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  1. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I gave up on large scale pvp long time ago.. i will give it another try once i get a 7700k.. 
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  2. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I was not talking about groups fights since its seems clear to me that jump in a group as maewha is wrong. We have to bait and pick up little skirmish and leave the big groups to zerker,warrior,valk,wiz,witch. Our role is to go in the back line and finish off eventualy enemys that are trying to run away or are far from the main enemy group OR go search and destroy cannons .
    Sure i agree with you musa/maewha are in the bottom tier of pvp in any form but i enjoy the class even if im  ready to reroll.
    And i have to disagree with you about grab for us been OP which its not just like rangers are not op with grab or tamer are not op with grab or ninja is not op with grab... oh wait maybe they are all better then us in pvp? i wonder why ?? 

    i have to disagree with you about grab for us been OP which its not just like rangers are not op with grab or tamer are not op with grab or ninja is not op with grab... oh wait maybe they are all better then us in pvp? i wonder why ?? 
    Our accuracy off sucks compared to other classes ( vang and sayer ) this is one of the reason why pvp is so unbalanced. Those weapons were balanced and made for a pre awekening wiew of pvp. with awekening they forget about this and -----ed up the pvp in any way possible. Do u even wonder how good would be a musa/maewha with full evasion build with a sayer/vang as off hand? This would be fair and maybe one day they will put such offhand also for us but still without a grab we will never be on the same lvl of any class with a grab and the reason is simple that the grab is too good in smal skirmish and 1 v 1 scenario where our classes should matter more... leave the large scale pvp to witch/wiz/Dk cuz thats why they are made.
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  3. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I know ppl wont listen untill they see with theirs eyes thats why i always do my tests on my own.
    About "  this goes to show that even high level players have no idea what they doing and had to listen to middle score gs player for advice lol " well dunno if u refeering to me but my GS is almost 500 with nouver cuz i have a -----ing bad rng with accessory like crescents and ogres spending over 7B to end up with only 1 trii crescent and 0 Duo ogre. Anyway level says nothing about players nowadays a nerd who only grind can get 60 in a month and half but does this make him better then a lvl 58 with 2 months of pvp experience on arena ?
    The problem u are saying is that musa/maewha are right now in the bottom tier of pvp in any scenario... the main reason isnt accuracy but its the grab we dont have in order to keep dealing damage.. So in the end our classes are like " kill him in 1 cc aka 2 seconds or never kill" meanwhile a DK nuke the ground, A witch/wiz nukes the entire area, a ninja can double grab someone who got cced, a zerker can chain cc grab combo, a sorc can just jump around and do their spin to win or grim reaper to delete ppl, a tamer can jump on you do 30 combos in 1 second ( ask lemon for macro/scripts he is a pro in that ) and ofc he can grab u to do more combos, do i forget something ? oh yeah warrior can be permanent super armor while grabbing your ass , a valk can just put u down and spam a skill to burst u down and if they cant u know what ? they can grab too sometimes, a ranger who stiff you + grab = instant death... Then ppl cry cuz they cant instant kill a running musa/maewha
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  4. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    whoever go for evasion build ofc do use special attack evasion +10% x 2 on the chest.
    U missunderstand the fact that in order to hit or miss first the game have to recognize the type of attack.. in your case back attack is special attack so if the one who is receive the attack use those x2 10% special evasion attacks the one who attacks will have his overall hit rate reduced by 20%. So if with those crystals ( assuming u still test with back attack way ) your hit rate is  50% then u ask to your friend to not use them u will have an increase of hit rate of 20% so 70% hit rate overall. Its very important to check if those crystals are used or not before any kind of test.
    BTW do your test always with a trusted person.. never trust forums of videos or pics.. do your own shit with trusted people
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  5. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    u guys still need to learn how to do test.. back attacks are special attacks so useless the dude who tanks doesnt use the special evasion gem (which is a must do for any build) this test isnt attendible... get a bh and u are ok vs anyone full ap monkey or evasion stackers... if u want to tank go fro white horn warrior bow
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  6. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    Well a tank class should do very little dmg to any other non tank class but in this game ( before the bug // nerf ) a valk could sit in block and one shot ppl around with the right gear so please dont consider valk as just a tank cuz if u play it as tank u clearly dont know how to play.. 
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  7. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    what do u mean with getting out chase back? 
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  8. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic If you love Ninja...   

    Warrior is for retards. But to play something at the top you always need skills still the class is easy to use and easy to play i would say its the esiest after musa cuz a warrior can ignore positioning , perma super armor, 360 degree block , very tanky after the DR patch so basicaly everytime u do an error ( from switching or cuz u forgot to spam that retard block ) u maybe gonna die for it but mostly not  all other classes instant die  . 
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  9. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Of corse nouver is far better then kutum when u dealing to full ap monkeys... sold my kutum long time ago its a waste to use it 
    The thing is we never ever get over 80% ( including skill accuracy modifiers)  hit rate vs a full boss armor. this mean that 2x trii rce give us more hitrate to raise our dps using a full ap off vs full ap build. SO if u go full ap accessory and accuracy offhand u will be ok vs evasion stackers and normal full ap.

    Accuracy accessory are made to increase our dps when we go full ap and they arent suppose to counter evasion stackers when using full ap off
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  10. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Maybe they fixed it ? i have to test it on pvp
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  11. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Nope pretty solid no but i keep using them instead of serendia. are u saying that with serendia u get constant +300 pila ku trash? same spot same rotation ? Its real weird that this game have food thats works on pve and not on pvp. I have done some grind on pila ku but as maewha i couldnt find that spot worth or at least i can do much more in other spots 
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  12. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Serendia doesnt work in pvp as u claim and to be honest i really dont care about pve. You should try sandwitch for accuracy food in pvp i never go pvp without that and ofc destruction stone.
    Im waiting for those gems too but right now for me they would mean only a +6 accuracy more thats nothing special tbh but still the more accuracy u stack the better is 
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  13. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Before getting 2x rce trii i was using the accuracy off whole the time with 210+ ap and i could one combo any build. After the 2x tri rce i started to use nouver cuz vs some lower evasion stackers ( example the rosars users ) the dmg was still decent and once i notice a bad dmg its 1 sec to switch to accuracy off. I have to say that the DP change sound a little unfair for me cuz its like i gained 20% dp loosing 40% AP at least cuz now there are some classes that i cant one combo easly like before and to one combo i have to change combo and make them longer and less safe. Any musa or maewha should never rely on dp to survive but should rely on good engages and good mobility along with good CPU/GPU ( this one is what i miss more ) 
    Im a maewha and in terms of accuracy we have the same issues

    P.S. u should always do your testing by yourself since there are very few ppl in this forum that are trustable
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  14. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Kutum is bugged it does not give accuracy.. to be honest the purpose to get those accuracy accessory is to go with full ap offhand to get the best dmg possible vs full ap monkeys.. Acc off dmg do consistent dmg to any build 
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  15. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    yes accuracy offhand is enough to melt evasion stackers  if they dont use centaur belt and tri sicil but even in this case u deal good dmg but not enough to one combo them 
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  16. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Thanks for yor videos on youtube i appretiace the work you doing but this video show us that among the non awekened class the striker is one of the strongest but this doesnt mean its broken until they release his awekening and give him more mobility cuz that potato mobility wont work in some real pvp
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  17. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    Striker maybe will be strong but.. if they dont give him way more mobility u will find hard to play it if u are from musa/maewha... and in any case it needs more mobility to chase down ppl cuz chasing ppl down holding SHIFT is like asking to get killed by any potato. Im looking forward to reroll too and waiting for striker awekening to choose. Striker seems fun to play and dk is worth to play for sieges.
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  18. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    U are on the avg not a potatoe.. the problem is there are too many evasion builds
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  19. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic Increase imperial whatever purchase limit   

    there should be no limits  infinite money for everyone
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  20. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Then go for destruction stone..the 20% gems works only for specials attacks ( its good for 1 v1 and small scale pvp) if u die dashing those wont help you So cobellinus in your situation would do a better job anyway if u choose to stay with accuracy offhand u will be squishy thats the price of a fixed dps vs any build. 
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  21. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    the +20% gems always worth sometimes they can save you. About surviability its all about your playstyle if u rely too much on dp to survive as musa or maewha there is something wrong  . about protection alchemy stone if u can keep both destruction and protection always up its good but dont expect to be that tanky
    If u run full evasion even those classes u just mentioned will have problems killing u. but there is something to say like rangers can grab and do their combo and meanwhile we get up they hell desync with the bow and finish u off that way so they dps is very good with or without accuracy off.
     Wiz lets not talk about them they are broken as -----.
    Ninja have passive accuracy and anyway they can grab u twice and keep going with a very long combo and ----- u badly anyway with or without accuracy off.
    Sorc The thing with sorc is they can rely on some good pre awekning skills ( and we cant ) their main dmg skill hits like a truck and if their spin to win catch u in kd they melts u cuz they get down attack + back attack and thats alot of dmg but even saying this if they meet a full evasion dude they will have same problems as our class has. 
    The point is if a musa/maewha go evasion they gonna loose alot of dmg but still able to easy kill full ap monkeys and those who runs with accuracy off.. they will struggle alot vs evasion and full dp/evasion builds which are 2 different things guys. 
    Right now i like to play with ap or accuracy off hand and rely on mobility to survive but going full evasion and became a cancer maewha/musa is also nice  
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  22. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    been said that we need accuracy off since page 1 of this stupid post... all i got as feedback was personal attacks and cancer  but im glad to see someone with enough brain to test their things...Btw u  get the same results less or more with any class just wiz and witches can shit on accuracy. Fixing wizards is real easy just lower their accuracy and they will  end to be OP but still they will be the best class for utility in sieges.  
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  23. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic My advice   

    if he is the one fought  in some gvg and he have some nice skills and ofc he had some  evasion cuz i couldnt one combo him without the accuracy offhand.
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  24. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Yeah i guess killing a potatoe ninja is too hard for you. anyway the video u bring here is worthless cuz this musa from kr is facing a potatoe ninja that doesnt stacks evasion and its clearly seen by the dmg is taking by the potatoe ap musa.. so again what do u wanna prove with that video? If u think that in eu/na a musa cant do that dmg vs a potatoe ninja full ap then u are wrong. 
    U are a good forum warrior but u arent very smart 
    P.S. that musa have some skills and he is duelling  a very bad ninja but in this topic that video says nothing cuz we are talking about accuracy vs evasion and not ap vs ap.
    well do u really think that ninja he is duelling is a strong one? then u really never seen good ninja duelling.
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  25. DaiCazzo added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    do u even see the example he bringing on? a 0 evasion kr dude that get killed from a musa with very low accuracy how is this comparable to someone who stacks evasion vs someone with low accuracy like him? Dont tell me you also cry for accuracy
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