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  1. Personalami added a post in a topic Problems I have with this Class   

    Guess you didn't understand the point I'm trying to make here but either you just read a few sentences and proceed to act like the typical keyboard warrior by saying git guud or you read everything, didn't understand and than proceed to act like a keyboard warrior.
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  2. Personalami added a topic in US Guild   

    197 AP LF Guild
    Hey guys, I'm a warrior looking for a guild at the moment. I'm only level 56 reason being I just rerolled from a Valk to a Warrior so you'd have to give me some time to improve and gain them skill points but I have over 197 AP so I'm not too far off. Tri Dandelion Greatsword, Tri Liverto Longsword, Full Boss gear at Tri. Let me know what guild and what you do, how many times you do node wars per week and how often does your guild get into wars! thx
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  3. Personalami added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Problems I have with this Class
    More time for Average Results!
    Lets face it, Valkyrie grinds slower than EVERYONE and a lot of people here for some reason claims that Berserker grind slower than Valkyrie! HELLO? Have you seen any of them grind lately? Go on Twitch.TV, there is usually many of them streaming since its such a popular class in general and those guys aren't even the very top Berserker, usually ranging from 190-200 AP.
    But lets get to the point. This class grinds slow meaning you will have to put in more time for this class than any other class both to get the money, and to get the skill points for her. Which is fine... if this class is actually some what decent and or wanted in large scale PvP so you tell me are we much better than those class that can grind like 2x faster than us? Why put in more time to a class and get average result when you can put in less time and get strong results? Aka rangers, berserker, warriors, sorc, maehwa and soon to be dark knight!
    Its unbelievable how much faster other class can grind especially the people at the very top with over 220 AP and you compare it with other Valkyrie with the same AP you do and will notice a big differences and its not our damage that is the problem but the lack of 360 attack and speed that every single class has that we don't seem to have much off and we are to reliant on our Wave of Lights that pulls everyone together that doesn't even work on some NPC like Basilisks not to mention the cooldown on this damn thing!
    Do I need to explain how other class can do things that we can do but better?
    Best burst? Have you seen a Maehwa recently? Hello?!
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  4. Personalami added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    Please understand that this topic is about PvE and balancing.
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  5. Personalami added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    thank you lol <3
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  6. Personalami added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    Gee was it too much for me to expect that the people here on the forums would provide some decent feedback about why they disagree? Instead we get l2p, calling each other scrubs etc etc 
    Im simplying talking about PvE but I guess nobody read my post oh well. 
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  7. Personalami added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    did you even read my post? I'm not talking about PvP here. 
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  8. Personalami added a post in a topic Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!   

    I doubt this will happen. I have a feeling to many of the developers play Ranger.
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  9. Personalami added a topic in General   

    Rangers/Wizards damage needs a NERF against mobs!
    EDIT: People seem to get the impression that I am talking about PvP. I am not talking about PvP. Please read the post. Thank you.
    Lets talk about Balance.
    Rangers and Wizard/witch need a special nerf to their damage against mobs. You can keep their damage the way it is for PvP players but against mobs, it needs to be reduce drastically. They grind way to fast when compared to other classes. I can say that a 200 AP Ranger can probably grind faster than two 200 AP Warrior.
    They grind much faster than any other class which isn't fair to other classes that put just as much time. See it for yourself on livestream or youtube of a 200+ AP ranger/wizard grinding and compare it to any other class and you'll notice a BIG differences in grind speed.
    I just bought a Pri Liverto Longbow on the market and soon after, I attempt to duo and it succeeded. Went to Sausan and I was already grinding faster than my main with ease. Just a simple spam shotgun and I was already grinding faster than most people that isn't a ranger.
    Its really no wonder that Wizard and Rangers are the most played class. Easiest to play, in high demand for Node Wars and offers the most silver per hour.
    Either this or buff (everyone else damage against mobs) so that everyone can grind just as fast as a ranger or wizard/witches and not shoot themselves every time a ranger comes and take overs your grind spot.
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  10. Personalami added a post in a topic Valkyrie in need of serious help!   

    lol this post wasn't about 1 vs 1 and this game was never about 1 vs 1
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  11. Personalami added a topic in General   

    Why does Everything want to kill my horse?
    and why is my horse retarded? it just stands there and do nothing.
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