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  1. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    The victim should never loose anything that's absolutely stupid, there are already enough entitles assholes running around PK'ing people for little to no reason, i agree they should be punished harder, if your going to be a criminal you should have to be dealt with like a criminal, and be ready for the consequences of it, instead of whining. "Oh no the person i wrongfully killed because i am an A** hole with issues dose not loose anything!"
    Karma bombing is the only way for smaller guilds, and guild less people to even defend themselves, Now im not saying its right to jump into someone grind and then if your killed karma bomb them that's stupid, but if I am grinding and some over geared ass hat comes along and decides to grief me and screw me over, The only thing i can do is karma bomb, if your going to be an asshole then deal with the consequences of being an asshole? 
    And imo again the smaller guilds should not be Declarable because lets face it its just more over powered assholes wanting to be able to grief smaller guilds without loosing karma, they need to do something about the griefing.
    I absolutely love the IDEA of open world pvp but as it is now with it being gear deopendant and the penalties being screwed, its kind of screwed in BDO, imo.
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  2. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic (Multiple Choice) Proper PvP! (Rewards/Penalties)   

    I should never loose exp for returning a node after some A**hole comes and -----s with my rotation, absolutely stupid enough as it is everyone being gear carried and starting holy crusades against anyone they damn well choose is irritating enough.
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  3. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Changing Shortsword Ultimate (Ninja)   

    I can agree in a way, i think blade spin blade is pretty useless, nice for a group but also being locked in place is absolutely F**ked, We are ninjas, should be mobile and fast paced in whatever move. IMO
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  4. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Accessory Enhancement Tweaks   

    I agree 100% i haven't upgraded any of my accessories because of this and it really hurts on both PvE and PvP sides, But i dont have 1,000,000,000 SIlver to spend nor do i have 1,000,000,000 Hours to spend grinding a mob for a BS RNG drop ON TOP of fighting off spot gankers, it being especially hard because i don't have any of my Accessories leveled
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  5. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Suggestions for the enchantment system   

    Agree 100%
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  6. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    @Xantos I totally agree with you here, the game dose not have enough "end game" or "Variety" in it its beautiful and the combat is flawless or close to in my opinion but at the end of the day your only left with grinding the same mob in one location or another for minimal exp and a crap shot at some accessories that you will dread trying to enhance. They are trying to change things with the "Elite" enemies but even then those enemies are insanely OP and they throw them right into a mob which disrupts any grinding, Also the dungeons they release offer little to no reward there is almost no point to even consider doing them.
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  7. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I agree that is a problem in their system, allowing the sale of skill reset, breed reset, and death reset horse coupons on the MB could be good, but they would need to price it carefully so there is a reason to sell them on the MB
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  8. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Another Dark Steparu...errrm..i mean knight video   

    I get that BDO is trying to be different but to be honest killing hundreds of thousands of the same enemy doing the same rotation for hours for .001% exp and a a bit of money? It becomes a endless boring grind with no real objective an not much sense of accomplishment, Sure there is gear progression, but that is something that should be looked forward to and something to be excited about not to dread "Oh god, here goes ANOTHER attempt at TRI/TET" Trying to upgrade and progress is more punishment that reward.
    And don't get me started on the fact you earn less exp in a party. Sure more party members = faster kills = more exp, but what about those who do not run with a full party of 5?  I like that they are trying to make something new here but at the end of the day there is close to nothing to do but grind the same mobs for hours and hours until your eyes bleed, and nearly no encounters or mechanics aside from the people who come and kill you when your grinding lol.
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  9. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Young Wizard?   

    Wizard and Witch awakening allow the creation of young wizards
    So only a few more days and yes it will be possible
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  10. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I can see your point here, there should be a skill reset available in the loyalties or some other way of obtaining it, I myself did just that and i agree the price on the market is quite low especially for something that you put your RL money into to get the right skills. 
    But on the other hand paying RL money to reset skills to get the "Perfect" ones in a way equates to buying pearl items and selling them as well dose it not? Your just not selling the item specifically. I haven't checked the prices and I am not sure if the calculate the price based on the skills it has too (I don't think they do) but perhaps they should. 
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  11. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I never said it seemed bad, I just said the amount of people who want to spend their time breeding horses and such seems to be significantly lower that those who do. That is also why there is an option to even sell horses in the first place. For those who do not want to participate in that mechanic of the game. But still allows those who do some profit and a way to make extra money. 
    I am not saying the price shouldn't be buffed, I believe there are a lot of things in this game that need tweaking, but i don't think that its as much of a crisis as your portraying it to be, Yes horse breeders shouldn't be trash talked or looked down on, nobody should. But it happens everywhere and it will never not happen sadly. 
    And you state "Notice that never once in my original post I've asked for the opinion of non-breeders" This is a public forum where everyone can read, reply, post their opinions on the matter, if you do not want any feed back or ideas from anyone else other than breeders then you should explicitly state that in your initial post, or not put it on a forum where its open to the public to respond to how they see fit.
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  12. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I agree they do offer a lot of events for other things, they should implement something for horse breeders. Or some benefits.
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  13. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Ok but still the fact is your doing it AFK. and you make money, sure the price is not what you want it to be and that sucks yeah, but more people don't do it because they would rather just buy one than spend time leveling it them selves it makes sense. Not i don't think breeders should be looked down on by any means but its all what you choose to do with your time. I mean I would much rather buy a horse than set and breed one myself because breeding in my opinion dose not sound fun and that's not why I play the game. Props to breeders out there who do, but I would not call it a hipocracy just because the price is not your idea of "Fair" 
    At the end of the day you are leveling AFK and your still getting money for it, where others go out and grind for hours, or fish for hours, or farm for hours, so on and so on. I think its a bit silly to start a strike for something that as far as I know really is not much work as much as it is a time sink. 
    But please if it is work inform me how? because all i know of it is you run back and fourth afk on a horse in a town, Then breed it, then run and level it, and then sell it. 
    ^ Not trying to sound like an asshole.
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  14. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I mean i don't know much about horse breeding, But afk leveling a horse dosent sound like that much work, sure it takes time to max level but if your afk'ing it I am not sure there is much reason to complain, I mean your not loosing anything and there is not much work being done because well you afk. Sure the breeding and the RNG and the potential to not get the Tier horse your going for sure, sure the prices are low-ish but still it is what it is.
    At the end of the day if it makes you that upset then choose to do something else to make money? Or Breed more horses and sell them more, Your certainly not going to make money not selling them, but I am not sure this will really do any good either way. 
    Best of luck.
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  15. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    I just think i would be nice to see more diversity in the game, and have more of the male playing population thrown a bone once and awhile. 
    Thoughts and opinions? Votes are nice too! 
    Lets make a change!
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  16. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Suggestions: 1 aura per Karanda/Kzarka   

    This is an interesting take, I know these weapons should be some what difficult to get because well they are suppose to be rare and powerful, and i like that about the game. On the other hand i agree that the way its done is a little screwy. To think that i could make it to karanda 100times and not even get 100 auras is insane, That is 1/3 of a year in the worst care scenario without having 100 auras there should be some kind of fail safe for this I agree.
    However channel swapping i wouldn't say is abuse able, the rate at which karanda is killed is far to quick, i can only ever make it to her a maximum of 3 times and that is if I am really lucky, normally only 2 times (all depends on what time of day she spawns) This allows us to get auras at a faster pace which I find to be very nice, If anything i would do something about the channel switch cool down so people are able to attend more bosses quicker so we have a better chance at loot.
    One idea i had was to some how lower the value of one person getting it who had already obtained a box thus increasing the chances of those who have not yet received a box.
    As well I also agree that something should be done to counter the multitude of people who just hit a boss once and then just hide or the people who make alts and do the same and just do not contribute, nobody wants to loose exp and everyone wants the loot i get it but when players (like myself) participate from start to finish and work hard contributing to the kill just for some alt with no gear to hit it once and get loot its discouraging. 
    I certainly would love to see something done.
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  17. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Reduce Channel Swap Time Please!   

    You must not have farmed karanda lately, all channels are wiped out in less than an hour. Normally you would be right, but with how quickly she is killed now with all of the awakenings even with boss trackers and knowing where she is alive you can only make it to 3 Instances and that is if your really lucky.
    And we should not be penalized for exp for that vary reason, not everyone plays in a group of 5, if I am grinding with a friend and its just me and them there is no reason we should get exp penalized there is no reason there should even be a penalty in the first place regardless of group size. That is just my opinion though. 
    Its already Overwhelming to keep a spot as it is with over geared players pushing into an area and claiming things, and starting holy crusades against any nay Sayers, and then when you try to switch and you switch into somebody else's rotation we are suppose to either set there and wait for a ridiculous amount of time or jump in and kill them over it? so the options are spend literally hours trying to find a uninhabited grind spot and waste a good portion of time due to the cool down, or start PK'ing people left and right, loose karma and get karma bombed?
    In my opinion it would be best to shorten it to a much more reasonable time, at least for bosses, but preferably all around, i have literally spent hours swapping trying to find a un taken rotation and its not fun, the game is already a rinse repeat kill the same thousands of mobs thousands of times the least they could do is not make us wait and do nothing for a silly amount of time to do it.
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  18. HowlCyphers added a topic in Suggestions   

    Reduce Channel Swap Time Please!
    So it would be nice to see this addressed, Its becoming increasingly difficult for players to attend bosses, find a new grind spot, etc with the current timers. I figured this would happen as the awakenings were released, I currently am trying to farm Karanda for a dandelion, as is 90% of everyone else I am sure at the beginning it wasn't so bad, i could attend a few karanda's and feel satisfied with my efforts to get this insanely hard to get box/aura but now since the move and all the awakening being release she wont last more than 5 minutes with the huge groups that attend. So not only do players have to fight the lag fest, and compete with a huge amount of players for a RNG loot chance we also have to wait a ridiculous amount of time before we can swap to another channel to fight her again and 99% of the time shes already dead, meaning if your really lucky you can kill her 2 times a day if you didn't previously switch before engaging her.
    I would love to see this changed some how, I know its not suppose to be easy to get but as things are now its a bit much in my opinion. When all we are trying to do is progress its exceedingly difficult, hell we even get EXP penalized for playing in a party?  
    Thoughts and opinions?
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  19. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    I was a bit annoyed at the lack of double jump, more so at the lack of shadow slash esk moves, but after playing it a while (ninja main) sure we lost some mobility but we gained more power, and honestly if you use Ghost step properly and Ninja step the loss of mobility is minimal. Couple that with Block jump and Concealment there is not much of a loss in my opinion. 
    I would love to see them give the ninja more mobility don't get me wrong, but if they choose not to then eh not that big of a deal at the end of the day, I agree that ninja should dominate on the mobility terrain for the most part and its annoying that it dose not, but at the end of the day all we can do is hope one day they fix it or another MMO that meets "Our" needs comes out.
    That being said, the ninja is suppose to have a relatively high "Skill ceiling" so if it were super easy for everyone then that ceiling would be the same level as the floor. I am glad its more difficult to play TBH because when I go and kill a group of people or a group jumps me and I win it feels great, knowing that not a lot of ninja's out there have the handle on the class well enough to do that without being gear carried. It makes "Good" ninjas more unique and the sense of accomplishment so much better.
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  20. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Allready value pack owners cannot purchase more value packs from marketplace   

    I think a better recourse they could take, and take with more than just market place value packs and preferably with Weapon boxes, is to add a fail safe, when you obtain something then the chances to obtain it again go down slightly prioritizing those who have not received the item yet.
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  21. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Mob Trackers   

    I support this, it would be nice to have a hint as to how to obtain some of the less obvious titles in the game. 
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  22. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic BDO coming to consoles?   

    Would be a cool idea, but they would have to find a way to connect the PC, and console servers unless they wanted to put money into dedicated console servers, cross platform would be cool, and would widen the audience and consumer demographic. I would definitely support this and love to see it happen. 
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  23. HowlCyphers added a topic in Suggestions   

    Male Dark Knight
    Now i know this has been done, a lot, but even so I thought i would just throw it out there. I know that it has been stated that they will "Consider" adding a male version, but I truly think it would be a hit, as it stands there are an abundance of female classes (though not bad) it limits the experience for the male population who would rather play male classes such as myself, now i have nothing against female classes, just for me I play to immerse myself in the game and for me its very hard to get immersed if I am playing a gender opposite to my own, in a way alienates me from the fantasy when I play. 
    Now I do not expect them to go back and make counter parts for all of the lone females classes that would be absurd but i would just simply suggest and wish that they would keep their current trend like they have with Musa/Maewa, and Kunoichi/Ninja. There is no need to make it an entirely different play style, weapon, what have you just simply make a male counter part that functions closely to that of the female version.
    I know that PA, Daum, etc want to make money, it makes sense they are a company, but making this class a dual gender class, while it may be a little more work appeals to a wider demographic and in turn would make them more money, via cash shop, and potentially more customers, at least in my opinion if i saw a beautiful MMO like BDO begin to blossom into a wider variety of classes, genders, etc I would pick it up in a heart beat. Of course i already play, but I know I am not the only one who wishes for this, nor am i the only one with this mindset. 
    Sorry to bring up the same old discussion but i hope it is considered much more and there is more thought put into it, i know me and a good number of people would love to see this created and would be a very nice thing to see some more love towards the community who plays the game and supports it! 
    Thoughts and opinions are welcome. 
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  24. HowlCyphers added a topic in Suggestions   

    AOE Boss and Maybe enemy markers?
    I was watching a few videos on youtube the other day, and I came across a video and a few after that of a gentlemen and some others fighting Ancient Kutum, as he was fighting the Kutum started doing his "Suction" attack and the ground pulsated red with AOE markers, now i know the Korean version is different, as well as the Japanese is too, but I honestly this this is a function we should have available for us to turn on and off in the settings menu. This would really help players understand the attacks and patterns of the bosses, or at the very least larger "raid" like bosses such as Kutum, and maybe even Karanda who both have very devastating AOE's in their arsenal.
    I understand BDO is trying to be a different kind of MMO and that not having these markers adds more "Challenge" and "Skill" to the game and I do not disagree with that, but when fighting Kutum, Karanda, and any other boss for the most part, it can be exceedingly difficult to read the situation and the bosses "tells" for moves and at times its utterly impossible when there is a large enough group of players leading to unnecessary deaths.
    As well, seeing as the KR version and the JP version have this function I would only see it "fair" and "right" to also give us that option as well. I appreciate any thoughts and opinions or information, and hope very much that this will be considered and implemented.
    Thoughts and opinions?
    Feed back, and ideas?
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  25. HowlCyphers added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

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