker nodes?   

    Did you invest in the Northern Wheat Plantation itself? The farm nodes won't show up until you invested at least once into the parent node
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  11. Crux added a post in a topic FPS-Probleme   

    Das der PC des OP ja auch wohl ein etwas älteres Modell ist, sollte beim aufrüsten/hinzufügen von Bauteilen auch darauf geachtet werden, dass die PSU/ das Netzteil da mithält. Wenn die Leistung zu gering ist, hat man auch von der besten Karte nicht viel.
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  12. Crux added a post in a topic Wie geht das?   

    Die Belohnungskisten bekommt zwar nur der, der den Boss beschworen hat, aber jeder Boss droppt auch normales Loot, und das kriegt jeder aus der Gruppe.
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  13. Crux added a post in a topic FPS-Probleme   

    Deine "Grafikkarte" ist ein im Prozessor eingebetter Grafikprozessor. Diese sind eher für Officesysteme bzw. Kleincomputer oder Computer die auf möglichst geringe Leistungsaufnahme ausgerichtet sind gedacht, zum Spielen taugen diese nicht viel (Dazu hat dein Modell auch schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel). Wenn du neuere Computerspiele wie BDO, die einiges an Leistung brauchen, vernünftig spielen willst, solltest du dir eine dedizierte Grafikkarte besorgen, günstige "Einsteigermodelle" wären hier zb. die GTX960 von Nvidia (~200€) oder eine Karte von AMD, hier kenn ich mcih aber nicht mit den Modellen aus.
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  14. Crux added a post in a topic File is corrupted   

    Ich mach mir immer nachdem ein Update fertig ist und läuft eine Kopie des BD-Ordners, wenn dann iwann mal was mit dem Spiel oder einem Update schiefgeht, einfach die Kopie drüberziehen und fertig.Corrupted File habe ich aber an sich nur selten, höchstens mal bei einem Update aller zwei/drei Wochen viell.
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  15. Crux added a post in a topic Kanye has taken over Serendia (Orwen server)   

    This is what  Serendia in Alustin looks like:

    Dont give people Ideas
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