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  1. Theb added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    Lol, what a moron.
    Obviously you didn't even look at the OP, and yet, you still comment bullshit.
    OP's preorder cat:

    OP's pearl shop cat:


    But hey, why do I bother, you won't even read that anyway.
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  2. Theb added a post in a topic Life of RNG (Wep Enchant Fail stack +45)   

    The kind of accomplishment you don't want to be proud of
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  3. Theb added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    Lol, do you even read?
    I even said in my initial post that my own cat had a 4 sec cooldown for looting.
    And yes there IS RNG.
    You only needed to look at a few post in this thread to realize that many people don't have the same cooldown value on their cats.
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  4. Theb added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    It's right there though. Can grow up to.

    Doesn't mean it will. Yeah, they could have warn about the random factor, but they didn't lie about it. If it was the same stats for every pets, they would have said: "Will grow up to 4-sec item pick-up frequency".
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  5. Theb added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    My preorder cat has a 4 sec cooldown for his looting skill.
    It's just random, and you happen to be unlucky. Don't blame Daum for it.
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  6. Theb added a post in a topic Kzarka weapons for all NA people affected by the hotfix.   

    So what? I don't need to be there to know I wouldn't start coming on the forum to cry about it.
    Shit happens, learn to deal with it and move on. That's how life works.
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  7. Theb added a post in a topic Kzarka weapons for all NA people affected by the hotfix.   

    OP has a serious case of mental issue...
    And the fact that he is using a second throwaway account to like his own posts and even reply to it to make it so someone is actually defending is stupidity is beyond me.
    Keep getting mad for not being able to kill a boss in a video game... You will go far.
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  8. Theb added a post in a topic Another thread about fixing tamer pet (BECAUSE ITS NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW)   

    Of course tamers takes skills, but it's not the topic.
    Seems there is a different problem on the red battlefield too that I'm not aware of, but the desync problem it not related to your computer spec.
    My computer is more than fine and I run the game at maxed setting on 60 FPS. My internet connection is fine too.
    The desync problem seems to be a server side issue. Bezerkers have been complaining about this issue a lot, because they are the class that depend the most on grabs. Tamer are using their grab a lot too and many players seems to have this issue.
    Daum said they were working to expand their servers infrastructure and that the karma setting were putting a lot of weight on their servers right now... so yeah, maybe once they fix all that, the problem will be less sensitive, but for now, it makes it even harder to properly PvP against decent players.
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  9. Theb added a post in a topic Another thread about fixing tamer pet (BECAUSE ITS NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW)   

    I'm sorry, but you have to no clue what you are talking about and doesn't adress the problem OP is talking about.
    Doesn't have anything to do with iframes or knowing the class or wathever.
    There is a grab desync problem that tamer, zerkers and any classes that depends on these skills have. You grab the opponent, see the animation being done, and then the opponent teleport out of it and can do wathever they want to you, because for them, you were standing still for 1-2 secondes, because on your side, you were grabbing the opponent.
    THIS is the problem that exist and that we have to deal with. It's a really big deal for PvP and can easily get you killed for no reason.
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  10. Theb added a post in a topic Worth Staying Tamer for Awakening or rerolling for Plum/Kuno   

    What annoys me the most with the tamer right now, is pretty much the same problem zerkers have.
    The Soaring Kick desync.
    I enjoy the tamer a lot, but I have a very hard time in PvP some time, because the grab is almost useless. People are moving so fast, and 80% of the time when I try to grab them with Soaring kick, the animation start, and 1 sec later they are out of it and I receive damages or get grab myself because the character stopped moving because I was doing Soaring kick on a ghost.
    It didn't bother me too much at first, but the more I do PvP and the more I do it against good players, the more it screw me up big time.
    Annoying as -----.
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  11. Theb added a post in a topic Best Equipment Tamer?? Im confused....   

    Yeah, and it's 50k silver for every repair. Repair it 10 times (and you will do it more than that), and it's 500k, just in fees.... without including the price of the equips you buy to repair it.
    It become a lot very fast... So that's why you are just better enchanting it first, before upgrading it. Unless you want to waste a lot of money.
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  12. Theb added a post in a topic Want to cater to the PvE community? Here's how.   

    Pretty much what I think.
    But you are losing your time. People like that will just reply to what they feel like replying and ignore everything they don't have an answer to - for example, by correcting the word in someone sentence. Obviously, it makes for great arguments.
    And like I said in a previous post... this is coming from people that havn't even reach the PvP level and have no idea how it goes passed that. They are scare to death to the idea of being PKed, but havn't had to deal with it a single time yet... but they will still complain about it and try to change everything, because it's just easier for them to do.
    It is childish, and it is pathetic.
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  13. Theb added a post in a topic Want to cater to the PvE community? Here's how.   

    Yeah that's pretty much it. I've been use to the old MMOs too where it was equip drops in pvp, or literally full loot pvp. BDO is pretty much easy mode.
    If your karma is positive, the lost you have for dying in PvP is inexistant.
    It has been said a lot already, but there is countless way to deal with the situation IF you manage to get kill in an area. And again, so far in this game, the amount of people killing random players is so damn rare, that there is literally no reason to be scare or to cry about it.
    But hey, I guess those people who are not even 45 knows a lot about what is going on passed that.
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  14. Theb added a post in a topic Want to cater to the PvE community? Here's how.   

    Lol, just like I said in my post 1 minute ago... This is another good example of someone who is scare of something that barely exist and have yet to experience it.
    There is literally no one that would just go kill your horses for no reason.
    With my guild, we go on guild missions every day, and we stacked 50 horses in the middle of the road, or at a unsafe node, and NEVER, not even once, our horses got attacked by anyone. IT NEVER HAPPENS.
    People really need to stop assuming the worst and ask for change for things they don't know about.
    Stop being scare about stuff that are not occuring or are VERY RARE.
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  15. Theb added a post in a topic Want to cater to the PvE community? Here's how.   

    The funny part is... you have people like Kat, who sit at lvl 44, and cry all day on the forum how the game is unfair for the players that don't want to PvP.
    Yet... these people have not been in any position where they have to deal with PvPers or gankers or anything that would restrain what they want to do in the game.
    The reality is, the amount of people being randomly kill by gankers in the game is so low, that the only ones that found a way to complain about it, are the ones who didn't even experience it in the first place, and are just scare to death because of the possibility.
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