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  1. GeNexis added a post in a topic New Ranger PvE Method   

    What skill addon's would you suggest for primarily PvE grinding? Lvl 59
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  2. GeNexis added a post in a topic Tips on Crystals.   

    I am curious what crystals people prefer for their Bow if they are primarily focusing on PvE?
    Would Black Magic Crystal - Precision be more beneficial than Red Battlefield Crystal - Power?
    10 attack power vs 4 accuracy / 20% resistance ignore.
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  3. GeNexis added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    Stop stalking me creeper!
    Just Kidding
    My point was more at the fact he said Ranger is not the ****ing same as an Archer and he sites a wiki definition that literally says Ranger also known as Archer.
    Tickled my funny bone a little
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  4. GeNexis added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    Scrolling through old posts I see this gem... You literally say a ranger is not an archer and then post a wiki link where the first line of text says.
    A Ranger (also known as Hunter, Archer, Scout, or Tracker)
    That was a good laugh, I appreciate it.
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  5. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    I feel like my point is being missed completely by you but that is fine.
    I only say anything because I care about the class. I play a ranger type class in just about any game that doesn't have a Monk in it (YAY Striker?!) so when the class seems to be in a shitty place it makes me sad.
    I also acknowledge that many other classes are in a shitty place as well but I don't play those classes, I play a ranger, so I can only speak on the class I play. Also I am not sure what DK's you are playing with but the ones I group with can literally 1 shot mobs just by dashing through them, never mind their other AoE skills which do that same.
    Anyways we did get a slight buff today. I hope... so we will see how that is when I get home from work.
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  6. GeNexis added a post in a topic New Ranger PvE Method   

    RClick + LClick + Rclick + Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q.
    sounds like they may have replaced shotgun spam with wailing wind spam
    Won't be home for a few hours to test but sounds viable.
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  7. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    The problem is you have other classes who can blow through pirates / valencia / etc with 180 - 190 AP essentially 1 shotting entire groups of mobs with a click of a button. I was grouping with a friend of mine playing a DK over Easter weekend. He literally just created his character on Friday of that weekend, had a green weapon and like 20AP less than me, (I had a Tri Kzarka / Duo Danelion) and he was destroying packs of mobs in twice the speed as me.
    At 180 - 190 AP in any of those locations I have to go through a entire rotation of skills then possibly even pull out my bow to finish off. 
    I need to have 220 - 240 AP to potentially start 1 shotting groups of mobs.
    So yeah rangers are great when they are multiple billions of silver deep into their gear. Why invest that much when you can put 500 mil towards multiple other classes and be just as strong or stronger?
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  8. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    My biggest gripe with Ranger currently is that we need to have such high AP to compete. 
    Why do I need to have 220 - 240 AP to compete with other classes who can do equal or more damage with 200 or less AP?
    The cost numbers to get a Ranger geared is significantly higher then that of other classes with very little to show for it.
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  9. GeNexis added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    8 hours to apply the patch and another 8 hours to figure out what they actually patched so they can give us some notes.
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  10. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    You said a "Well Played Ranger" and his argument is that he does play his Ranger well and he would 1 v 1 any ranger you bring him to show that. Theoretically if he beat your well played ranger that would make him the better ranger right?
    Especially since according to you a "well played ranger" can kite anyone to death... so now you have 2 well played rangers who can kite each other to death and if he wins then he is probably a well played ranger, thus proving his point that maybe he knows what hes talking about more so than a person who doesn't even play the class?
    I feel like it made perfect sense and was not a bad argument. I don't necessarily believe he can beat every ranger on EU but the point he was trying to make made perfect sense.
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  11. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger realy so weak?   

    People keep saying Rangers are good in PvE which in a way is true but I feel there are too many variables required for us to be good.
    We require higher AP than other classes to dish out equal or in a lot of cases less damage than them. (Basically need to spend significantly more money on our gear)Our awakening skills don't have a very big hit window so any mobs standing just a little to far back / left / right or behind you wont get hit.In order to get all mobs in a window to hit them you have to waste time positioning your self or them.I feel a lot of our skills have too long of cool downs.Animations of a lot of our skills make combat feel a little clunkyRequire a ridiculous amount of mana potions to farm efficientlyBranding Stone Required to farm without repairing every 30 minutes... Even then you also need to have a second "Dagger" because it ALWAYS breaks long before my bow / awakening do.Bow??? We all made this class because we enjoy playing a Ranged Bow User... Why would you force people who made such a decision into playing a melee assassin without the option to be just as viable with my bow?So... While I do agree Rangers are capable of doing decent in PvP / PvE I can't say that the class is currently in a good place. I do still play my ranger and will most likely continue to play it in hopes they will fix / change something BUT I am definitely not happy with the direction they have forced the class.
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  12. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger - Bow Grinding - The wind god!????   

    I don't really agree that Ranger is A-Tier.
    Pretty much everyone agrees that to be competitive we need drastically higher AP / Gear than others.
    Once we hit those AP numbers yeah we are A-Tier and are able to farm with the best of them.
    The problem is I should not need to invest 2+ billion more silver into my character to be able to farm content everyone is is able for a fraction of the cost.
    Add in the need to spam potions to be efficient and the crazy durability drain we have on our weapons I just don't see us being A-Tier currently.
    I think we can be if they tweak some things and make our bow more of a primary weapon rather than non existent. 
    I have faith!
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  13. GeNexis added a post in a topic Ranger - Bow Grinding - The wind god!????   

    I leveled my ranger to 58 pre-awakening prior to quitting the game like 6+ months ago. I returned recently and leveled from 58 - 59 over Easter weekend and really wish I had spent that time leveling a wizard / witch / dark knight.
    Rangers feel so borked right now... I want to continue to play the class in hopes they change something but it is very frustrating.
    I remember alot of talk prior to awakenings coming out that the ranger awakening would be more of an addition to our bow to help with our mobility etc... NOT that it would completely replace our bow and turn a class that people choose because they like playing a ranger bow user into a melee assassin.
    I honestly don't even see people playing the class anymore. Over the 3 days playing on pirate island I don't think I saw a single ranger there leveling. No one on my friends list is playing their ranger anymore and never see anyone on our guild roster playing one either. It blows my mind how a class can be ran so far into the gutter people are rerolling to different classes and the devs don't fix the issue.
    Anyone /rant over. I still have hope they will get their heads out of their bootys and fix something
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  14. GeNexis added a post in a topic Is HP actually good on Ranger?   

    Where are you seeing that WotW has %HP damage from anything other than the Awakening?
    Evasive Explosive Shot, Blasting Gust, and Penetrating Wind are the only 3 skills that have %HP damage applied to them innately.
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  15. GeNexis added a post in a topic Why was captcha text color changed to black/ dark grey?   

    Being partially color blind I had the worst time with the captcha before... I can read it clear as day now though. 
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