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  1. Chlerys added a post in a topic Friend List   

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  2. Chlerys added a post in a topic Renaming Friends List!   

    +1 it's very hard to keep track of who is who because people have a default two names and depending on how many alts they have it could be up to four or five different names to keep track of. 
    Allowing us to rename people in our friendslist by the name we know them best at would be a great help.
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  3. Chlerys added a post in a topic The Dye Acquisition System HAS TO CHANGE   

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  4. Chlerys added a post in a topic The Prices Still Need To Be Fixed.   

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  5. Chlerys added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

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  6. Chlerys added a post in a topic Black Desert Lore Questions   

    Ahh- My bad. I misinterpreted your statement. 
    And yeah, very happy when someone finally posted the confirmation screenie. So many discussions about this one thing. ;P
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  7. Chlerys added a post in a topic Black Desert Lore Questions   

    Y- yes they do. In terms of being an in-character active Valkyrie currently employed in the Calpheon military or enrolled in the Holy College. Yeah, lore-wise they need to have (dyed) red hair. Of course people are free to do what they want, but if you want to follow the lore and be an active Valkyrie, then she needs to have red hair. 
    If you're not playing an IC active Valkyrie you're free to choose whatever hair color. Especially considering that hair dye is lore-confirmed. ;P 
    The rest of the lore is pretty open. We have a world, strange things are happening. -shrugs-
    Not sure if it's a bug or anything but I can't see Rayl's link. I assume this is the google doc he linked. Topics that have been removed from this document means that they've been completed and added to the BDORP lore pages which you can find here. And of course, BDORP forum has lots of interesting discussions here. 
    PS: confirmation screenie of redhair required is in this thread. Can't find the specific post right now, I'm supposed to be productive at work.
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  8. Chlerys added a post in a topic [NA] Excavation Incorporated   

    Hullo! We're on [NA] Orwen and usually Calpheon 2 
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  9. Chlerys added a post in a topic   

    As I said, I am not offended as there is nothing to be offended about. When I said that this example is innocuous enough I meant it doesn't really matter to me, though I still believe that the principle applies.
    My apologies if I come across as passive aggressive, as I mentioned before I'm merely direct and in this case, amused. In the same way that I am amused by the contradiction in your reply which I've indicated in the quote above. 
    I never said that, I said I kept it very simple because the guide that I wrote is for people who have no practical RP experience. Having one word mean several things depending on the spelling certainly isn't easier or simpler. In fact it makes it much more confusing but as I also said, the terminology you are using is new to me and would perhaps be more useful than the current godmoding/godemodding/everyotherspellingoftheword. A lot more useful, which makes me wonder why it is not used much more commonly.
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  10. Chlerys added a post in a topic   

    Firstly, I am absolutely not upset as there is nothing to be upset about. I'm merely being direct, if I have in any way been offensive I'm sure the OP will mention it to me personally. 
    I don't care that my name isn't mentioned, I was just a little tickled it was quoted without source and then criticized. Which, as I've mentioned before, is definitely okay. Being criticized that is. Posting things without source is definitely not okay, although this example is definitely innocuous enough. Still, as RPers I do think it's something we should pay more attention to. If you have any issue with the way I sourced the links I used, I'll be glad to change it to your liking. Or delete the links if you prefer.
    Oh and, I'm not sure what you mean by "It's obvious who put the guide together by clicking on the post" as there is no post nor any link. 
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  11. Chlerys added a post in a topic [LFG] Roleplayer looking for Heavy RP Guild   

    Also perhaps what kind of guilds you'd be interested in. ^^ There's a community forum where a lot of guilds are active at the moment. You can find the NA Guild listing here and the EU guild listing here. 
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  12. Chlerys added a post in a topic   

    First of all, thanks for quoting my tips and tricks for newbies guide without source and without proper context even. Source is here btw. Secondly, if you take issue with it, it might have been more interesting to discuss it there with more input from the community. I am open to all kinds of criticism, although I prefer it to be to my face and constructive. Especially considering RP terms are fluid from community to community and everyone does things differently, as I quite often mentioned in my guide. Either way, you have an interesting take on the subject that I hadn't heard before. Not that I agree with it, mind you.
    Reading your post I can't help but wonder if you even read the rest of the Godmoding section. Nowhere in there is it mentioned someone has to OOC ask someone for permission to inflict harm on another. The example that I give, and the corresponding explanation under the example, I only talk about how you shouldn't RP the actions of someone else's character. Instead, you should RP attempts or leave blanks so the RP partner can respond without issue in a way that is appropriate for their character.
    So if I understand this correctly, it's not okay to 'force' consent on people. (which, I repeat, is not mentioned anywhere in my guide. The thought alone that 'consent' is something that can be forced in this instance. Usually when people talk about forced consent they're talking about someone bullying someone else into doing their biding.) But it is okay for someone to kill off someone else's character without allowing that person a choice? 
    But then later on in your explanation you're talking about how people ought to write attempts and such, which means that the person does have a choice. It may not be explicitly asked but it's implied in the way the would-be-murderer roleplays. 
    Person A: *kills person B*
    -> Person B has no choice, did not give any kind of consent.

    Person A: *attempts to kill person B*
    -> Person B has a clear choice, he can give or not give consent to be killed off.
    Many people RP with the specific purpose of getting their character into trouble, that doesn't mean they want their character to be killed off every time they get in a scuffle. Is it a realistic portrayal for a person to get into life and death situations every other week and survive one hundred percent of the time? Not really, but in the case of character death many prefer the unrealistic option.
    Saying that people shouldn't put their characters in danger if they don't want them to die smells vaguely of restricting people's freedom to RP whatever the hell they want, not something I agree with. 
    Actually, in this case you are neither correct nor incorrect. Godmoding and Godemoding are separate things. Except the terms are often intermixed and the spelling differs from community to community. One indicates deciding someone else's character's actions, the other means someone is playing an insurmountable opponent. Since the terms are similar and so are the definition they are often considered to be one and the same, and they do lean close together. Your definition of it here leans closer to Powerplay, in which a character is so overpowered that he's the strongest of all the land.
    I considered adding both terms for a long time but the guide that I wrote is one for people new to roleplay. Which is why I wrote down what I believe are the most important ones, to keep confusion to a minimum. After all, when you teach something to someone for the first time you don't dump every detail and every confusing issue on them at once, you start slow and they'll learn the rest as they go.
    As your explanation continues the point of your post confounds me. What you call autohitting, which you say falls under the definition of godmoding, is exactly what I explained in that section of the guide. Lmao, would you have preferred I call it autohitting?
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  13. Chlerys added a topic in Roleplay   

    [NA] Excavation Incorporated

    Korra Chen | Signas Estelar
    Excavation Incorporated has a legacy of performance on heavy, civil projects in many sectors. With our office in Velia Town, we are strategically located to respond to projects throughout our region. Since our inception in 282, Excavation Inc. has grown its fleet of equipment and team of experienced individuals into a well-respected business. During our year in both the private and public sectors, we have completed a wide range of complex projects. Our resume reflects a diversity of projects that includes commercial & industrial site preparation, blackstone digs, research and transportation of goods. Our clients include numerous private funders, general populace and municipalities. The most difficult projects with the most demanding schedules are where we set ourselves apart from the competition. 
    Some things we focus on as a company are Excavation operation, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys which are inherently hazardous, with possible cave-ins, heavy equipment mishaps, suspended loads, raiders, thieves, pirates, and wild creatures of greater size, creating potentially unsafe circumstances for employees. While the Safety and Regulation Administration of Calpheon, or S.R.A.C., has developed specific safety rules and standards to help protect employees, mere compliance with a standard does not guarantee safety. Other factors are at work that can have an impact on job-site safety. Further information on major safety factors in trenching and excavation operations, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys and how best to maximize their impact on the company can be obtained by contacting your nearest E.I. customer service office, or send mail to Velia Town's administrative office.  A recently established company headed by Korra Chen as Overseer and Signus Estelar as Logistics Lead. The company’s primary focus was discovering, investigating and excavating Black Stone digs. This was soon expanded further to include treasure hunting, acquiring historical artifacts and trading the uncovered, valuable goods.

    The company is looking to expand even larger and is reaching out to more established groups and organizations to create larger ties and more opportunities. This in turn will make a better advantage and environment for our employees. Or what most employees like to hear, increased wages and quarterly bonuses.
    “Get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors.”   At this time, Excavation Incorporated is headed by the Overseer and the Logistics Lead. As the company grows and more employees, of the the non-goblin variety, join more positions of authority will become available. Every new recruit joins in an entry position, after a period of time their performance and skills will be evaluated and they will subsequently be promoted to a full-fledged assignment at Excavation Incorporated.

    The available positions are as varied and diverse as our potential employees. To successfully complete every project from start to finish the company needs people from all walks of life.

    - Scholars
    - Guards
    - Linguists
    - Traders
    - Laborers
    Make sure to join early for this grand opportunity, employees showing interest and eagerness for their work are noticed and will be rewarded.
    “Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.”

    Excavation Incorporated is a Medium-Heavy Roleplaying Guild. This means that, as a guild, Roleplay is our main focus. Despite this, we do welcome PvX of any kind as we want to enjoy the full extent of this game like anyone else.

    Our roleplay is story-driven with an emphasis on character development. We have goals to work collaboratively with other guilds to create roleplay for the community as a whole and hope for a truly immersive experience.

    We are looking for mature roleplayers, preferably over the age of 18. Younger applicants will be decided on a case by case basis.

    We are hoping to have a fun and exciting active guild and enjoy this game to its fullest! If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Korra or Signus, or visit our website.

    “If we knew what was there, we wouldn’t have to dig.”
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  14. Chlerys added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

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  15. Chlerys added a post in a topic Guild name restrictions!   

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