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  1. Grehm added a post in a topic Now that all the GMs have moved to the new forums can these forums be a lawless wasteland?   

    Bump for awareness, all gm's have moved to the new forums. If any players are confused that they can't make new posts or threads, that's why. Move on up to the new forums.
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  2. Grehm added a post in a topic How to "fuse" items together?   

    don't waste energy on nodes past level 5-7Best thing for trading or holding lots of junk is the mini elephant.
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  3. Grehm added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Can I nominate myself for "Best co leader who doesn't matter" award?
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  4. Grehm added a post in a topic Road to TET Boss 6 bil and counting   

    When I was working on my Dande the first time, I had the absolute worst luck I've ever had. I had to settle for DUO because I ran out of money and sharps. However, maybe a week or less later, I attempted more TETs. I went up to 98 failstacks before it hit. So in all, it was about 12ish TET fails in all for that stack. It was a long ordeal but I now have a TET Dandelion!
    I'm so sorry, I am addicted to the sparkles! It's so captivating. 
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  5. Grehm added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    I main a DK, and I am going to say that block jump and grab is your best friend. A good DK is going to be able to move around a lot, but if you can find an opening and are close enough for block jump, you'd got them dead to rights. It's been a while since I've played Ninja, and I've been thinking about regearing mine (which is why I'm here). Gap close, block jump, grab, finisher. Besides that, when I use my large aoe skill, the one that just sprays a large area? I'm completely vulnerable from behind, so it's the perfect time to get behind me. After many fights against a Kuno guildie, he's figured out my weaknesses and chinks in my armor as a DK and can consistently beat me if I don't outsmart him with timing. Practice makes perfect.
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  6. Grehm added a post in a topic Is ranger any good after awakening?   

    leave it
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  7. Grehm added a post in a topic NEW PC ?? Any tips for a build?   

    I hear a lot of great things about alienware in channel chat. But I think you've got a solid build going. Are you going to water cool?
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  8. Grehm added a post in a topic <Casual> Guild EU   

    As a PvE guild, we try to interview every member coming into our family. To make sure the new members know not to instigate fights because many of us aren't interested in PvP. One bad apple can ruin a bunch basically. If I was in your shoes, continue to contact their guild leader and offer an apology for how your ex-member acted and politely request a truce. If that doesn't work, you'll have to either disband or continue to switch channels.
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  9. Grehm added a post in a topic Gahaz vs Bashims pros and cons   

    Most will say that bandits are the better of the two. But that's only if you can take on the Shadows there. The elite mobs there hit like trucks and have unique attack patterns. Bashims are easy xp, and not normally will you find both rotations taken there. So bandits for xp and money (higher difficulty level), bashims for less loot but easier xp grinding.
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  10. Grehm added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    I feel like such a novice when it comes to character creativity compared to most of you lol. Great pictures from everyone so far!
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  11. Grehm added a post in a topic Dandy preorder   

    So 1.15billion?
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  12. Grehm added a post in a topic Help me with my gear.   

    This is a much better option than anything right now that might have something to do with TRI red coral earrings. I had to preorder mine for 430mil and he's not gonna get that from selling a couple of base level accessories. 
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  13. Grehm added a post in a topic Need a little help with full windowed mode.   

    I have no clue, but honestly I would love to know that as well. Because I'm capped at 60 and it's very annoying.
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  14. Grehm added a post in a topic Fight fever   

    Yup, I do enjoy me some Punchy dodgy 
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  15. Grehm added a post in a topic Which region brings in more $$   

    Shakatu! http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/45120/
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