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  1. Vandesco added a post in a topic Fix Harpooning - I'M OUT OF PATIENCE   

    What bothers me is it is such an easy fix. Just adjust the percentage of rare fish caught to the proper rate. Done. 
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  2. Vandesco added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fix Harpooning - I'M OUT OF PATIENCE
    Ok, I am a very patient person but seriously. Just fix the code.
    This has been said by a number of people a number of times, so I am here to reiterate:
    You need to be Pro5
    You need a fishing boat
    You can't go AFK
    It takes longer
    You can't get a "Perfect" and just land a fish
    You can't catch Relic Shards
    You can't trade the Gold Tier Harpoon fish to imperial Traders
    All of the above things mentioned suggests GREATER REWARDS
    Check your code. The % of quality fish that we catch is WAY TOO LOW. And not like .5% off, but we should be catching about 35% Gold Tier harpoon fish when we do it.
    So simple. THIS IS SO SIMPLE.
    The current system is like people enhancing their Boss Gear to MAKE IT WORSE.
    "Yes Finally TET everything! Whoa that's weird, I'm doing less damage and getting less drops from mobs..."  <- THIS IS HARPOONING
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  3. Vandesco added a post in a topic daily grinding hour include life exp   

    Asked for this several times. It's a no brainier. It's been well over a month(3 months?) since I used my grind exp.
    A lot of us just find it boring to fight mobs over and over. I've done it a million times in other MMOs. I play black desert because it has other options
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  4. Vandesco added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    I would love to make my constructive recommendations in their meeting. I could set them on the path to making this game as amazing as it could/should be. Give me one hour
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  5. Vandesco added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Guys! Guys! Stop complaining!
    Everyone is glossing over the fact that we can FINALLY sell awakened spirits crystals and those pesky Black Spirits crystals to vendors.
    At last I can free up my storage 🤣
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  6. Vandesco added a post in a topic i cant get value packs from the marketplace :(   

    He's full of crap.
    He's full of crap.
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  7. Vandesco added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    My issue was that I never knew to look at what the ferry NPC had for purchase. I kept looking at the cannons on my ship trying to figure out how to upgrade them, and Shrugged saying "oh well, guess I'll wait for them to patch the ship parts workshop"
    Thank you. This is all I needed. I didn't know where people were getting the gear
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  8. Vandesco added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    how are you people upgrading anything on your boats? There is literally nothing that indicates you can upgrade your gear
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  9. Vandesco added a post in a topic Logged in today in middle of ocean   

    300 loyalty rescue ship? 
    You can ask a GM for help through support. I've heard they will pick people up.
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  10. Vandesco added a post in a topic A few mid-level fishing questions....   

    Coelecanths are also slightly larger than grunts, but it takes a lot of practice to tell the difference
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  11. Vandesco added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    Have you tried walking from the first node in the Russian translation to the second node to see what is in between the two?
    the author sounds like he buried the treasure after leaving the first on his way to the second.
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  12. Vandesco added a post in a topic Improvements to Life-Skilling   

    1) Make more Daily/weekly quests available for higher levels of life skills
    2) Give us end game life skill gear
    3) Make our higher level worth more by adding items that are worth a lot and unobtainable unless you are that level.
    4) Add remote gathering locations that are actually worth traveling to
    6) Finally use that tenth character in the fishing game.
    7) Add lots of life quests and gear to new areas so we aren't STILL trapped in the starting zones
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  13. Vandesco added a post in a topic TIER 8 HORSES CRASHING THE GAME   

    My Tier 5 just crashed the game sprinting into Calpheon.
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  14. Vandesco added a post in a topic Its a hell just to purchase this game   

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  15. Vandesco added a topic in General   

    Golden Chests in Vast Ocean Areas?
    Can anyone confirm they have found a Golden Chest anywhere in the Vast Ocean Areas? (An area where you have no mini-map)
    I know of several secret caves and spots where there absolutely should be a Golden Chest, in VERY our of the way areas, and yet despite checking them regularly have never sen a chest there.
    I have however found Chests in the original content areas.
    I think the developers may have forgotten to add them to the new content.
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