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  1. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Thanks you guys for the hard work ^^
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  2. Lulilummu added a post in a topic PSA: Arrange your farm the right way!   

    I didn't exactly test, so take this info as you will, but I don't think the waterways carry over to another fence. I haven't explicitly tested this but by the looks of it each fence has it's own water/fertilizer reserve and it's consumption depends on the plots used on said fence. Since waterways are a plot, I'd wager it works by inputting a negative variable into the calculation of water consumption and thus would only work within the fence it was placed. 
    Also from experience, considering what I said above, it seam duo plot crops consume less water/fertilizer if anyone cares to actually test that and put numbers on it.
    Edit: Necro~~
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  3. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Gardening/Farming change?   

    feels nerfed, use to get a lot, since i got back i haven't gotten any.
    just realized my problem there. For some reason I was thinking that there was a spoiling range where it just got multiplicative worse. My bad. 
    HOWEVER, so far I can only attest for chickens due to slightly larger sample size, the closer you get to 200 the better the harvest, anyone care to actually test or is this already a known thing?. Every time i've harvested a fresh 100% crop I get around 20-30, but at 190 i got 132. Happened twice, so I can't say for sure, but hey it's there. Might just be coincidence too since by the looks of it it's in the bonus slot, that said why is the bonus yield so much higher than the normal.
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  4. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Black Spirits quest daily and weekly bugged?   

    This is slightly concerning. Is there a fix yet or still no?
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  5. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Gardening/Farming change?   

    wuts the new spoil threshhold?
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  6. Lulilummu added a topic in General   

    Gardening/Farming change?
    I just came back after a couple months did farming change? I feel like I'm getting different yields than I use to. Harvesting after 120% would net significantly less crop but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm instead getting more harvest as it goes up. Did something change or am i just imagining things?
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  7. Lulilummu added a topic in General   

    With all this talk about for p2w, not for p2w and whatnot, I've been wondering if anyone has actually come up with a solution?
    I mean in the end this is a business. I can't say how much money Kakau (previously name Daum Kakau prior to 2014) is actually making on this game, but they need to turn a profit to keep the game running. Everyone called them greedy but can anyone prove that they are making a lot more than they need to? Pearl Abyss made a magnificent game, I don't believe that it would have come at a cheap publishing price. Considering they don't charge for expansions or subs, It's hard to see how they make money. The thing about the f2p model is it's a dual edged sword. At times you can make more than either sub or b2p titles, or not make money at all.
    I love this game, i really do. So I'm a little biased myself. I don't think it's P2W, you can flame me later. I don't find money that vital considering if it did become actually P2W (at least in my standards). Right now cash items will net you silver, truck loads of it. That money is made from honest players (who for the most part are running for the hills right no) who will slowly thin out, meaning there won't be people to sell to (or so i think). It works on other servers since people in those regions are  not as aggressively against the idea as we are here evidently. Although most of this malice comes from the lying fiasco (though i think that's debatable whether these implementations are truly pay to win). Now that the P2Wers have their silver, there's only value if they spend it. So they tear everything off the market, which so happens to put up their by our previously mentioned "honest" players who like we've stated prior, may go extinct. In which case means with no amount of money will they be able to by anything since it's not on the market. The prices will jump to unprecedented levels thus barring all honest players from their gear. Said player are now even more discouraged. Now there's not supply for silver OR commodities, just a load of silver. So tl;dr, Kakau if your listening, the current state of matter is NOT P2W, HOWEVER, it will destroy the game. Payers won't win. Non payers won't win. Kakau won't win. It's everybody's loss. 
    This won't necessarily happen, but this community is just REALLY against the entire idea so chances are it will happen here.
    So the question is what CAN Kakau do? I mean their current model is working in other countries, but frankly NA players are hard to please (I'm not of NA origin so I've seen how MMOs work outside of here, and I can say that it's VERY different). With the quality of this game, if it went full subscription, I would be 100% on-board though i can't speak for anyone else. I might get iffy if we then have to pay of expansions but if that's what they settle on I'll live with it because this game is worth that. However, moving from a F2P model to a SUB model means collaborating with the Devs.to make the new program (flame me on that, I'm just assuming that it's not all on the publishers to make these changes). If that's the case, will Pearl think it's worth the effort & money? Even then, that kind of move mean a lot of effort on Kakau because they would have to re-campaign the game, and somehow earn back trust in its NA player base that's been brutally massacred. 
    Black Desert is in a really bad place now and hopefully some business executive at Kakau can make the right call. What do you guys think the right call at this point be?
    (I'm hoping for some well thought out ideas and potentially enlightening discussion, but those hopes aren't high :/)
    <not really important>
    <About PVP and how it can save BDO>
    welp flame incoming
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  8. Lulilummu added a post in a topic New player =^.^=   

    have you not noticed all the drama?
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  9. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Special Haystack RNGesus love   

    I was planning to farm some livestock buy by the looks of it it's not worth it. 
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  10. Lulilummu added a post in a topic [NA|UNO] Isoleth, A Brand New Social Orientated Guild   

    I've been trying to reach you two, you don't seem to be online though. Could you leave a time in which you will be available?
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  11. Lulilummu added a post in a topic How did you come up with your family and character name?   

    I did recognize it, but not immediately.For a moment I was like, why would you name yourself a part of a brain. 
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  12. Lulilummu added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA|UNO] Isoleth, A Brand New Social Orientated Guild
    Intro(of me).
    A little about me. You honesty don't need to read this part, but it's gonna be here anyway. I've played MMOs for a long time now. I started with Ragnarok back somewhere in the 2000. Since then I've tried out a bunch of different MMOs, mostly Asian, well, since I am Asian. For as long as I've played MMOs, I've ironically played alone. This game though, regardless of what anybody else thinks, has been almost everything I've liked in an MMO. I'm not saying it's the best MMORPG out there, but it is exactly what I wanted. Because of that, I decided to settle down and not nomad my way around MMOs anymore, this time I want to play the long game. What does any of this have to do with the guild? Simple, I want to make a family, a place for players to feel at home with each other. Reason number two of this seemingly pointless rant, hopefully it'll relate to you
    Player of all skill level are welcome. New and veteran players alike are welcome. I love helping new players personally, but I'm not that good at the game myself, in that regard, we can learn together. As for veteran players, hopefully you'd be inclined to help new players, but it's not necessary. Elitist probably won't like to be here because I have no idea what i'm doing as far as the game is concerned. I'd love to learn if any veteran players out there would like to teach the guild. It's a brand new guild, So I can't promise a lot of things that larger, older, more established guilds can, but hopefully together, we can build that as a bunch of friends goofing off :). 
    Guild Mission Statement (Always wanted to say that)
    First and foremost, this is a guild about making friends. So if what you want is a large guild that barely talks, this won't be the guild for you. If i do this correctly, every member should remember each other by name. When you log on, you'll have people who care greet you. This guild is about building a close knit group of friends more than anything. Everyone should feel welcomed, and not afraid of speaking their mind. At the very least, you can always speak to me. 
    I personally just really want a guild house  beyond that not much. However, in the future, if I do manage to make this guild happen, it won't be about what my goals are, but rather all of us together. Our goals, our ambitions will be that of all of us. The most important thing is for it to be something we want to do together. If doesn't take us anywhere, so be it, if it takes us really far, so be that. As long as we have fun, together.
    I could say that there aren't any requirements but i'd be lying, but it'll be fine, just bear with me here. In order to build the community we need this is important.
    Be Mature: Simple right?Be Active: I mean how will you be social if you aren't active Be Social: It's a guild for building relationships, no point if you're not social  If you're just shy, no problem.Be Friendly: Most people are, so no issue, it's more like a rule, if you can't be friendly then you aren't wanted.Told you it would be easy. 
    How to Join
    Whisper me in game: Akane_Kurokawa or Anri_Shikihana
    If you can't reach me, leave a message on this thread on when you'll be online, or send me a PM here. BTW, I'm on PST.
    Closing Words
    As of this moment I'm trying to design a guild emblem, I have a couple designs so far but it's still all up in the air. I'd like the guild to have a say in it. 
    I have a discord server set up, but I'm not that experience in using it yet, so if anyone who does know would like to help feel free. 
    For the most part I'm on Val U2
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  13. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Traveling to new continent in Korean version   

    I complained about asian classes not fitting in until they added an asian continent. lo'n'behold, they delivered.
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  14. Lulilummu added a topic in PVE   

    White Wagon
    I really like the look of a white wagon and kinda wanna replace my normal commute with that instead of just riding. On paper the white wagon has 110% movements speed, but does it actually go faster than a merchant wagon?
    Shameful Bump
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  15. Lulilummu added a post in a topic Equalized PvP Battleground   

    Actually, I had a lot of fun there, wasn't bored at all. Hell, it was the only PVP I ever liked, and that's saying a lot, I've played way too many mmos as it stands. I usually hate PvP, but i actually enjoyed it in blade and soul. Out in the field you gear mattered, which made some faction wars fun, however, I like the arena more.
    I like it when PvP is about skill not gear. I played an Assassin in the game and it was fun since it was all about outsmarting your opponent. You can to cancel your attack if you see a counter, and counter them knowing which moves they can't cancel. There's also a variety of CC as well as CC recoveries, so there where a lot of strategizing. It had stances that you had to move between which depended on counters, combos and whatnot. Classes where all well design to fit exactly what their class was. Assasins where all about being quick and cunning where as destroyers were all about staying aggressive. I actually stopped playing BnS to play this game. 
    I enjoy this game do to the vast majority of life things to do, not the PvP, as far as PvP goes, I still think BnS did better BECAUSE gear was equalized. No one asked but as far as combat goes, no game has bested Vindictus for me
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