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  1. Zeis added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    This change doesn't solve anything.  I also don't know why people are pointing at carebears because this change doesn't help them either.  This change only helps griefers.
    In the situation that the griefer is killing a carebear grinding.  They are STILL losing exp.  That's because they spend time getting back up and and returning to the grind spot where the griefer can just kill them over and over again until they rage quit even with the karma system.  Doesn't matter if you're not losing your current exp, it's not fun spending your entire weekend on the floor.
    The other situation is when griefers will exploit the karma system to force people into the red all the while interrupting their grinding session.
    Either way, the griefers win.  It's like I said before.  To this date there has never been anyone in any society that can make a rule that will force people to follow said rule.  The only way to manage griefers is to police the situation with actual humans.  Even then that does not get rid of griefers.
    Get rid of the karma system and hire more people to monitor the game and stop griefers actively.  You cannot make a system that will force people to play nice.  If you could there would be no crime in society.
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  2. Zeis added a post in a topic Mobs not spawning...Am i missing something?   

    Except I can't finish my quest in the area because I can't kill the Rebel Watchtowers since they don't spawn.  (Al Rhundi Rebels' Low Morale).
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  3. Zeis added a post in a topic Mobs not spawning...Am i missing something?   

    Not the same monsters but I noticed the monsters (rebel area south of Heidel) were not spawning for me as well.
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  4. Zeis added a post in a topic How can we coexist? Keep on topic plz   

    I agree with pidish.  I myself am one of those "carebears".  I don't mind the occasional pvp.  The thing I don't like are griefers.  Not all pvpers are griefers.  The problem is there is no system in the world that would stop griefing.  Same way as tougher laws will not stop violent crimes.
    For me though, as long as I don't have a revisit of the experience I had with WoW I will be fine.  The experience I had was as a level 20 being killed repeatedly by a group of five max level characters while I'm trying to do a quest is....well unreasonable.  I don't think any honest pvper would be able to get behind that.  That was my experience with pvp and even I realize that there is a difference between pvping and griefing.  My experience was griefers exploiting a pvp system.
    See, griefers are going to exploit.  So I'm guessing they're trying to figure out a way to stop griefers.  But how is making more rules or stricter rules going to stop someone who is determined to exploit?  Not saying they shouldn't try but that's my take on it.
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  5. Zeis added a post in a topic Hey, how about we up the spawn rate of the horses?   

    Well, I still think there should be an increase in spawn.  I spent all day looking for a horse and only saw one and that person got off a horse to rope another horse.......very frustrated.
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  6. Zeis added a post in a topic Voice overs?   

    I agree.  I think we should have the ability to choose which language the voice overs are done in (whether you take the localized language for your country or pick the original Korean).  Some games like Final Fantasy XIV let you change the voice overs from an in-game menu so you can change it whenever you wish instead of something being set in stone.  So why not do it with Black Desert?
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  7. Zeis added a post in a topic Voice over ! :O Request ! PLZ   

    I really think we should have the ability to choose what language we want the voice overs to be played as including Korean as well as have the ability to turn the voice overs off altogether if desired.  They did it for Final Fantasy XIV, although for that game I set it to Japanese.  Also for people who care about immersion having the wrong voice can kill the enjoyment of the game.  On top of that everyone has different preferences so having the choice can be considered desirable.
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  8. Zeis added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    I also would like to play blader.  It was the one thing I wanted to play since I first saw the class appear.
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