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  1. Caelin added a post in a topic Naming policy   

    Here is the thing, it is not so much that I am personally offended by those names, if anything it just makes me sigh at the lack of imagination, and eyeroll at the "I am so edgy to have an offensive name" behavior. 
    What is far more important to me is that it sends a message to anyone coming into the game, say on a trial pass, and they see all those names flying about and they surely must think to themselves, "Well, doesn't look like the developers (or in this case publisher) seem to care much about what kind of community this is. It's full of pubescent trolls, sod this place." . My main concern is that it will quite frankly put off anyone who is looking for a nice relaxed time, zoning out a bit from day to day life, because the impression they get is that it's filled with trolls. Then like attracts like and we end up with a community that doesn't give a monkey's butt about anything other than getting some lols from their peers because they were acting all edgy. And let me tell you, in a lot of the cases, it is not the players who have "SugarTitts" as their main character that pour money into this game. 
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  2. Caelin added a topic in Suggestions   

    Naming policy
    Not so much a suggestion but more of a question or perhaps even a bit of a complaint. 
    Is there a naming policy enforcement? Anything at all in place to stop players from creating obviously offensive names including swearwords, obscenities and such like? 
    It has been several times now that I have come across characters or even family names that clearly violate naming policy and it makes me wonder how those were possible to create in the first place. 
    Am I being a stick in the mud? Perhaps. But for me personally it takes away from the quality of life within the game when I see "-----Face" and "PussyDestroyer"  (just to name a couple) upgrading their gear, or just streaking through town. 
    Imho it says something about the kind of game and the kind of quality its publisher/ developer strives for when they show that there is no such policy enforcement. It gives off the impression of disregard for quality and respect fostered within their game community. As far as I am concerned, it should not be down to the players to police this by repeatedly reporting each other. 
    Surely there needs to be a system in place to ensure that players can enjoy the game without having to eyeroll and groan when "GloryHole" struts past them. 
    It certainly would make the game more attractive in terms of being viewed as more serious, rather than a place where trollish behavior is not challenged. It starts with names and ends with people failing to communicate with one another. If there is no sense of community, you have no community.
    My 2ct on the matter and anyone is welcome to disagree freely.
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  3. Caelin added a post in a topic Unable to fight for a spot   

    It is getting tiresome to see these posts continuing to pop up (amazingly almost  always from people with only one post to their name too), it's almost as if people just fail to read other people's posts and contribute there. "Oh but no, my post will be the one that will make the devs reconsider their stance."  Let me tell you it is not very likely. It simply does not make sense and is counterproductive to what Daum is trying to achieve (or so I believe anyway).
    As with every game you try to attract new players as they are more likely to spend money on the game via the peal shop, as opposed to the people have been playing already and got the items they want. The learning curve in this game is already fairly steep compared to what most western players are used to, and if you add to that the chance of getting PK'd at spots appropriate for your level, over and over again, and then to lose XP and not being able to progress, just because you are trying to lvl and perhaps didn't know that some overly ambitions nincompoops use those spots to enrich themselves, well that is likely going to make you stop playing the game, and that usually is money lost in Daum's pocket. 
    If you encounter people whilst grinding and you feel you aren't getting as much out of farming that spot (because it is not your spot). Your options are as follows :
    - ask to party up, kill things quicker, perhaps branch out into a wider area to grind)
    - change channel and hope for better returns 
    - simply let it go and walk away 
    I am leaving out the killing part because I think at this point it is understood that that is not much of a deterrent to the type of people  you consider "griefers" . 
    But here is a fact: The XP loss is not coming back and any other form of punishment would lead to an outcry from people who get PKd for being at the mercy of others who feel that just because they were at a spot first, it is theirs, that just because they got the better gear they somehow deserve to claim an area for themselves and that the first response they have to another player even just entering the area is outright Pking them, or declaring war. But once again it would also simply deter new players. And believe me, you want new players in this game if you want to keep playing it for a longer while.
    Instead perhaps you should turn your eye to the threads that ask for better loot returns from more areas in the game. It would spread out the player base somewhat and reduce the conflict over particularly profitable areas. More win for everyone. 
    Or perhaps offering a suggestion of making PVE more challenging, so that not a single player can farm a too large area solo and people are just that little bit more reliant on each other. 
    You are of course welcome to disagree with me on any of the above and continue to press your point. Good luck with that. 
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  4. Caelin added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Going to throw in mine in here as well since I have been enjoying playing Valk so much that she became my new main.

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  5. Caelin added a post in a topic RP on EU?   

    Try and see if you can find some connections here : http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com/home 
    Good luck! 
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  6. Caelin added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    It's okay. Using your words is hard work. I understand. 
    Then again, I could always come by on my Ranger and "inconvenience" you. *rolls eyes*
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  7. Caelin added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    And that is my whole point. Why should I be inconvenienced, because someone else doesn't feel like sharing?(Or moving on) Or because they feel they have to KOS as I walk past them, because heavens forbid I might actually kill something they consider "theirs" (lol), or just because they feel like it? No, thank you. It is neither fair, not particularly smart from a game development perspective as Pizzarolls explained. 
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  8. Caelin added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    I don't think I can make you see my point of view and that' is okay too. But it seems to me that you play for easy mode alone. I don't know how you haven't quit out of boredom yet. 
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  9. Caelin added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    I would politely disagree with you there. I've gone pirates at lvl 54/55 and it was much faster XP than Sousans, mob density and respawn rate were perfectly adequate for a 5 people group. And none of us had +18 gear. I believe, and you are welcome to correct me there. Most people go to Sousan out of sheer convenience. 
    As for "defending your spot".  People get shirty over missing a couple of groups in what they call their rotation, which encompasses the entire camp. Sorry but if that is not greedy then I don't know. There appears to be this obsession with getting that perfectly smooth rotation at all times. The way I look at it, it's not how it works. In an MMO there will always be people who will be playing along side you and you can not expect, and as far as I am concerned should not expect to get everything you want at all times, every time. I don't mind sharing groups of mobs here and there so long as everyone gets to progress one way or another. But that only works when both sides agree not to be dicks about it. 
    I will say it again a bit more plainly. If you require the entire camp of mobs to get progression, you are in the wrong place. Move on, enjoy the game.  
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  10. Caelin added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    Yeah no, I refuse to be punished for simply turning up at a grind spot to see if there is room.
    It now seems to have evolved from "spot taken, move on" (lol), into a kill on sight mentality, because people are feeling -----y when in a group of 3 or because they got their gear past +15. 
    That's not "defending your grind spot" , that's just being a bully. I refuse to be punished because someone has a lack of social skills or an inferiority complex they feel the need to cure with instantly jumping onto anything that moves.  It also has nothing to do with pvp as far as I am concerned, there is no fight if you kill someone in 5 seconds flat because you are a bunch of high lvl people in high end gear. 
    So from that point of view. No, penalties for people who get killed by other players are not justified.  It simply adds to the frustration. You can not pvp because the hyper competitive guys stomp you to the ground, which personally I am okay with, but you can not pve because they also hog the grinding spots.Though I must wonder what they are still doing at Sausan's at lvl 56/57. Valencia is out, move on already. And sorry, but there are better crafting games out there than BDO.
    And all those people posting about "Thanks, I can just grief kill your mobs and you can't do anything about it, because no penalties." are just baiting exactly those people who then go on to KOS folks..If you get baited that easily, perhaps you might want to rethink your priorities. There is plenty of room for people to grind around each other so long as folk don't act greedy. 
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  11. Caelin added a post in a topic Can't breed horses   

    *facedesks really hard*  It's been a long day... 
    but thank you <3
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  12. Caelin added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't breed horses
    - Solved- 
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  13. Caelin added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    So it would appear that the poll (http://www.strawpoll.me/10402455/r) has now changed but once again the wording is bias in favor of reverting the change. 
    Players do not die "100% penalty free" if they are killed by someone with Karma above 0, let us not be ignoring this little tidbit please. There is a difference between losing XP from a player that simply got fed up by someone else perhaps acting like a muppett and KSing to troll and deciding they want to be rid of them, or someone who has been killing people indiscriminately to the point where their karma has dropped so low that they can no longer grief others by trying to diminish their EXP. 
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  14. Caelin added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I am sorry but anyone that believes a Stawpoll that lasts longer than 10 minutes is an accurate, failproof and unmanipulated way to reflect on any stance, specially one as volatile as this one is quite frankly naive. I don't believe that Daum are this naive. That aside the poll is worded in a way that is utterly confusing and easily misunderstood. Way to go on that one. 
    By this point feel free to call me paranoid, but I wouldn't put it past some people who wish for the change to be reverted to further their agenda by extra griefling in game and going through a bit of extra effort on the side to KS in farming spots and then loudly proclaiming "You can't deter me cause of the EXP change!" just to sway the minds of the people who were either okay with it or didn't care much. We already had this pseudo protest of PKing more AFKers. This might just be another one of those. Just some food for thought. 
    In fact this whole argument is skewered because deterring people from what you believe is to be your grinding spot is still worth doing as long as you keep your karma in check, if that is how you chose to resolve the issue. Surely getting killed 5 times in a row and losing the XP from that should be a deterrent. That, is why I have a problem believing that this change is such a problem. That, is why it only serves griefers to revert it. 
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  15. Caelin added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Personally I am rather happy about this change. It takes nothing away from the people who are already ahead of myself other than the option of being a jerk to someone who they perceive as weaker. Come node wars and castle sieges none of the "casuals" will matter to anyone looking for some "serious pvp" anyway and there will be a shift towards that. All this tear spilling and doom and gloom calling in hyperbole stumbling over one another is just the same kind of reaction you get every time a magnifying glass gets taken away from an ant bully. Mind you, plenty of ants bite back. 
    Aside from that, failing to see that many of those that are crying foul about this change are part of the crowd with much disposable time but little disposable income is just another piece of over inflated sense of entitlement but that is a rant for another time. 
    The EXP change is a good thing for a healthy thriving community which requires all kinds of players. This pseudo feud between hard core players and casuals is just silly. We all enjoy the game in one form or another. Competition is healthy too but just keep in mind Arche Age and Wildstar.. I don't think many want a repeat of that.Where a game tried to either cater to a "hard core" crowd and alienated majority of players interested in the game. Or where there was so much room to grief one another that it just sucked out the fun for everyone but the trolliest of trolls. There is plenty of room to be competitive in this game without griefing others for their EXP.
    Forgot to mention: Strawpoll? Really? Cause that totally can not be rigged one way or another in the easiest of ways.. /sarcasm and exaggerated eyeroll.
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