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  1. blylock7 added a topic in General   

    Question For The Devs
    Hey been playing BDO since Mediah and I love the game still. I just wanted to ask why the percentage chance at any given failstack of success or failure at enhancing gear is not given to the players? I realize some may say not knowing is what makes this game fun and adds mystery but I would say when it comes down to the specific topic of enchanting we should know. For example the other hidden things like how much accuracy or evasion is given at higher gear levels is different and in my opinion good since it promotes people trying out different builds with the small amount of options we currently have on what gear we use.
    Alright so the reason why we should have more information on enchanting is because me and others are paying extra for artisan memories. I have talked with people who say if it is hidden they can change it to make people fail more enchants which turns into more artisan memories bought which = more $$mulla$$. I hope this isn't true. But if they told us for example hey u guys have a 25% chance to get a Tri boss armor with say 35 fails stacks what's to stop them from changing it down to 20% success? would anyone really notice?  
    So with that aside if you are charging money for something in the game like artisan memories then I as a customer want to know what I'm spending my money on. We know we are buying something to increase max durability by a multiple of 3 during a repair. But we don't know at what rate we should succeed or fail enchants before its down to 20 max durability... and imo we should since the chance of success and failure is directly connected to artisan memories and when you buy something you deserve to know what and why you are buying it. Thanks 
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  2. blylock7 added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Has anyone asked - if you have an item posted or sale completed but not yet collected on the marketplace in an alt server. Will that item on marketplace transfer to main account marketplace? What if there are already the max 30 items listed on main? Also if you have say have a large item worth 100million on an alt server that sold and you don't have a value pack on said alt server. Can u wait to collect on main server where u have a value pack or do you need to collect it on the alt server before merge? I had this situation pop up and just bought a daily value pack with loyalty and collected the silver. Just wondering if I wasted some loyalty and offer help if others come across this specific circumstance...
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  3. blylock7 added a topic in General   

    Energy Idea/Red Battle Field
    I have an idea and I believe it is reasonable in theory but not sure how hard/easy it would be to implement. The idea is to let the achieved quest at red battlefield give you a full refill for ALL of your energy once per day. This would reward those who have put in a lot of effort to get all of that sometimes annoying knowledge and energy. So say you have 25 out of your max 355 energy and you win a red battle field. Instead of bringing it up to 225 let us refill it up to the full 355. Let me know what ya think.
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