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  1. Fumaito added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

    Some of my character pictures



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  2. Fumaito added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

    Wait but the tits doesn't have that kind of skin, they are much smoother than that, fix it please!!!
    Some scenery/action pics

    Shake it baby!!

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  3. Fumaito added a post in a topic How 1shotting monster is fun??   

    Trustme i just lvled a sorc from 1 to 51 using a +0 Rosar, +0 Helrick and all the Talis jelwelry (accuracy) Total ap 22. Today i dinged 51 then decided to begin upgrade my gear. But killing in hexe santuary/Catfishman/Shrines are totally doable with +0 equipment and doesn't require any skillpoint either lol. I was shocked too in the process, how things has changed... I remember having bad times in the same areas having much better gear a year ago.
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  4. Fumaito added a post in a topic PVE: Valk or Zerk   

    Make a Valk if you want to be in constant worries about what the devs are doing with your class. Do you like visit the forum often, share with other people suffering the same issues as you, testing every skill after every patch just to feel safe for another week and that kind of stuff?? Then make a Valk, it will fit your likings.
    "Jokes" asides i think Zerker is a more well rounded character overall. Their grabs are far superior, so do their heals, bigger hp pool, better mobility with less effort, more reliable/usefull 100% spirit rage and less desync dependant (for what i have seen)
    Valk in the other hand offers a constant block (broken haha), stutational group buffs/heals, kinda of more short burst dmg and movement (if mastered the class), but for me the main problem of Valk is the Desync and her narrow hitboxes, that alone killed the class so many times for me.
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  5. Fumaito added a topic in PVE   

    How 1shotting monster is fun??
    I remember lvling in this game back in the day was fun, yep it allways has been a tedious grinding game but fighting monsters was somewhat fun.
    Now after long time being off im back again and lvling on a new fresh account, i feel like the game lost all fun concerning combat. I play a lvl 40 Kuno with no jewelry, +0 weapon & +7 acc offhand (total 22 ap) and not a single skillpoint used. The result: I oneshot mobs over my lvl if i use skills, with normal attacks i can do almost the same, 2 or 3 and they are gone. i Mean whats the fun of this?? Why do i have like 30 skills to invest point and combine CC to apply effects if i use one of them and BOOM!!?? Seriously feels like you put your favourite action game and it only lets you play on Very easy with a 1 Hit KO trainer.
    So I ask myself how do they make the awakening trailers fighting mobs for 10 secs even with stronger skills?? Becouse that what they sells to you, and thats for me is the fun about grinding monsters.
    And please don´t tellme later it goes better, becouse i played a nice geared Sorc for so long and the endgame feels the same, maybe it get more interesting if you go Pila Ku and need to chain 2 main skills toghether instead of one...
    I loved this game back in the day, it was just my perfect action combat MMO, but it feels completely different nowadays, there is no more fun to be had here for me i think 
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  6. Fumaito added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    2 more pics of my sorc


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  7. Fumaito added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    Pretty much what Pavo said, its just RNG. I have never lvled a node since start and I have been allways competitive in pvp (top ranked in RBF and the most kills on nodewars). My advice? Waste your energy on more profitable things
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  8. Fumaito added a post in a topic Accuracy and the right Offhand   

    Well there are empty and profitable zones of grind like sulfur mines and pila ku jail and mobs will laugh at you if you only have jubre and little acc from jewelry or gems being lvl 58, so accuracy is a thing to take in mind if u want to move there. Having upgraded bheg gloves there gave me a huge jump in grinding speed in those spots. But yeah I agree in the rest of Valencia pve zones doesnt need that much acc to grind efficiently reaching 57 upwards
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  9. Fumaito added a post in a topic Post awakening boss skill rotation?   

    Yeah a cartians nightmare doing back attack and crit buffed does pretty nice dmg on big mobs being close and u gain full stamina when finished ready to spam the spin2win. Add that to the rotation
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  10. Fumaito added a post in a topic Accuracy and the right Offhand   

    Depends on the lvl of mobs you are fighting. I dont think you need more acc for sausans/pirates, but for some harder mobs in Valencia u will need more for sure if you want to be efficient. Allways keep an eye on the name colours of mobs, if they are green/White u are fine with what u have, after that the more Red tone the names get, the more accuracy you will need to kill efficiently
    Sry for my english btw ;p
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  11. Fumaito added a post in a topic Post awakening boss skill rotation?   

    Well im sitting on 190 awakened ap and i can solo farm Pila ku Jail pretty well (Bheg gloves much needed in this zone). One pack of mobs dies after i use Midnight Stinger>Flow Rushing Crow>Violation+Cancel>Turn back slash>Grim reaper judgment. I went there with Witchs and preawak Rangers with 195+ap and they cant get even close to deal the dmg i do , they took like x3 the time i take to kill the same packs (they also have bheg gloves).
    I haven´t done much bosses post awakening due to focus on lvling, but the fact that most of our dmg comes from Down and Air attacks its not applied to bosses so those classes catch us in dmg, but i dont think they can deal more than us (well awakened rangers now can deal more than us if im not mistaken). About rotations i think spam your Violation+Cancel untill low stamina, then regain stamina using dead hunt and grim reaper jugdment and repeat. Keep the Midnight stinger crit buff allways up, this makes a whole difference in long dps pools, and the awakened buff wich give us 100% crit everytime its off cd
    Anyways are boss drops tied to the dps again?? i though it was completly random since months
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  12. Fumaito added a post in a topic Latest patch question, SoA to CrowFlare change   

    Well I loved the SoA after midnight change some patchs ago, its one of my core openers in pvp. Im not at home to test this change untill next week, so its confirmed that there were no changes made regarding this combo chain?
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  13. Fumaito added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    Another sorceress in to the table

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  14. Fumaito added a post in a topic Any idea what to do with divine power?   

    I used ultimate DP both in pve and pvp for some time and while i still love the effect, we have much better skills in every situation. In PVE we have like 5 different ways to combo into 3rd SoJ wich does similar dmg, all the Shield Throw combos wich does even better job at minor mobs and its spammable. In PvP there are only a few situations where i see it viable like rush in into an teammate wizard/berz 100% and drop it and no more. I tried using it after grabbing someone but idk why they got pushed away and only the first hits connects, so any other 3rd SoJ combo will be better.
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  15. Fumaito added a post in a topic Valkyrie 300 points RBF   

    Im used to the RBF, usually ranked in top 5 in Jordine (the only or one of the few valks)  and reaching above 100 points isn´t  hard in limited with 150 ap, you melt ppl with 180dp or less in 1 burst combo. But unlimited is another history, our burst damage against high dp target isn´t that great (i run in full duo with some tri armor pieces, no tri weapons) and our role stick more to the front line/protectors so its very hard to reach high amount of points, atleast with my current lvl/gear.
    Yep i reached almost 300 in limited sometimes, usually 100-150 and ofcourse there are bad games ending with 30. But unlimited for me its impossible to reach those 100
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