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  1. T3ST added a post in a topic DUO Kzarka vs. TRI Rosar - Dmg Test   

    what he said
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  2. T3ST added a post in a topic BDO community!!! READ THIS!!!!   

    most my vids ive made are just me getting use to newer soft an hardware, i ve got alot better with vid making. but none the less thank you for constructive  criticism. the next vid will be epic!!! rn the vids are kinda... long lol i really wana do some fun vids, 
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  3. T3ST added a topic in General   

    BDO community!!! READ THIS!!!!
    Hello BDO community, Im T3STYOURMiGHT3 from the (N/A) eden server I would like to start up a black desert online series, an I NEED YOUR GUYS/GALS HELP!!! I am a growing you-tuber/Twitch streamer. All i need from you guys is some love, support, and also your clips!!! Of pvp, cringy enchanting, funny bugs,night vender screen shots, well lets just say just about anything... send me clips an be featured on the first episode of (BDO LIFE) Send the videos/screen shots to my email: backc.qt@gmail.com in the Subject line type "BDO LIFE"  Do include the following.
    -Server(your server)
    -Family/Character(your name) Guild (optional)
    -Short Description
    -The Video
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  4. T3ST added a topic in Guides   

    How to Gear UP!!!
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  5. T3ST added a topic in General   

    BDO Controller Set up how to.
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ60YpEuXjGanL6zSItGJsw
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/testyourmight3
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  6. T3ST added a post in a topic Controller Layout   

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/testyourmight3
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ60YpEuXjGanL6zSItGJsw
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  7. T3ST added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Combos Tips&Tricks   

    You use your I-frame, i tired my best to explain in the vid( sorry about the low voice) that  using solar flare is rely bad an will get you killd. from the gaming world or the call that "Punishable" Meaning that your doing something unsafe.
    the wif kek
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  8. T3ST added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Combos Tips&Tricks   

    I Apologize for the sound guys, new mic try to get the setting right...
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  9. T3ST added a post in a topic Controller Layout   

    Go ahead an sub to my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ60YpEuXjGanL6zSItGJsw ive been wanting to do a vid for controller users, i will make one tomorrow an post it. also if you would like to see the controller in action feel free to watch some of my vid bro hope i can help you much tomorrow.   
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  10. T3ST added a topic in Warrior   

    Warrior Awakening Combos Tips&Tricks
    This video it to help those a little lost with the Warrior class im hopeful that this helps, if there is any Q&A please do so below. BE SURE TO LIKE AND SUB!!
    TWITCH:  https://www.twitch.tv/testyourmight3
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FlexHardGaming
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  11. T3ST added a post in a topic Controller Layout   

    Depends on the class, so warrior i do, hotkey 1-4 Left bumper X Y B A, i make my R key right click stick in, Left stick click shift, Left trigger Q, 8 up on D-pad hp pots, 9 Right on D-pad wp pots,down on d-pad V, left on D-pad Swap wep, X is LMB for me and Right trigger is RMB for me. i still use mouse an keyboard to navagate like npc's an stuff. heres a vid of me
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  12. T3ST added a post in a topic What are you all running for awakenings now?   

    To each there own, most ppl i fight are 250-260dp+, so i dont have them running, im still wating for a vid of a geared warrior killing a geared zerker lol, IMO respek your stuff to pve, and grind for lvl 60, GS will be here soon. Also Bleed from SoD an Thrust dont go together only one will take effect 
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  13. T3ST added a post in a topic What are you all running for awakenings now?   

    so this is my 2cents, DoTs dont work for pvp at all ppl can just pot it, an its only good for pvp 1v1s with no Hp pots, also warrior has no damg any way so lets make the best out of pve till GS. we use ground roar to gather mobs better an -dp debuff so putting 20damg to monsters plus 10hp back is vary good, when you mix that with 30hp back+ 30wp back it means no pots for pve(Unless your in Valencia) and you dont need as many as you did before, also when your fighting it helps with low hp back from using pots. then ive tested (SC) Shield Charge as pose to (CK) chopping kick, in pvp yes you can hit some one with SC but this problem is if you cc someone with something other then SC then u miss out on 10ap buff because you more then likely wont put SC in you rotation, aslo a 5ap diff on warrior is nothing IMO, Now with Ck you are almost always going to have that 5 ap buff due to the fact that your always Ani-Cancl your slash for max DPS, also keep in mind the buff only last for 5sec. Here is a Video from @Kinto for those who may need help or do not know how to properly the this Ani-Cancl 
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  14. T3ST added a post in a topic What are you all running for awakenings now?   

    i did the same as you did but on ground smash, i took health as pose to poison. i tested almost all buffs for pvp and pve i found it to be the best setup
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