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  1. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic Pay to win or not pay to win isn’t really the problem…   

    You're on point. The only person this system benefits is casual role players which are a niche within an already niche game. 
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  2. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic No more pay to win topic   

    The idea that you either pay for costumes or you'll grind is a fallacy. What people intuitively feel while being unable to articulate it is that there will be players that can both no life the game and pay for costume shop items. There's no one playing this game 24/7 and there are plenty lucrative afk activities. The top players will feel compelled to pay to keep competitive and the gear gap will actually widen while mid tier players get milked of money thinking flipping cash shop items will make them competitive
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  3. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    is the PVP that compelling that you're willing to spend your hard earned money gambling on video game item upgrades? Ok, that's reasonable. No one can tell you how to spend your money. For me, personally, the PVP is imbalanced and node wars are dependent on the number of bodies you can get online which can be difficult to coordinate with so many people working different hours. For me it's been about the journey, it's been about the grind. Eventually those who p2w will realize the PVP isn't compelling, and they might leave or try to grief in the open world to find compelling PVP. Then you'll have people who both grind and p2w that'll make sure you're always locked out of that end game PVP. 
    For me, it's not good and it trivializes any effort and all the hours I've already put into my character with whatever time I have after work. What I see happening is an exodus and then the game will become f2p which will bring with it the same type of problems all games of that ilk have. 
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  4. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic Some JP Pictures Of Cash Shop Items on Market   

    I don't care if it's 1 dollar per million or if it's 1 dollar per 100k. It's a predatory business model because of the heavy RNG mechanics already in the game. The horse skill coupons already toe the line of online gambling but once you start to give monetary value to in game silver it can open Pandora's box. I won't support any of it, and neither should anyone else. 
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  5. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic Digging for shards, where'd they go?!!   

    I have never gotten a shard from shoveling even while shoveling in the "hotspots." I spent around 1000 energy and gave up. 
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  6. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I didn't spend 30 on this game, rather I've spent ten times that on various costumes and other cosmetics. I liked the value pack and told everyone I'm ok with supporting the game for the 15 a month because I know the developer needs constant revenue to incentivize continued content releases and maintenances on the server -- most people agreed that's why only a handful made an uproar on the forums. 
    This has elicited a vastily different response from me and, as you can see, the entire community. All you see on the world map are anti p2w icons. We do not want this, this is a bad move so early into the games life in North America. To put it frankly: this sucks.
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  7. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic <TENACIOUS> Recruitment Open! 10 Spots to fill. 57+. Sunday/Wednesday Node Wars   

    Not a member but see tenacious around and the members in general seem pretty respectful, save for a few who like to run around and aggro your mobs sometimes. Overall a welcome edition to a server saturated with some of the worst personality types I've encountered in any game. Hope you guys get big enough to counter balance the assholes. 
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  8. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    How come none of the lucky players ever reply to these threads? 
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  9. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic Can't get more than 15 failstacks on blue gear   

    So get to 15 and try to duo. You get multiple fail stacks when you fail at higher levels, after a few attempts you'll get it. 
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  10. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic < Prey > Edan ll PVP ll NODE WAR ll TEAM PLAYER   

    preyprā/noun1. an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food."the kestrel is ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey"synonyms:quarry, kill"the lions killed their prey"  Is the name supposed to be ironic?
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  11. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic Echanting system have to change it's a reality.   

    Pavo sounds like a 15 year old fedora tipper. Trying to equate financial investments to casino mechanics is a gross over simplification. Bonds are guaranteed by governments and banks are insured. Try again with your euphoric thought process because you really sound like someone without a single clue about life with your NEET-tier arrogance. 
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  12. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic So, what is the point of DP now? New DoT's vs tanks   

    Not even gunna bother with using DoT add ons because I can foresee the inevitable qqing and subsequent nerfs that'll make it useless. 
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  13. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic For those in the know on Fishing   

    Maple float doesn't seem great to begin with, albeit I've only used a level 5 one, but I've noticed no difference in the amount of shards.
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  14. UltimateForumWarrior added a post in a topic So many guilds with no new players   

    The big guilds should consider starting a minor league to help gear and train new players. Most of the big guilds came with multiple players from previous games, they helped each other and grind with each other. For a new player you're left feeling like a fish out of water, everyone is cliqy and so you end up grinding by yourself or trying to force yourself into a group who had someone leave unexpectedly. So you spend three hours every other night helping with node wars, not progressing, for 30k daily pay and pissy no lifer leaders who couldn't care less about their guild mates. What's the point? 
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