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  1. Orlandodude added a post in a topic So what were you expecting from a B2P MMO?   

    It's a sign of the future of this game. It doesn't surprise me they are going for as much profit as they can get. They feel this will be a good seller so they implemented it. If it sells well expect further similar type cash grabs in the market. They know they have one of the hottest trending MMORPGs on the market right now, a gorgeous game with nothing on the horizon that really even compares to it's realistic graphics and feel. The closest is Bless and it's Meh on the combat so it won't be a true rival to BDO. Sadly for us P.A. and Daum know they are in a rock solid spot and if they think they can milk some more money out of us they're going to.
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  2. Orlandodude added a post in a topic What the hell is going on with Warrior   

    For the people saying Warrior is fine just suck it up until awakenings I suggest you wake up. Ranger has the strongest awakening. Greatsword helps us yes thankfully but more work is needed.
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  3. Orlandodude added a post in a topic Melee Characters need attention   

    I really want to play the Korean version to compare to our EU/NU version.
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  4. Orlandodude added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    So may great suggestions here on what Daum can do pre awakening to help us who play warriors out. We are well past due for some meaningful buffs.  I hope awakenings come in August though.
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  5. Orlandodude added a post in a topic RIP Warriors   

    If we can't have awakenings how about some much needed meaningful stat buffs to help us out? They can do that.
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  6. Orlandodude added a post in a topic What the hell is going on with Warrior   

    Warriors lets keep this thread at the top! Keep it up up UP UP! Daum has ignored this for far too long sweeping it under the rug. Keep this thread going.
    The hard working warriors are long overdue for a real answer and solution. We shouldn't have to work 4X harder than everyone else just to enjoy the game. Help us out Daum we paid our money just like everyone else.
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  7. Orlandodude added a post in a topic What the hell is going on with Warrior   

    I'm saying the exact same thing. DP doesn't even come close to scaling with AP. Warriors get no real class armor or useful defensive stats it's a joke. It seems Daum/P.A. want Warrior to be the expert mode of BDO. I like sword melee classes. I really don't want to play a caster/ranged class. From reading the forums it looks like Warrior is long overdue for some serious buffs.
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  8. Orlandodude added a post in a topic Melee Characters need attention   

    See that's what I'm saying. Tank classes should have DP that scales properly, actual proper class armor, and lets see some real defensive/support stats. Bravo on working to overcome the flaws in warrior. Of course it can be done, but imagine if Daum/P.A. implemented what I stated how much greater your already awesome warrior would be? It seems they want melee classes to be the expert mode of BDO.
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  9. Orlandodude added a post in a topic Melee Characters need attention   

    Tank classes need to be seriously buffed, not on AP but DP. Video after video backs this up. Now I can see casters, long ranged and upcoming Ninja classes objecting to this which is natural in a PVP focused game. I can't blame you there   But let's not kid ourselves that there is parity between the classes.
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  10. Orlandodude added a topic in Suggestions   

    Melee Characters need attention
    After rolling one of each class and watching dozens of videos I have to ask. Why are they treated like the red headed step children of BDO? The ranged classes outshine the melee classes so badly that I can't see how this isn't being dealt with.
    I get that tank classes shouldn't be able to do as much damage as a glass cannon class. But a Tank class should be able to absorb damage that the glass cannons are dealing a yin to their yang if you will. Instead not only can the glass cannons grind mobs 10 times faster but they can also melt a tank like cotton candy. I was having a blast with the Warrior and Berserker until I realized I was drinking potions like Johnny Manziel drinks beer to stay alive when pulling those extra mobs. If tanky classes are going to be gimped on damage output as they rightfully should be vs glass cannons please please please up our sturdiness to help balance it out. Also a caster should not be able to melt a tank is 2-3 hits. Attacking a equally leveled tank should mean, oh boy I'm going to have a long fight on my hands not, faceroll and next.
    I know BDO has plenty of skilled tank players and seeing the poor hand they are dealt they deserve some kind of bonus and big BIG props for thriving while being gimped. This correction should be first order of business especially warriors.
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  11. Orlandodude added a post in a topic Suggestions for class?   

    Will have to roll one of those. Today I tried a Giant and Valk. The Giant I noticed at least early on I was needing potions when pulling huge crowds. Valk seemed a bit sturdier with self heal. Now later on that may change. After some reading though it seems this game is all about the damage so I think you're onto something.
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  12. Orlandodude added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Suggestions for class?
    So I just bought the game and downloading. I wanted to get some feedback on what class I should look into for my first character? Here's my previous experience.
    On Wow I mained a Blood DP for the health regen on damage and my alt was a Prot Pally. Both were solid for raids and PVP. GW2 I mained a Guardian, SWTOR I mained a Sith  Juggernaut, Tera I mained a gunner my alt was a warrior I could go into some others but that pretty much covers it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Game on!
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