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  1. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Valk accessories you prefer and why?   

    Does the Blue Coral E. increases its DP bonus per enchant? I don't see it on the Database or in game..is it hidden? I know the Blue Coral Ring does show it when enchanted.
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  2. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Valk accessories you prefer and why?   

    Ok, guys, I cant decide between 2 Duo MoS + 2 Duo Witch E. or 2 Duo Blue Coral R. + 2 Duo Blue Coral E. Im gonna use Duo Schultz and Duo Scarla for a while.
    Is the AP loss compensated by the MP gain of the Blue Coral set(I refer to SoJ having a bonus damage based on total MP)? Is it worth going Blue Coral or Should I stay with AP? What about when Awakening comes?
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  3. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Swap Vangertz to Axion or wait for Nouver?   

    Hello there. Why do you say to go Axion for extra DP if 57+? Can you explain why you recommend that? I'm 57 right now, btw.
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  4. Siegrdrifa added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA - Orwen] <Get Out> is recruiting!
    <Get Out> is recruiting! 

    <Get Out> Guild is a PvP oriented guild. We aren't hardcore or casual players..we are what we like to call "casual serious" players. What do I mean by it? I mean that we try to evolve the max we can to do great in the wars we fight with the few hours we play daily while conciliating with family, job, college, etc(I confess some of us get pretty hardcore on the weekends!). Besides that, we are a group of about 20-30 active players creating a relaxed atmosphere for all of us to enjoy the game in every way. We use Team Speak 3 (, feel free to come over for a chat whenever you want!). You are not obliged to interact with someone if you aren't in the mood, but we ask you to stay around for possible warnings ^.^ .
    Our goal:
    We aim to be the best guild among those guilds who fights for Nodes Tier 2 and 3. Right now we won't engage in wars for main territories. To do so, we weekly complete some Guild Quests weekly and help each other to level up, be it grinding together or with info.
    We mainly ask for 4 things.
    First: have the will to play and grow with the Guild.
    Second: Be nice and talkative.
    Third: Be able to attend at least to 50% of the Node Wars we battle weekly.
    Fourth: attend at least to 2 Guild Quests Weekly.
    Age: 18+
    Level: 50.
    AP/DP: Any.
    Class: Any.
    Be able to understand portuguese.

    If you attend to all of this, I'm sure you will love your stay <3
    <Get Out> está recrutando!
    <Get Out> é uma guild PvP e é a maior e mais forte guilda brasileira do servidor Orwen. Nós não somos hardcore nem jogadores causais, mas somos o que gostamos de chamar de jogadores "casuais sérios". O que quero dizer com isso? Quero dizer que nós damos nosso máximo para evoluirmos nas horas que jogamos diariamente para evoluir e brilharmos na guerra! Todos nós temos trabalho, família, faculdade..mas confesso que alguns são bem hardcore aos finais de semana! Além disso somos mais ou menos 20 a 30 jogadores ativos responsáveis por uma atmosfera relaxada para aproveitarmos o jogo! Nós usamos Team Speak 3 (, sinta-se livre pra entrar quando quiser!). Não é obrigatório interagir com alguém caso não esteja no clima, mas pedimos que fique logado no TS para possíveis avisos ^.^ .

    Nosso objetivo:
    Nós temos como objetivo ser a guilda mais forte dentre as guildas medianas que lutam por Notes Tier 2 e 3. No momento não vamos lutar por territórios grandes. Para isso nós fazemos Guild Quests semanalmente e ajudamos uns aos outros, seja upando jundos ou com informação
    Nós pedimos principalmente 4 coisas.
    Primeiro: ter a vontade de jogar e crescer com a Guilda.
    Segundo: ser agradável e conversativo.
    Terceiro: atender a pelo menos 50% das Node Wars da semana.
    Quarto: atender a pelo menos 2 Guild Quests semanalmente.
    Idade: 18+
    Level: 50.
    AP/DP: Qualquer.
    Classe: Qualquer

    Se você pode atender a tudo, tenho certeza que adorará sua estadia <3
    Our first Elephant! Nosso primeiro Elefante!

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  5. Siegrdrifa added a topic in PVP   

    Node War - What are the best T3/lvl3 Nodes out there and how does Node and Castle Silver collect work?
    1- What are the best Tier 3/ Level 3 Nodes to conquest? Which one gives the highest amount of Silver and why?
    2- How does Silver collecting from Nodes and Castles exaclty work? I know about the wagon that comes from somewhere and goes somewhere where you can go and hit it in order to get silver, and the silver it has comes from 5% tax from everything sold in that AH from a pre-determined region, right? But that's all I know, or at least I think I know. (in this case I'm talking about Castle/Region).
    3- I'm curious on how much money the guilds are making from this mysterious wagon. I heard that guilds got 1,4b by just conquering the region, but what about the 5% tax? Does anyone have a clue?
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  6. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Now I understand that they confirmed that this is what they want for their game, but I still don't agree on how this is being made in BD. They plan on buffing the exp every att? Ragnarok took ages to do that, it valued players effort, for real.
    Imo, the exp and AP-DP could remain the same in existing mobs, but future regions should stronger mobs giving higher amount of exp. That way who is strong would remain strong, their hard work would remain valued and whoever wants to catch up would be able to do it, just grind and accept the fact that you will take some time to catch up who has been playing for weeks or months.
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  7. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Open World PVP - A message Daum   

    Removing the exp loss is ok for me, but the way it is now is impossible to accept. At least implement a system where you deny progress instead of removing progress when PKing. Respawn CD gets longer the more you respawn at the node, or limited times of respawn in that node per hour, something like that.
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  8. Siegrdrifa added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Why do you insist on devaluing players effort and time spent? First you buff the base exp and nerf the mobs, then you add tons of random golden things to boost in-game currency. What about the players who struggled to get stronger to grind on the strongest areas? It's like saying "You did it for nothing, now everyone can easily grind here". "You managed to accumulate a good amount of silver in the past weeks? Now the lazy people gonna do it too..in one week."
    I would like to say that it comes from a Valkyrie lvl56 with just 114/189, not a "nol lifer" and I still don't want it get easier.

    I would like to recommend buffing bosses HP and DMG. Right now looks like I'm killing a scroll boss with a giant party. Besides having it's difficulty increased, It would not make us sit for hours around its spot because we would know that the boss isn't going to be killed in 2-5 mins. We would actually be enjoying the game meanwhile.
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