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  1. Elaniar added a topic in Suggestions   

    All hairstyles for every class?
    So while creating the new Dark Knight I was wondering why some hairstyles are locked to specific classes and others are available for all of them.
    Would it be possible to unlock them all for every class to enable a more diverse look for our characters?  I mean they are already created, it's not like asking for something brand new
    Have the devs or the publisher made any statements on this matter in the past? 
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  2. Elaniar added a post in a topic Looking for this Sorceress character template!   

    hit me up, if someone has found it
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  3. Elaniar added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    loved this mini event

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  4. Elaniar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    what about the bugged snowflake costume for sorc? it has been reported weeks ago! people paid real money for that and can't even dye it the way they want. 
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  5. Elaniar added a post in a topic Change Character Location   

    yay it works, thanks a lot
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  6. Elaniar added a post in a topic Why can't I dye this :<   

    I was considering buying this.. hope it gets fixed, apparently other classes don't have that problem
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  7. Elaniar added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  8. Elaniar added a post in a topic [Awakening] lvl 60 Sorc vs lvl 58 Ranger   

    nice to see how you fight ranger
    oh and what costume is this? never seen this one before
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  9. Elaniar added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello everyone, I am just getting into the whole breeding thing and wanted to ask a few quick questions:
    1. What is the most efficient way to Level up your horses? Solo or with a wagon? Are there some buffs, Foods, etc. that I shouldn't miss?
    2. Is there by any Chance an updated 'horse calculator'? Would like to know my chances before breeding...
    Thanks in advance!
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  10. Elaniar added a post in a topic New buils? Help   

    Thank you guys so far!
    Is it worth to invest skill Points into Crow Flare/ Beak Kick?
    It's obviously not a skill to prioritise for PVE.. but I've read that there are some nice air attack combos with this one?
    And what are your opinions on Abysall Flame? Useful or not so much?
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  11. Elaniar added a topic in Sorceress   

    New buils? Help
    So I was reading some topics here and I came across some seemingly experienced sorc-players.
    I myself am also playing a sorc as my main and I'm not going to reroll to another class despite recent fixes and nerfs. I'm way to stubborn and I'm not going to give up just because of that.
    Though I also have to admit that I am now having a harder time in PVE and PVP both. I kind of got used to DF being so OP that I now have to lern some new tricks, baisically  lern how to be a bit more efficient with my sorc again.(Preferably for PVE atm) 
    My question is, if you guys have re-skilled your sorcs and if so, would you mind sharing your builds or at least some nice skill combos for animation-cancelling with some sorcs who are trying to get good .
    Now I do understand that every player has his/her own playstyle, but I'm just looking for some inspiration. Help a sister out
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